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All eyes (and ears) are pointing towards your work ethic, daily routine, lifestyle - and relationship with your body. This helps you make up your mind rapidly as action, not words, is required. And you will gain, either by nailing a problem or taking a wonderful opportunity. Your former, current or potential partner is at the core of a commitment choice later this week. Alternatively, this big undertaking may be about your enemy, opponent or rival. Just remember what is under discussion will change, stall or reverse between now and the end of October. Get it in writing then read the fine print. This is a first draft, not the final cut.


Now that you can see the world of babies, children, teenagers, youth or lovers (who could bring it closer) clearly, proceed. In fact, nothing less than swift action will do, and you stand to benefit. It’s rather different with your lifestyle, work and body. You will go around in circles for another 3-4 weeks so factor that in before you assume anything is final or anyone is completely reliable. Stay open and flexible as nothing is ever fully in the bag on Mercury Retrograde. The option to commit will be on full display as the weekend arrives, and this would make a big difference to how you work, live or look after your body. Still, see this as a process not an outcome (yet) as things will go to-and-fro now.


The situation with your fertility, son, adoption, niece, daughter, nephew or lover (who could bring all that in) will be on full display this week. This helps you see your life from the outside looking in - and that includes your deepest feelings about leaving some kind of legacy to a younger generation, and how you are to achieve that. If you don’t have a personal interest in younger people this applies to youth projects or children’s organisations. Allow until the final week of October to get all the facts with any of this - final, fixed and firm. You won’t waste any time chasing a rather promising new snowball involving your relative, house, flatmate, apartment, town or country later on in the week. If push comes to shove, you’ll always snap up a solution or opportunity.


It helps to have other people peering at your house, family, apartment, household, town and/or country. This is how you make accurate judgement calls! But not just yet. Not with any final certainty, anyway, as there are still turnarounds or delays until the final week of October. You have the motivation to act - rapidly - where your projects, concepts, ideas and communication H.Q. is concerned, once Mars changes signs this week. You can see the big chance or amazing solution. Chase it down. Once Pluto stations in your opposite sign of Capricorn, too, you need to consider your opposite number in life, or even your opponent, and figure out a new deal. This is like Europe after the war. Who gets to be Russia or Germany? Keep it united.


The heat is on with your money, property, tax, charity, possessions or business as the week develops, and time is of the essence. With Jupiter’s whopping protection and potential for abundance, you won’t want to hang around. Your way with words, ideas and images is in the spotlight as your ruler the Sun changes signs. Multimedia, publishing, debating, singing, songwriting and digital all come under this umbrella. Use what you are shown to improve and upgrade, but think November for real progress. You may also want to take extra special steps to guard against hacking, technical failure, lost mail, missing transport connections and so on. Pluto stations in Capricorn too. This is a practical sign. So be practical about the carve-up of territory, time or control now necessary with the shape of your working life.


You only get insights like this every 12 months, into your banking, cashflow, taxes, house, apartment, charity or business. Use what you are shown and remember to keep on committing to independence and freedom. It is what has consistently worked for years! The trick is timing. Accommodate the reversals, delays and possible errors ahead with your paper trail, discussion or digital life, until late October. With Salacia in your zone of former, current and potential partners you are also being reminded to contain and control what flows and floats. Unless you consciously do this, you end up all at sea. Your relaunch, renaissance and rebirth continues apace. Things speed up as the week goes on, because you can never resist a challenge and you must act. The new you (or the new version of the old you) can’t be held up.


You can be forgiven for wondering if anything you initiate will ever alter your image, label, name, face, style shape and all the rest. Not to mention your brand as a whole. This situation ends abruptly in November. In the meantime, take notes. Make random sketches. If you absolutely must go ahead with image or name goals, then allow for reversals, delays, mistakes until the final week of October. You will see a mirror reflecting ‘Me’ back to yourself on the internet this week but just use it for note-taking, not necessarily action. You will be able to roll your sleeves up and get stuck into secret plans, confidential matters, uncredited work or solitary pursuits later this week. This is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself. It’s going to work superbly.


Once Mars changes signs at the end of the week it’s time to speed up and heat up, because your group cannot wait - and neither should you. Time is of the essence and as you have incredible opportunities and solutions for (or through) this community of people, drop everything. Light will be shed on your big secret, your uncredited work, your cover-ups or classified information this week. No doubt you feel you should be following up, but if you knew you would have to go back to the drawing board with particular questions or comments, would you plunge in? Allow until the final week of October for the stuff below the surface of yourself - and your life - to sort itself out. Your ruler Pluto also stands still this week. An internet, publishing, multimedia or other communication issue also stands still. And intensifies. One way or another you’re going to have to move on a new set-up, Scorpio.


There is no time to be wasted with your career, university life or other work. As the week draws to a close, you have very good reasons to get moving - in fact, the best reasons in 12 years. Decide how ambitious you actually are then pursue what represents your Everest, while the going is good, or the safety net is there. Everyone will be talking about (or looking at) your friendships, social circle or specifically, your group this week. This helps you see him, her or it from the outside. Take notes, promise yourself November is Day One of the new approach and then sit back. If you cannot do this because other people want you to go along with their plans to move on things now - be savvy and expect to see reversals, delays and muddles. Because there will be, all the way until the final week of October when facts are at last, finally, facts.


There is nothing like feedback and reaction from other people, when planning your next career or university move. It all helps, and even if you go backwards and forwards with the actual discussion, details or paperwork until October 24th - it’s all useful. Your main aim now is probably achieving momentum, because nothing has really altered or moved for months. You will have this from November, and in the second half of 2016 you’ll have your dream job, award, or fantasy result. For now, though, spin your wheels, deal with the inevitable delays, reversals or mistakes and just treat this as dress rehearsal time. It’s all systems go with your life as a traveller, internet user, student, publisher, writer or teacher towards the end of the week. Snap to grid. It’s time.


Gather intelligence on what you are shown by the feedback and reaction to your money, business, taxation, company, house, charity, possessions or apartment. Promise yourself you will contain and control what has become so confused with this. Once the weekend is here you will need to double your speed, but as you are being guided, protected and helped by a benevolent universe, you’ll be on track. Where are you headed? Big savings or profits. The full picture with your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or education agenda will also be clear to you as the week goes on. If you can hold it down as a dress rehearsal or rough sketch of future possibilities, that’s great. If you absolutely must press ahead with plans, allow for delays and reversal until the end of October - yet from November, you’re rolling.


Diana, the asteroid of independence and freedom, is at large in your zone of relationships and partnerships. What’s her message to you, about this man or woman who matters so much (or once did)? Diana bypassed both marriage and motherhood in favour of serial monogamy, interrupted by long periods of delicious space. Your horoscope says, she demands to be heard. In any case, you will act (not talk) from the end of this week, as the heat rises with, or for, this person in your world. If you are more emotionally engaged with an enemy, rival or opponent then it’s game on. For the only time in 12 years, you actually stand to benefit from putting on your gloves and getting in the ring. You too can be Enry Cooper.  What else is going on now? Financial, business, charity, taxation or property discussion - or paperwork. Factor in reversals, delays or complications until late October. Then it’s clear.