Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams predicts the week ahead

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Vulcano enters Pisces on Monday.  The secret you keep, or the role you play behind the scenes now rumbles far below the surface. It’s also time to look at money, property, business, charity or your possessions. The Sun enters Taurus, the sign which rules bull markets and bullion, on Monday where it joins Mars in a conjunction on Wednesday.  The agenda for May will be set at that time with your accountant, bank or another key person. The flashback from December which arrives mid-year will be far easier to deal with if you can organise your priorities now. Of course this may be a taxation issue in Britain; elsewhere it may come down to arm-wrestling a suit. The good news is, after September you can wave goodbye to the last dregs of a very tough cycle.


Not every friend you have - or group acquaintance - necessarily shows the deep emotion on the surface. And perhaps within your social circle of group there is a particular code of discretion this week. Some might call it repression, but in any case you need to tune in and read hearts and minds if you can. It will make a confusing situation a great deal clearer, as Vulcano and Neptune are like an underwater volcano in your friendship zone. What else is a priority now? It has to be yourself, and the way you look and appear to the world. You are perfectly entitled to make your reputation, photographs, video, online persona and advertising a priority when the sign of  Taurus is lit up in the heavens. In fact, by May, you could have tackled one outstanding issue very well.


Turn your attention to what you deliberately cover up from other people, and perhaps yourself, as this is where the action is, between here and May. Alternatively you may be operating behind the scenes as a rather shadowy figure, letting others take the attention. Again - this is about to become a priority until next month, which will take up a great deal of time and energy. The continuing story of your status, success in life and ambition picks up again this week, with a key question about men or male-dominated organisations. How do you deal with people who reveal rather than conceal what is going on? There is obviously tremendous heat below the surface but if you are to decode this rather potent individual or group, you need to step up your telepathy.


The best way to use Mars, the Roman god of war, in your zone of friendship and group commitments, is to address an issue you can collectively wage war on and use people power to drive it into submission. A good example would be saving a building for the National Trust or joining the fight against cancer. The worst way to use this very new cycle in your life? It is undoubtedly to engage in Eastenders-style argey-bargeys with your old friend, or via social media, also known as the Big Data Farm In The Sky. This will be a constant throughout May as well. Unless you consciously throw your energy behind a community goal or enterprise (preferably one which is pushy and noisy), you may find the next few weeks brings tensions with frenemies, as Nancy Mitford called them, to the surface. And nobody needs frenemies.


Push your success, status and achievement buttons as hard and fast as you can between now and May, when your ruler the Sun circles the top of your horoscope. As you might expect, this is also where you can get to the top, or make it very clear that you’re staying there. Leo women tend to be Queen or Princess figures in their chosen field, and find it relatively easy to outshine the competition. You will be sharply aware of the competition for the next few weeks as Mars also goes through this zone of your chart, but a little edge never hurt anyone. Just don’t do the Miss Piggy head-toss as the Virgos in your chosen field will not like it. This week also ushers in Vulcano in Pisces, making the atmosphere surrounding a financial, business, property or charity question rather more heated. The heat will be deeply buried. Do take it into account though.


You will know where you stand with your trip, web project, book, foreign connection, course or workshop by May, and a great deal of what you need to achieve will roll in the first three days of this week. Mars does not visit the down-to-earth sign of  Taurus all that often, and as an earth sign yourself, you will enjoy this new can-do atmosphere. All you really need to do is roll your sleeves up and not get into any arguments about your beliefs, versus those of other people! The other thing to pay attention to now is the entry of the powerful asteroid Vulcano into your opposite sign of Pisces. If you are single a man who holds in his desire, anger and jealousy (rather like Mr Darcy crossed with Heathcliff) may well tempt you. Let’s  hope he resembles them both, rather than the late Henry Cooper. In an existing relationship there will be deep rumbling below the surface but you must be sensitive to it, as for all their facade, others are concealing really tremendous emotion. Do you have an enemy? It will really pay to see into their soul now.


