Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what your star sign has in store for you with this week's horoscope

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The new beginning you deserve, in connection with the world of babies, children or young adults, is here. This generation is here to benefit you, so wish on the New Moon this weekend. Be strictly strategic when it comes to your money, business, property or possessions, though. This is about the next six months.


Whatever begins this weekend, in connection with your former, current or potential partner, could drag on until Christmas. This also applies to enemies. Be careful about what you plant after Saturday. Superb trends for your house, flat, household, home town, homeland or family turn all the lights green by Sunday.


Your new course, website, book, internet excursion, singing challenge, writing endeavour or spoken-word plan is emerging under stunning horoscope patterns not possible for 12 years. Be cautious when it comes to your daily workload or your relationship with your body, though. This is no time to be impulsive.


Of course your children, godchildren or young relatives are a sticking point. So is any role involving the next generation, and any relationship which may end in parenthood. Do not allow yourself to be pushed or provoked after Saturday, though – be strategic. Wonderful financial or property trends rule the weekend.


You’re back in a big way thanks to the New Moon in Leo this weekend and if your birthday falls close to 26th July it’s a major relaunch. The only issue to be cautious with concerns your family, house, flat, home town, homeland or household. Pace yourself and view issues after Saturday as a six-month concern.


The internet, the media, publishing, your phone, language differences, literacy and computers are all ruled by the sign Scorpio in your horoscope. With so much heavy activity in this sign, think before you act, after the weekend. After Saturday your dark secret or invisible role will begin to deliver, abundantly.


Do not add to the load you are carrying financially, or in terms of your property. Much depends on how you handle a white-hot issue after Saturday. By Sunday you should be basking in a new golden age for your group commitments, social media circles and old friendships. People power is at your fingertips, Libra.


By Christmas the endless questions about your image or appearance will disappear, but you can make the next six months easier by refusing to be pushed hard or fast this weekend. As August draws closer a new job, project, role or inspiring challenge will be on your agenda. By next year this could be huge.


This weekend marks a glittering new chapter in your life as a traveller, student, teacher, internet user, writer or publisher. Push the accelerator and enjoy the trip. Different tactics are required when it comes to your dark secret or invisible role, though. Unless you want to exaggerate an existing burden, think carefully.


Do not let impatience about (or involving) friends and groups rock your boat. You need to steer calmly to Christmas, as you have already been through enough with particular friendships or networks. Brilliant weekend trends suggest a fresh start – and how – with your money, possessions, business, house or apartment.


You can now have more, do more and enjoy more, thanks to the brand new impact of a relationship phase, a partnership decision or a certain someone. By Sunday you will know how much you have to look forward to. The challenge of the week? Lateral thinking and cool planning; your career or other role requires work.


At last the lifestyle you need is close enough to touch, and this weekend marks the beginning of a brand new phase which will have a welcome long-term impact on your daily workload and your wellbeing. The main concern this week is your travel, foreign, publishing or educational agenda. Take your time, plan carefully.