Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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The Pluto-Minerva opposition on Monday 20th July encourages you to think of July as your watershed month, in terms of your success, ambition and position in your chosen field, or subject area. You needed July, to show you the way things were, and the way they must be in future. It takes time to lock in new arrangements with others, and you must give yourself time now. On Thursday 23rd July, the Sun and Mercury enter Leo, the sign associated with motherhood, schoolchildren, teenagers, babies, young audiences, Millennials, and junior relatives. If you mentor or guide them, they will come. Actually, they already seem to be here. Are you the Princess Anne type, or the J.K.Rowling type? In any case, younger people need you, quite as much as you need them, and one way or another, those born 20 years or more after you, will play the most wonderful part in your life until August. Here is more wonder - a better lifestyle and a bigger working life, in terms of reward and potential. It kicks off next month; lay the foundations now.


Tremendous progress involving pregnancy, babies, children or young adults is now coming, and you will see why from August, with wonderful milestones by Summer 2016. It may take just one young face or name, or perhaps you are concerned with hundreds, thousands or even millions of them. You will earn cosmic rewards based on your karma to date, and also as a result of the effort you apply this week. A Pluto-Minerva clash on Monday 20th July suggests it will take time to perfect the details in a new way to travel, teach, study, publish, write, import, export or deal with foreigners. You’ve only had 2-3 weeks to accept a new arrangement and the feelings are no doubt still raw, so proceed at a civilised pace. On Thursday 23rd July, the Sun and Mercury enter Leo. Not so much the Summer of Love, perhaps, as the Summer of Belonging. Your people or your place matter so much now, because it’s a relative, flatmate, house, flat or patch of turf hiding treasure. Find out what your property is worth. Look at another one. Consider a family event. Pursue your dream flatmate. All things are possible, Taurus.


Your ruler Mercury changes signs on Thursday 23rd July and you have until 11th August to push your idea, course, project, website, voice or social media as far as you can. This is a constant theme in your horoscope, but no astrologer worth her salt, would let you get away with allowing substantial opportunities for happiness and fulfilment pass you by. The other phrase that occurs is ‘lip-smacking satisfaction’ as you were born to be heard, or read, as you know. Pluto’s recent clashes have made July rather intense, from a financial, business or property standpoint. On Monday 20th July, Minerva clashes with Pluto in a productive way, and a brilliant piece of feminine wisdom, or as Princess Diana called it, women’s intuition, will play its part in helping you to perfect a new arrangement. Of course it’s difficult, but then power is a difficult question, and so is control. This week also plays its part in a brilliant new future for your home life, family relationships or property interests. Seeds have been planted. Look after them. They’ll grow.


The Pluto-Minerva opposition on Monday 20th July concerns a relatively new arrangement with your partner, or a recent agreement with your former, or potential partner. It takes time for people to locate which chair they want, in a psychological or emotional game of musical chairs, so stay with the process. Of course if you have enemies, rivals or opponents the situation is more serious. Try to find a compromise you can actually live with, knowing that he or she must also live with it too, if life is to function without bothering you too much. After Thursday 23rd July, the discussion or news you have long needed about your money, property, company, business, charity or possessions is a given. Over the next fortnight, all the good karma you have earned will be returned to you in the form of a brilliant solution or incredible opportunity. This leaves you free to think about other things, like the internet, multimedia, publishing - or perhaps your voice. It’s game on!


You are slowly realising how vital it is, that you take back your power (or even find it for the first time) where your body is concerned. This has been a constant theme in July and the Pluto-Minerva opposition on Monday 20th July reminds you again. The way you work and live can’t be separated now. On Thursday 23rd July the Sun and Mercury both enter Leo, and now you must take every opportunity and solution offered to you, if you wish to improve your appearance or enhance your reputation. You have until 11th August to relaunch yourself or take off a layer, with huge long-term impact. You also have loose ends to tie up, with your secret - or with your role behind the scenes. After that, your attention must turn to money, property and business as you are preparing the ground for greater wealth or wonderful financial solutions, well into 2016. When Venus stations on Saturday 25th July, the other half of your equation will be crucial.


Perhaps you believe in a big finish or grand finale. There certainly seems to be one on the way, as a reward for all the energy you have poured into top secret projects, classified information, uncredited work, confidential concerns or unacknowledged efforts. Enjoy what comes and use it to build momentum, as from Thursday 23rd July your ruler Mercury will turn the wheels very quickly. It is also time to think about what you really want and need in terms of your image, or appearance. High honours? Redemption? Paul Smith togs? Glamorous MacBook Air photographs? Anything and everything is possible after 11th August and the first wave of change has already announced itself. Follow up this week. Near Monday 20th July your focus will be on the children and babies in your world, though, rather than yourself. This also applies to lovers who could make you a parent, aunt or step-parent one day - and of course to youth concerns as a whole. Feel the intensity and pursue what is fair. Not just for others, but for yourself. This new arrangement will take a little while to settle down, so stay with it.