You are making the long, slow trek towards the middle of 2015 when unfinished financial, property, company or charity business from the closing weeks of last year can be laid to rest. This week is part of the process so view the numbers, paperwork or discussion as important steps in a new phase of resolution and completion. Once that is behind you, and the European and American Autumn is here, you can breathe a sigh of relief and turn your back on the very last of a difficult era in your life. What you will most notice about this week is the tremendous new light shed on your bank, business interests, possessions, income, debt or good cause. You may also notice a change in atmosphere where your daily workload is concerned. When people or organisations don’t express what they should, everything is affected. So what’s the cover-up?


Vulcano enters your zone of children and lovers this week. The Fifth House of your chart also rules babies and young adults - and the art of courtship. Whatever (or whomever) the priority is, there is time to read the situation accurately and ask a few searching questions. You may get no answers at all, but knowing what others choose to hold back - as well as what they selectively show you - can be useful knowledge. In a perpetually confusing part of your life it can be essential knowledge, too. The fact that the Sun and Mars are now opposite your own sign suggests the issue is probably your former, current or potential partner. Or are we talking about an enemy, rival or opponent? Again, this week is tremendously useful as you will gain insights and information that just aren’t available at other times. The only caution here is not to succumb to the famous lack of patience and tolerance that Mars in your opposite sign can stir up.


You are in the most important phase of the year for your health, fitness, diet and wellbeing. It’s hard to ignore the powerful combination of both the Sun and Mars in the practical and grounded sign of  Taurus. Your head may currently be turned towards other regions or countries, or perhaps vast subjects or complex projects - no matter. Your horoscope is telling you firmly to put your body first and do in four weeks, what you have not done in four months! The presence of  Vulcano in Pisces also suggests a deeper look at your house, home town, homeland, household, flat or family is required. What is not said, is just as important as what is actually said. You do need to use a mental barometer to measure the situation, which is sending out occasional puffs of steam, like a kettle with the lid half-off. Why is the steam there and what must you do?


Vulcano in Pisces, a new sign for him this year, suggests communication in general should be handled with kid gloves at the moment, and particular attention needs to be paid to the internet, where heat can be trapped forever, in a kind of digital amber. Your multimedia, publishing, or public speaking involvements should be similarly assessed. The way you are heard, read and understood by others (or not) is a continuing story in 2015 as you know, and this week brings another little lesson. It all helps you connect more powerfully, and that is the whole point of this cycle. You also need more time and space for the children in your world, or a lover. This also applies to babies and young adults, or to courtship per se. Mars suggests the potential for friction; even conflict. This is easily sidestepped when you realise you just need to invent a strategy.


Money cannot buy peace or mind, or a harmonious atmosphere, but you do need to put some kind of price on a situation now developing with the bank, your business, your company, the taxman, your charity or a retailer. A little fancy footwork is always useful when Vulcano is in your Second House of finance, property and possessions. Perhaps it is your  house, apartment or relationship with a relative which is the source, or the background story. Between now and May your attention will be brought to aspects of your home, property investment, family or flatmates which you didn’t see before. As others are also curious this makes you determined to act on things rather than put them off. The very first signs of this new cycle will appear this week as the Sun and Mars join forces in Taurus midweek. Just remember Mars can be quite combative, as he was in Roman mythology and history, and if you don’t want a fight, don’t cast the first stone.


With yet another heavenly body in Pisces to join the passing parade, this is a useful week in which to examine how your use of your name, face, shape, style or online personality has worked (or not worked) in 2015. Even something as basic as your wardrobe, hair or one-message branding could be the real source of issues elsewhere, according to your horoscope, so with Vulcano now in your own sign, you may want to look at how your exterior serves your interior, or even gets in your way. This week is really about your big project or key internet plan, though. This uses your way with words, images or ideas and it will roll in either phase one, or a restarted phase one, until May. Multimedia, publishing, public speaking or even singing are just some examples of how communication works in your world. Now there is a serious agenda to push, you seem likely to do more in a few weeks than you have in a few months. Just don’t buy into a potential conflict.