Expert Astrologer Jessica Adams tells us what the stars have in store this week

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Put feedback to good use this week Aries.

Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner is the object of greater curiosity and judgement from others from this point forward. The same can be said for enemies, rivals or opponents. Use the reaction and feedback to decide what must stay or go from your life now.


This week is all about reshaping Taurus.

Once a year you are given a chance to see your daily routine, regular workload, general health and mind, body and spirit connection through the eyes of others. Between now and October you can use the views of at least one outsider to help you reshape the 24 hours in your day as you wish.


Expect useful decisions this week Gemini.

Your children, godchildren or young relatives are now in the spotlight. This also applies to any relationship which may bring the next generation closer to you. Projects involving the young are also under the microscope now. Some useful decisions for 2015 will come out of this new cycle.


A useful review is on the way Cancer.

You are judged by the way you handle your family, household, home, property investments, home town and homeland. Are you about to receive a five-star review or something else? This is useful no matter what others see or say, because it’s been so long since you were able to assess things.


Use the reflection you see this week Leo.

The Sun, your ruling planet, moves into Libra now and turns a spotlight on your website, book, computer use, language ability, phone, media involvement and all forms of communication. The world holds up a mirror for you, between now and late October. Use what you see reflected there.


Focus on making a decision this week Virgo.

It is rare for you to be able to take a deep breath and get the full measure of your financial, business, charity or property position. This applies to your personal possessions too. Given the constant change since April, you have much to review. By October a decision will be made.


Work on putting your best face forward this week Libra.

You may know this already, but between now and the end of October your online profile, YouTube footage, media reputation, portraits, photographs or public face will be far more important than usual. Put your best face forward, and the best Google version of yourself - or work on it, at least.


This week is all about exploring your secrets Scorpio.

The Sun passing through the Twelfth House of your solar chart is one sign behind you, and appropriately enough, a role you play behind the scenes may well be in focus for the first time in a year. Alternatively this new cycle will ask you to explore your secrets; what you hide from others.


Think about how others see you this week Sagittarius.

Your old friendships, social media circles, group commitments and new acquaintances are all firmly in focus, for the first time in 12 months. Do you see yourself as others see you? Do you judge yourself by the company you keep? September-October is the right time to put energy into all this.


Expect a life review soon Capricorn.

Your self-confidence, identity and self-esteem are famously linked to your success and status. Like the goat which symbolises your sign, you climb steadily to the top. From this week forward you will be given a life review - free of charge - by the universe. This will help you to polish your C.V.


Remember Aquarius, feedback is there to be used.

Your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or educational agenda is now far more important than usual, primarily because some aspects are so public. What is on display to others prompts rave reviews, or perhaps a rather wobbly thumbs-up, but in all cases the feedback is there to be used.


Look to make improvements this week Pisces.

Choppy waters are normal for you in 2014, at least in terms of your money, house, business, flat, possessions or charity. Navigating these is an ongoing challenge but between now and October you will be shown a crucial snapshot of your performance to date - and what could be improved.