World-renowned astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for your stars this week

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The Full Moon in the practical, methodical sign of Virgo reminds you what is required with work, housework, voluntary work and daily life. If you want the biggest and best, you must now deal with the pieces of the jigsaw that do not fit. This also applies to your body. This is a very good moment to address your food, doctor, drink, surgeon, drugs, healer, personal trainer and so on. What does not work now, will become a springboard to a fantastic outcome by September at the latest. You will be far happier as a result, so welcome what needs to change.


Sometimes it’s worth untangling the knots, in order to weave a beautiful tapestry. The fabric of your emotional and personal life now is bound up with babies, children or younger adults. It is tied to youth and the next generation. Logically, it may also be woven into a relationship where you know you could become an Aunt or Uncle by marriage, a parent or a step-parent. In order to create something you genuinely love by September, now is the time to look at what (or who) makes you feel conflicted. The solution may take a little while but the outcome will be good.


Stick with your big vision of the house, or apartment. This also applies to your home town or homeland, and perhaps your family or household. This is no time to get lost in the details, even though you are likely to find all kinds of complicated questions this week. This is just the Full Moon (look up over the rooftops tonight and you will see it building). Like any lunar cycle it is there to be used, to take a practical approach to your definition of home. Your career, unpaid work or university life is wide open to confusion. Put boundaries in, or reinstate them.


Your ruler the Moon now stands opposite the Sun, showing you what (or who) does not sit comfortably for you, on the internet. This also applies to publishing, multimedia, your telephone, public speaking and all forms of communication. This week is extremely useful as it will reveal what needs to be fixed, and who you need to speak to. The results will stun and amaze you within months, as the grit in your oyster shell will become a pearl. You only have this cycle once every 12 years and the ultimate project, plan, website, idea or concept will be a tremendous credit to you, if you’re prepared to work it now.


Your ruler the Sun conjuncts Neptune in your money, business, insurance, property, banking, possessions and charity zone now. Be sharply aware of the potential for muddle and mess, and do everything you can to organise, control and contain what is going on. You will make or save a small fortune by September, thanks to the Full Moon this week. Again, your ruler the Sun is involved, and so this is a milestone in your year. If you want to profit, or simply enjoy the best things in life (free) then do the work now. Nobody likes a Full Moon, but this one is useful as it shows you what you must do, to fix issues now.


It is worth repeating that you must put boundaries in, or reinstate them, with your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner. If you have an enemy, rival or opponent then do all you can to prevent this person creeping into your life. Boundaries are not hard to create and in love and war this week, they will save you a lot of trouble. Your relaunch this year happens in stages. This Full Moon is another important part of the process, as you can now tackle issues about your appearance, image, brand, name, reputation and profile. The ultimate results will reward you beyond your wildest dreams, following one excellent outcome you enjoyed in 2015.


This Full Moon is a good reminder. Look back at 2015 and appreciate the gains you have made by allowing somebody else to be the name or face, while you operate behind the scenes. Alternatively, you have disappeared from view, but while you have been playing the hermit, you have quietly made all kinds of improvements. Some Libran people have actively been involved in secret, sensitive and hush-hush activities since 2015. If this sounds like you, it may be true that nobody knows, but you have still seen huge benefits. Stay on the path now. The Full Moon will show you what you need to correct or improve.


It is worth persevering with the group and also the friendship. The Full Moon will reveal who or what is not working perfectly. That is fine, but stay the course. You have already seen the most fantastic outcome with one friend, who is part of a circle, society, band, team, club or less formal network of people. There will be more by September. Babies, children, teenagers or relationships with parenthood potential are also showing up in your chart. It is worth repeating a message from last week. Put boundaries in, or reinstate them. Without a firm line drawn in the sand, you could end up all over the place by March.


Ring-fence the situation with your family, tenants, landlord, council, house, apartment or flatmate. Unless you take steps to firmly control what is taking place, you will see a small situation which began to develop last week, growing bigger and more unwieldy by March. Did you know that 2016 is potentially your most successful year in over a decade? You have already been given one amazing opportunity. There will be more by September, when you could win an award, land a wonderful job, achieve outstanding business success, graduate with fabulous results or win promotion. First, though, you must face who or what is not working - perhaps literally - and take some steps.


If you want to pull off something incredible in a foreign city or country that calls you, start now. The issues you face with another language, nationality, trip, book, website or course should be welcomed, as the harder you try to sort things out, the more thrilled you will be with the ultimate outcome, later this year. The time has come to look across the map and particularly to people from different cultures and countries. If you blew an opportunity weeks or even months ago, you can start again. If you view another county, state or region as foreign to you, it may be this unfamiliar part of your own country that calls too. Don’t ignore this chance. It’s hard work but it will work out.


There is nothing like ruthless reorganisation to sort out your bank account, lifestyle and security. The Full Moon this week will pull you in two directions, or throw you an issue to resolve. This is more than it appears, though. After you have found a creative way to compromise, you will soon see that this is the beginning of a new way to save or make a fortune. By September you could be richer than you have been in 12 years but you must scrutinise the facts and figures and be careful to avoid any situation, deal, person or organisation which does not function in the real world. A reality check is a good move now.


All eyes on your former, current or potential partner. You can use this cycle to pursue a feud, fight or contest with someone, if you wish, but you will feel happier by September, if you can focus on co-operation, collaboration and compromise instead. You are now in a position to pursue an excellent outcome with a man (or woman) who is different to you in every way, yet also your equal. Together you can build an amazing double-act, no matter if you are chasing special intimacy, or a practical result in business or work. Don’t worry too much about the hurdle you must both jump this week. It puts you on a winning streak later.