Astrologer Jessica Adams shares her predictions for each star sign this Christmas

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Merry Christmas, Aries. We have a Full Moon on Christmas Day which makes a January choice about your career, university degree or unpaid work essential. The issue is timing. Even though this sweeping change may feel as if it should become real by the middle of January, there will be delays or reversals which mean this process will take some time. In fact, it may not be until the middle of February that you all find out where you stand, in terms of having more control.


Merry Christmas, Taurus. If there is one issue since 2008 which has really dominated how you approach life, it is the way you travel, teach, use the internet, publish, study or deal with foreign people. Perhaps two items on that list have even crossed over. What never used to be a concern, has become a reality in your life. At the same time you have learned to take control and use self-control to regain your power. This process starts again now. Take your time.


Merry Christmas, Gemini. It may not be until February that you can sign off on an important financial, property, charity or business chapter. This story is complicated, as your ruler Mercury is retrograde shadow at the moment, and the usual straightforward discussion or paper trail you might expect, will either be held up, or substantially changed. Anything from extreme weather, to an accountant’s holiday, to postal delays could affect things. Have Plan B and C.


Merry Christmas, Cancer. Of course, it’s that time of year when you think far more deeply about your former, current or potential partner. We also have a Full Moon on Christmas Day, though, and you are ruled by the Moon. This area of your horoscope also describes arch rivals and enemies, and perhaps this matters more to you. Even though you may want to take firm action in response to tangled feelings on either side, allow until February for a truly final outcome.


Merry Christmas, Leo. This Cancer-Capricorn Full Moon you can see over the rooftops involves your ruler, the Sun, and it takes place on Christmas Day. It’s an important one, in terms of your body - and your working life. Please make allowances for the fact that you may be kept waiting or have to alter your plans, perhaps more than once, by February. A reshuffle in your chosen field, industry or business is likely, as are questions about your health of fitness. It takes time.


Merry Christmas, Virgo. Your son, godson, niece, daughter or nephew may be at the heart of important questions for December and January. A serious sexual relationship (which may bring children or young in-laws into your life) is another obvious issue. The change in the balance of power which is necessary will take more time than anyone expects. Your ruler Mercury, which rules the crucial conversations or paperwork, moves backwards and forwards for weeks.


Merry Christmas, Libra. Unsurprisingly, the focus now is on your family, flatmates, house, apartment, home town or homeland. Be wise enough to make allowances for the story to change, perhaps twice, by February. There is a great deal of talk, paperwork or digital discussion showing in your chart, yet there is also a waiting game, reversal or significant alteration ahead. Read the fine print on property-related paperwork and keep a very flexible diary for some weeks.


Merry Christmas, Scorpio. This Full Moon is all about your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media. That includes the internet, but also day-to-day communication. Naturally, we also have to include trains, traffic and short-haul flights in this category, as you need to connect to communicate, as well. Please allow for extreme weather, strike action, cancelled or postponed plans or - classically - issues with new Christmas computers or telephones. Work around!


Merry Christmas Sagittarius. What you might normally have expected to be tidied up in three weeks, where your money is concerned, could take twice as long. This also applies to your house, business, possessions, charity, Christmas presents or apartment. Make allowances for this in January and think about February as the time when at last, the facts or figures can be called absolutely final. Until then, you may find one issues goes backwards and forwards.


Merry Christmas, Capricorn. The Sun is in your sign at the moment, but it stands opposite the Moon in Cancer. Normally this would make you roll up your sleeves and deal with matters of image, presentation, branding, personal appearance or reputation immediately. This Christmas it’s different. Perhaps it’s because your task is momentous, that it requires more time. Thus, the universe will present you with delays or changes until February. Allow for this now.


Merry Christmas, Aquarius. The focus is on your secret life, this Christmas. What you cover up, even from your best friend, and deliberately conceal. Alternatively, this Christmas Full Moon is all about your uncredited efforts, behind the scenes. You just know change is required. However, the issue is timing. What would normally be over by the second week of January may drag on until February, so you need to factor this into your thinking, this week.


Merry Christmas, Pisces. It must seem to you as if every Christmas since 2008 has been about your friends, and your social life - perhaps, too, about more formal groups you belong to. It’s that time of year, of course. However, there are also sound astrological reasons why you need to look deeply at the business of friendship and what it means - and why it has to alter. This will naturally affect the group dynamics and possibly the pecking order, in weeks.