If not for people power, or the particular good luck you have experienced via somebody else’s group, you would not have romped home with such a good outcome in May or June. You know you can trust tribes (well, at least this tribe) because you have seen first-hand what can be achieved. Now, your horoscope suggests you must really push this quite hard, a second time, if you are to benefit from the advantages that flow from this group. From Thursday 23rd July the stage is set for a crucial discussion about, or with, these people. After 11th August you will also be tempted by plans which give  someone else the limelight, or others the floor, while you pull strings in the background. There are clear clues about this now. Do pursue it, you will never regret it while Jupiter is in Virgo. I have saved the most important message until last. Near Monday 20th July you must commit, again, to an arrangement which will actually work with a relative, flatmate, tenant, builder, landlord or property agent. This is not about who is in charge, it is about taking charge of reality by hammering out a new world to operate in.


Pluto has been in your zone of letters, multimedia, internet and publishing for a long time, since 2008, and it looks as if your past recently caught up with you. Now, the consequences of lessons learned about power (naked power, if you like) must be put to good use, in a new arrangement. The intense atmosphere near Monday 20th July should spur you to greater things, and although you are famous for wanting to control things, this is the moment to commit, fully and unflinchingly, to a fair compromise. Did you now how much joy your group/s would bring you after August 11th? Your horoscope says you have been taking various steps in the right direction for weeks, but even you have no idea of the wonderful events in store with these people - some of whom you are yet to meet. Just for the moment, save every invitation or follower for closer inspection. From Thursday 23rd July you will also hear crucial news about your chosen field, industry or business. Exactly what you wanted, or something better, will appear by August 11th.


You may not have known quite where this is all leading, but the new faces and possibilities in your profession, university life or non-profit sector since May all have their part to play. You are now heading towards the biggest and brightest future in 12 years, and your ambitions will be fulfilled, or exceeded, thanks to events unfolding from August 11th. Nothing comes from nothing and you are actually laying the foundations of success now, even if you are not entirely aware of it. From Thursday 23rd July you must also spread your wings intellectually, spiritually or quite literally, and fly. Moving, or moving your mindset, pays dividends by August. Shifting, or shifting your perspective, rewards you. You need the big picture to balance things, as you are obviously still caught up with financial, business, tax, property or charity questions. Commit to co-creating an agreement everyone can live with, or an arrangement that at least you can both (or all) accept. Preferably long-term.


Your image is a hologram. Different things to different people. Everybody knows that, but it is amazing how seriously others have taken it, to the point where your persona, photograph or YouTube footage seems to have become everything. You are now in July, where the recent past must be put in perspective. When what is on the outside (no matter if you can control it or not) matters more than what is on the inside, you know you have work to do. The work will be finished for a time, after this week is over - then you can turn your attention to other things. Another part of the U.K. or the world map is the priority, as you will see from August 11th. You will love what unfolds, and the clues are there this week. Follow the accent. If necessary, learn the language, or at least the local slang. You will be overjoyed with your journeys (geographical, intellectual, spiritual) by this time next year, partly as a result of the very small beginnings you make now. It is also time to pursue the paperwork or handshake agreement that matters so much with your money, house, business, flat, charity and/or possessions. What a reward.


The conversation or paperwork that comes your way after Mercury changes signs this week, will make all the difference to the future of your relationship with a former, current or potential partner. You need facts and answers. Well, you’ll have them, and you have every right to be madly optimistic, as by 11th August you will find tremendous rewards for everything you have put into the person, or the situation. Pluto in Capricorn is also having his way with you, at the moment. You recently saw why a new attitude was necessary with your big secret, undercover operation, classified information or confidential project. Perhaps you’re just being cool and modest about letting others take all the glory while you beaver away in the background. However this is manifesting in your life (and some of you work for Anonymous, being Aquarian) do stick with your intention to reorganise things, and deconstruct to reconstruct. The last thing about your horoscope now is the best thing. More money, or a financial issue solved. The clues are all around you now, with fantastic developments rolling from mid-August.


Mercury and the Sun change signs from Thursday 23rd July when you must lock in new lifestyle, health, fitness or work arrangements. You have found yourself in the right place, at the right time, to make a fantastic difference to your daily routine and it would be churlish to let opportunities pass you by. This really will be the gift that goes on giving, and will help enormously with new realities in your chosen field, special subject or profession in 2016 and 2017. Focus on the small picture and the big picture will be far more straightforward. There is also a definite, welcome shift in the atmosphere with a former, current or potential partner. You won’t see the full (vast) potential until after 11th August, but do pursue what - or whom - is so clearly marked with your name on it. All you really have to do here, to gain, is just show up! If only it was this simple with your friend, or the other people in a group. Don’t get too caught up with their ‘stuff’ no matter if this is a bunch of shareholders or a heavy metal band. Power must be shared. Control must be divided. It’s rather like a great symphony orchestra. It takes work (which you do, by the bucketload) but if you all stick with it, it works.