Expert astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what lies ahead for the last week in February

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You are creating your own best future now, with substantial breakthroughs involving the world of children and young adults in March, and June. This also applies to lovers. Much depends on how you use what you are given to work with near Friday, but the typical Aries does not need asking twice; you are a mover and shaker by nature. You like instant results, of course, but even if total instant gratification is not possible, rewards are within sight.


You have recently enjoyed a couple of decent high points involving your house, family, flat, household, home town or homeland. Now you can build on what you have gained, or perhaps take a different direction, moving towards new opportunities set to unfold near Friday. Jupiter cannot deliver the goods by himself; you must meet particular people, places or prospects halfway, but with the smallest effort you can accumulate enormous rewards.


You have every right to be optimistic about Jupiter in the area of your chart devoted to words, images, ideas and communication. This is all your stock in trade if you are typical of your sign and you can either move an existing project or role forward near Friday, or take on something new – and big. Even though Jupiter is not yet in direct motion, there is a lot to be said for planning and planting for a harvest some time near your birthday. And it will come.


Jupiter in Leo, your own sign, forms a powerful aspect to Pluto on Friday that reminds you just how important your packaging and presentation is. It’s all in the display, and you are fortunate to be in the luckiest cycle for showmanship and personal advertising in twelve years. Whatever comes your way near Friday, do use it, as it is the gift that goes on giving, Leo. You will see why at the stunning Jupiter-Uranus trine very close to 22nd June.


You have more to gain from keeping a low profile and allowing others to be the name or face. You will have your place in the sun after August, when Jupiter enters Virgo for the first time in 12 years. Until then your place is behind the scenes, below the surface or firmly below the radar. Perhaps you have even deeper and darker secrets to busy yourself with, but one thing is sure, Friday’s stunning Jupiter aspect to Pluto will be very rewarding.


Some group projects in your life have been resurrected since the mighty planet Jupiter changed signs halfway through 2014 but you have not taken them further. Accept one more sign or cosmic clue near Friday, though, and you are on your way. If your energy is better suited to entirely new group or social involvements, you will not need your arm twisted when one of the month’s more enticing opportunities comes your way near Firday.


Success at the moment depends on willingness to succeed, at the highest and most ambitious levels. There is no question of clambering up the mountain; Jupiter is showing you one path after another and all you have to do is what comes naturally. What occurs towards the weekend as your ruler Pluto joins forces with Jupiter is a logical next step. Even if it does not take you to the very top just yet, Scorpio, it will play its own part.


You are ruled by Jupiter, a giant with big ideas. Fortunately you are also a big thinker and always err on the side of optimism. This is certainly no time to think small as an important regional or foreign connection is revealed near Friday, and you must pursue what comes so naturally and easily with this person, organization or pin on the map. There may be special benefits to you as a student, teacher, writer, publisher or internet user. Do not hesitate.


The motto this Friday just has to be ‘Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’ and this particular horse has been a long time coming. You stand to gain from others’ money, property, possessions, business interests or other resources. There may be a straightforward sharing agreement, or even a generous offer. The seeds you plant now will lead to the most magnificent and abundant harvest in June, with the first signs of something big in March.


All it takes is one other person to complete the picture, and you are painting a fascinating new canvas at the moment, no matter if the connection with this individual is intensely personal or strictly business. You two can go further together than you ever could alone, and although Aquarians are well-known for their friendships and group involvements, it is actually the duet or double-act which best suits your personality at the moment.


Even though the overall career or academic picture is rather serious at the moment, as Saturn has brought new burdens with him, there is hope elsewhere. Actually, as you will see in March and June, there is rather more than hope. An aspect of your working life which offers you a true sense of meaningful duty and rewarding service, is opening doors for you. Perhaps the doors are familiar – maybe they are very new – but do go through them, Pisces.


There is a huge gap between doing things differently in your chosen field, and creating a revolution. Your horoscope is being kind to you now, by allowing each change to come in waves, rather than in one huge tsunami. Nevertheless, it is important that you move forward  each time you are asked to take a new direction, as it is all too easy to be stranded in time. The reality is, by April you will be in a far more independent position, with exciting freedom you cannot begin to imagine now. Take each chance you get to move towards this, especially this week,Cancer.