The week ahead from our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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The best Christmas present of all is a total change in the atmosphere surrounding your money, business, possessions, company, house or apartment. Of course, you have known certain changes were coming for months. Your vision of an easier, happier 2015 has helped you put up with situations which have stretched your tolerance to the limit. Saturn’s departure from Scorpio at 4.33pm on Tuesday 23rd December (many Aries women will be noting that time) is a milestone, as it will be three decades before you must ever put up with situations like those in 2013 and 2014 again. No more tunnel. All light.


You have been stoic about your partner. You have put a brave face on a situation involving a former or potential partner too. If you are in that group of Taureans who have been battling, competing or feuding, then you have had to tolerate a situation that anyone would have found hard to bear. As an earth sign, you know how to stand firm and endure. Ruled by the bull, you know how to dig in and put up with the realities you cannot change. Well – enough already. You have had far too many realities and not enough choices, for a very long time. Two days before Christmas, this ends. Enjoy your new world.


A major shift in your chosen workplace, industry, university or business will make a tremendous difference to your mood and attitude, just two days before Christmas. Perhaps departures, arrivals or other changes in structure are the reason. Maybe you are signing off from specific projects or roles. In all cases, the planet now ruling your ambition, mission and position in 2015 will be Neptune, rather than Saturn. The latter has demanded that you put your head down and keep going, for over two years. You have had to accept and adjust, and never choose or enjoy. Well, now you can. Next year is calling you.


You may have forgotten what it feels like to relax and enjoy the world of children, godchildren or young relatives since 2013. Try to let go of old coping mechanisms (automatic by now) gathered over the last two years and experience life as it comes, because this Christmas the cloud will lift. This also applies to professional or part-time projects involving much younger people. The landscape is brighter and broader in 2015, for you and for them. Sexual relationships (the kind which could make you a mother or an aunt) will also be so much easier, from this week forward. Less endurance and effort. More nipple tassels.


Christmas will feel utterly different this year, compared to what you had to endure in 2012 and 2013. At last, your home will really begin to feel like your home. This also applies to your home town or homeland. You have been right to hope, these last few months, as the most welcome changes in over a year are coming. Beyond the house, flat, neighbourhood or the country itself, you are also correct in assuming that a very difficult phase for (or with) a relative is over. You will see why, just two days before Christmas. Leo has the brave heart of a lion, but even you have been hit hard by this cycle. It’s now over.


Your ruler Mercury, which is in charge of your voice (across all mediums and media) makes three remarkable patterns in your horoscope on Christmas Day. Shortly before this, Saturn departs your internet, publishing, media, language and literacy zone, and he will not be back for three more decades. Virgo women are well-known for their ability to articulate almost any feeling or fact, and translate it to almost any readership or audience, no matter if you do this professionally or purely on Twitter. This has made 2013 and 2014 both hard and baffling for you, yet the obstacles and waiting game is over. At last.


You have been personally affected by the global financial crisis, more than any other sign apart from Aries. The domino effect of the pessimism, fear and slowdowns right around the world, has taken a heavy toll on you since the final quarter of 2012 when the cycle began. Christmas really will feel merry this year, though, as from Tuesday 23rd December, this notorious Saturn phase ends. You will actually be able to believe politicians’ headlines about a recovering economy or a stronger currency. Beyond that, in your own life, please rest assured that you are right to believe in a lighter, brighter 2015. It’s coming.


Kermit the Frog once told the world that it wasn’t easy, being green. You might have a similar tale to tell about being a Scorpio. Saturn in your own sign has shadowed your natal Sun, dimming your light considerably since the final quarter of 2012 in at least one episode which still rankles. Beyond that, has the simple business of social media, photographs, YouTube and all the rest, ever been quite such hard work? Perhaps it is the internet which is the culprit; perhaps it is the day-to-day business of fronting up to the mirror, and then the world at large. In every case, though, wonderful relief and release is here.


There are some astrologers who believe that Saturn’s transit through the Twelfth House of your horoscope is the toughest cycle of all. You cannot share or confide. You must only live with your own soul, and that can make your days, but particularly your nights, very difficult. Even though your situation has been steadily improving this year (nothing like the dark days in late 2012 or 2013) you must now set aside time for healing and recovery. What happens on, or very close to, Tuesday 23rd December is therapeutic. It will feel like the sun appearing to replace grey skies, and your own light will shine again.


This has been a very tough couple of years, if you belong to a political party, band, team or any other kind of group. What occurred in late 2012 or 2013 has hit many other people before you, but you have not forgotten the hard lesson which came your way. The same might be said for your social life, old friendships and social media. You have been extremely patient, with all the fortitude that your sign is famous for, but even you must be feeling weary of the day-to-day realities of those people, or that situation which never quite goes away. This will be a wonderful Christmas. Why? Because it’s over.


In 2013 or 2014 you have seen a departure in your workplace, industry or business which was excruciating for all concerned. Alternatively you have been faced with clients, colleagues, staff or employers who will let you get away with nothing; instead of being let off the hook you have been well and truly stuck on it. In other cases you have been dealing with the vagaries of your chosen profession, which may be going through a tough transition – and some Aquarians have lost jobs. What happens this week is more than a mood change, or even the decisive end of a phase. It’s a return to happy ambition.


The difficulty you had with your Australasian, European or American connections in 2013 or 2014 is now a memory, but you need more than distance; you need to have faith that some situations will never happen again. This will be surprisingly easy this week, as Saturn is departing the horoscope zone which rules travel, export, emigration, foreign cultures and international contacts. Some Piscean women have been laboring away under the most relentless academic, publishing or educational cycle in 29 years. Again, the worst was over some time ago, yet you need to recover, then relax, then hope for the future.