Jessica Adams brings you your horoscope for the coming week

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You have been thrown all kinds of different, well-known challenges with your money, house, business, apartment, possessions, charity or company since late 2012. If this was a piece of music, you might label it ‘Variations Upon a Theme’, yet it is not something you would ever want on your iPod again. Some of the final tracks are now being played before December, which brings a welcome change in the soundtrack. Until then, play this differently. You know what to do. Just do it.


There is nothing you have experienced with (or through) your partner, that has not happened to someone else. This also applies to former or potential partners. Even to enemies and rivals. The fact that this is textbook stuff for so many other people does not make it any easier, but at least you have some guiding principles, to help you with decisions now. By the end of December you will come to see that what you do now, is part of your escape path later. Because this will end, soon.


Saturn will not return to your house of workload and wellbeing for 29 years. That should give you some inkling of how unusually challenging this cycle has been, either in terms of your job, your body, your university life or your volunteer role. You have become accustomed to compromise and endurance. The good news is, from Christmas this is no longer the case. You cannot really finish this cycle without some more hard work, though, and this week will make you fully aware of that.


It has been so long since your children, godchildren or young relatives were free of the Saturn cycle that you must have forgotten what it feels like to be close to a younger generation without automatically expecting hard work. This also applies to relationships where prospective parenthood is never far away; it certainly applies to professional or voluntary roles involving the young. Before you can move into a far easier cycle at Christmas, you must first make difficult factors work for you.


You must now deal with the realities of your particular home town, house, flat, family members, household or homeland. Saturn in Scorpio will leave your world eventually but until then you must deal with what (and who) is there, and nothing else. Of course you are almost at the end of the cycle and three difficult episodes since 2012 are now just a memory. Nevertheless they are also entwined with your present and you need to think of everything and everybody as you form plans.


Many astrologers believe that a Saturn cycle like the one you are experiencing now, only becomes meaningful a year or two later, when you realise how much you learned, and how useful it is. This is fair comment, as your journey with the internet, publishing, media or other mediums for your voice, ideas and words does have a point. The point being, that beyond the enormous test of your patience and stamina, you are learning all the time. Now, face the last few hurdles and jump.


The Getting of Wisdom; not only a great novel, but also a good description of what you have been put through with your bank account, house, charity, possessions, cash-flow, flat or charity since the end of 2012. Now you can return to some unavoidable realities, after a few weeks when you were let off the hook. An eight-week plan should fit nicely; this is strictly temporary Libra, as Saturn completes his cycle at Christmas, with only the briefest return in mid-2015. This is the last stretch.


Seldom has the exterior mattered to you quite so much. The superficial aspects of your inner being have triggered one test of your acumen and patience after another. At least you can now put the last 18 months in perspective and look forward to a very different future. The endless stretch of your patience does in fact have an end point; weeks away now. Until then, make this work for you. Never forget, either, how easy it is to look good - in fact, look great - in future. All else is history.


Some astrologers will tell you that Saturn’s transit through the Twelfth House of your solar chart is the toughest cycle of all. Why? Because you can neither share, nor confide, not properly explain. That is the price you pay for your disappearing act; your secrets; your invisibility; your cover-up jobs. The good news is, you know perfectly well you are at the end of one phase of your life, and must now think about 2015. The trick is getting there, tying up loose ends and doing the work.


Your social life, old friendships, social media, new friendships and (particularly) group commitments should be an easy part of your life. Instead, your relentless ruling planet Saturn has turned these simple things into an ongoing obstacle course. Just when you have cleared one hurdle, another one appears. The good news is, life will return to normal at Christmas and you can relax about people or situations which have stretched you. Until then? Please do refresh a strategy.


You probably long to know what it would feel like to actually have a role, and a goal, that feels right for you. Something that you can sink into, rather than constantly have to work for, or struggle through. This is the price you pay for having Saturn on your solar midheaven for the first time in 29 years. As October closes it has seldom been so obvious to you, that you must face facts. Many Aquarians will resign or switch jobs by January. Even if you don’t, a welcome break still awaits.


There are some well-known, well-discussed realities about travelling, exporting, emigrating or dealing with cultural and regional differences. You now know most of them, thanks to the last 18 months. The situation has become even more testing, if your book, web venture, course or belief system has also been involved. All that remains before this cycle ends, is for you to accept what you cannot change, and find a way to fit it into the rest of your life. From Christmas, it’s over.