Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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You gained a tremendous amount from your family, home town, homeland, flat or house between June 2013 and July 2014. You saw an opportunity and you took it. Now, everything is rather different. You created some useful karma for yourself, though, and now the wheel has turned, the final week of June 2015 offers you a chance to take the next step. This may involve home improvements, a property lease, sale or purchase  - or decisions involving relatives. Maybe you are more interested questions of patriotism or local identity.  What you pulled off by July 2014 was remarkable and now, almost a year later, you need to find out just how magnetic the pull of your people (or your place) actually is.


You will never forget the project, concept or idea that rewarded you so much between June 2013 and July 2014. You found a way to get your message across, and if you have personal planets in Gemini (check at ) then this television series, website, book, blog or other achievement (a successful course, perhaps) will always be a high point on your C.V. in future. What you must now do, in the final week of June, is find out how much time and energy you have for the next logical step. This could be a further phase of the old plan, or you may want to go to the next level with a new idea. If you don’t pursue this now, it could be a long time before the diaries or deadlines are right again. Or the mood.


The interesting choices you have now about your money, business, tax, flat, company, house, charity and/or possessions are recent enough. The discussion or news only arrived in the second week of June. You achieved some solid things from June 2013 to July 2014, and now you have a chance to move things forward so that you can build on the money you made or saved, or do more with ‘cash in kind’ if your achievement was in business or property. If you have personal planets in Taurus (check at ) then you were born to invest, to save, to collect, and to accumulate. If not, the choices you have this week are less straightforward. Only you can decide if this is a good fit, or not.


You had a really interesting time from your birthday in 2013 to your birthday in 2014, when you were reborn in many ways - either because of your change in role or title - or because of the internet, the photographs or the YouTube clips. It may have felt odd to be in a position where you could push your Me Agenda (and the operative word is push) yet, looking back, you must admit that June/July 2013 to June/July 2014 was the turning point. This week is intriguing, as it’s a natural sequel to what you achieved then. And you may want to go along with the sequel, or leave things where they are, in the past. How much energy do you have for self-promotion? For intense focus on your face, hair, body, clothes? This is where your fork in the road must begin, this week.


Mars, Minerva, the Sun, Ops, Hygeia and Diana are all in Cancer. Focus on the role you play behind the scenes, with no credit or recognition, where others are the name or face of the project. Alternatively, absorb yourself fully in a classified, confidential matter which even your best friend can’t know about. This is the key to your week. The other key is remembering the past. Visualise yourself opening the lock in the door marked 2013-2014 and see the recent past as a film. What you did then was amazing. You’ve never been recognised for it. Or, perhaps, nobody actually knows what you achieved. Now, do you want to move it all forward again? Or have you learned a lesson that you must apply now?


It may be Comic Relief or the army. A yoga class, political party, book group, or work team. Think back to June 2013-July 2014 and remember how you gained by being part of an ensemble cast. You are now in a karmic cycle where you can collect on everything you achieved with your friends, or the other people in your network from that time. This week is also crucial for resolving any issues you have about being part of a tribe, at the same moment that you are also separated from them by your own success. You cannot complain about your profile or reputation now. Jupiter is weeks away from entering Virgo and whatever work you have done will be recognised, if it has not already happened. The trick to this week is fitting that into your wider group or network.


Mars, Minerva, the Sun, Ops, Hygeia and Diana are all in Cancer. A question you know very well from June 25th, 2013 to July 16th, 2014 is now back in your life. How far are you prepared to climb in your quest for success, and how do you define that success? How much are you prepared to play the system, no matter if it’s a university, a government or a corporation? How long are you prepared to wait, to reach your personal mountain top? You are in a much better position to decide now, as you have learned so much from that phase of your life. Is it really ‘you’ to climb patiently to the top, and to do whatever it takes to hang on? Or does that belong to another time, or another version of yourself?


You were helped enormously by what happened with another part of your country, or another part of the world, in June 2013-July 2014. This foreign country or culture protected you and helped you, one way or another - and you know it very well. Now, you are moving onto the next chapter. This week, you must ask yourself if you can take it further, and if you are comfortable with the idea of language, religious and/or cultural differences. If you have personal planets in Sagittarius (check at ) then the answer is probably ‘yes.’ If you don’t, then you need to be honest with yourself. There is an obvious opportunity waiting. The question is, what reservations do you have, this time round?


You were given substantial ways to make money, or save it, from June 25th, 2013 to July 16th, 2014. Your income, tax, business, bank, charity, house, possessions and/or flat was at the heart of amazing progress. Now the wheel turns, as it always does in astrology, and this week you must decide if you want to pick up where you left off, even thinking as far ahead as 2016. This could be a continuing story. If you have personal planets in Scorpio (check at ) then you may already have committed yourself. If you don’t, be honest about how it feels to work the money/sex, money/power or money/family connection. Yes or no?


You can walk away from the story that began with your former, current or potential partner a year or two ago, if you wish. That would be a backward step, though. Between June 25th 2013 and July 16th 2014 you started a relationship, took it further with a major commitment, or walked away from one. This choice ticked every box at the time! Now things are different, but this Cancer stellium tells you to choose a path, from a fork in the road. What are you really looking for, from this person, and how do you feel about balancing acts? This is a set of scales or a see-saw. It has to be evenly weighted or it’s not going to function.


Once in every 12 years you get a unique opportunity to do more, have more and gain more - from your own body. You saw this for yourself between June 2013 and July 2014, when your diet, doctor, trainer, nurse, healer, counsellor or teacher helped you achieve a milestone. You lost weight, gave up smoking, found a cure, or even fitted yoga, meditation, swimming or the gym into your daily life for the first time. You have your own story to tell about your body from this time. In all cases, though, this week allows you to take the next logical step. It’s like going back in time to July 16th 2014 and asking yourself ‘What next?’ If you were born in the 1960’s then this week is vital in your search for work/life balance.


If you have a son or daughter, godchild or important young relative - this week is very important. This also applies to professional or personal involvements with much younger people as a whole - that generation born 20+ years after you. Karma is now at work. You took an opportunity with babies, children or young adults back in June 2013-July 2014 and ran with it. You may have had a baby or adopted. You may have taught younger people or gained a lover who brought nieces or nephews with him/her. Your personal story is your own, of course. But what you will see now is that everything you did then, has resulted in choices now. Do you want to take this to the next step, or is the past, the past?