The week ahead according to the stars thanks to our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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It is impossible to avoid the spotlight when the Sun transits your own sign, Aries, and yet it is also your best chance in 12 months to see yourself as others see you. This kind of exposure is illuminating, especially near Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March.

You do need to be aware that internet legends, in particular, can outlive you - as can other autobiographical details about yourself. The same could be said even for ordinary personal photographs, or statements you make about yourself in letters and e-mails; Psyche is also in Aries at the moment so this will endure. What works very well throughout this final week of March and for most of April, is the pursuit of radical change.

It is better to be conscious of the people, situations or set-ups which have prevented you from being genuinely free, in terms of how you project your look or personality.  If you unconsciously want freedom it may have an rather confronting way of finding you, instead.


The Sun, Psyche, the Node and Mars are all gathering one sign behind you, in Aries, which is classically the place where you operate behind the scenes, allowing other names or faces to take the camera, the internet talk or the general discussion. Whatever goes on one sign behind you, also goes on behind closed doors, behind other people’s backs, or behind the facade.

It’s important to note that this is forever story. Psyche is the archetype associated with eternity, and something about this particular episode in your life is here to stay. You might say it’s a classic of its genre, in the story of your life. That story is possibly known to one trusted confidante. Maybe not. Maybe this is entirely for you, and that would be fitting for a Twelfth House transit. The issue with Mars, always, is the kind of energy you pour into this story. It’s worth remembering that Mars was the Roman God of War. Any note of that is written into this music for a long time to come, after this week is over. So look consciously at the song you are singing, if only for yourself.


This is your best chance in 12 months to stand back from your friend, or the people who surround you socially (or more formally) and to take stock. When you’re operating within the group, or within the friendship, it can be hard to find objectivity.  Now, there is attention being paid and curiosity is running high; listening to, or reading the feedback, is useful. The conjunction between Psyche and the Node suggests this is rather an epic chapter for you. There is something utterly familiar about it, either because you are actually repeating yourself with this friend or group - or because the names and faces may have changed, but the song remains the same, from a few years before. Knowing the landscape as well as you do in terms of the feelings, the psychology or the personalities helps you to make an informed decision. That decision will stand the test of time because Psyche in your horoscope is a symbol of the eternal and immortal.


Right at the top of your horoscope, the Sun, Psyche, Node and Mars are gathering. This is a highly unusual cluster to see and it fills in a few gaps in a much bigger story, which is about your pursuit of new independence. In order to be free, you will have to distance yourself from anything or anybody which (quite frankly) has also created enormous gaps with you. So be it. There is something about your chosen role, goal or ambition at the moment which suggests this is a moment whose time has come. The crucial player is Mars, who squares Ceres on Sunday, in an area of your horoscope associated with professional partners and business allies in double acts with you. This chart zone also rules tremendous rivals and competitors, and even open enemies who are at odds with what you are trying to achieve. Ceres suggests there can and must be a compromise between you and he, or you and she, so that the territory is carved up between you. What you don't need, in that mix, is any note of aggression. Any suggestion of provocation or pressure. This will be permanently embroidered in the tapestry if you succumb so don’t succumb.


What happens near Tuesday 24th March sheds light on how others see your trip, move, foreign involvements, websites, course or workshops - and any books. At the same time you will be considering a serious commitment in the interests of your personal appearance or reputation. Near Wednesday 25th March, again, your attention is pulled back to how others see your role as student of life, global or regional explorer - and natural teacher of others. Near Sunday 29th March when Mars in Aries squares Ceres in Capricorn, it will be very clear to you that the ultimate goal here - greater freedom in a brand new world - sometimes involves a tussle with yourself, or a tussle with others (or the universe). Exciting new independence in April is worth it. The conjunction from Psyche to the Node near Thursday 26th March confirms that this is not just about March 2015. It is about the long-term future. Perhaps the results will live on after you.


The Beatles wrote a lot of songs about money, arguably because Libran John Lennon spent most of the Sixties with Neptune transiting his Second House of cash. You now have the Node in your Second House of cash, and there is also a tremendous amount of horoscope activity in your Eighth House, which rules other people’s cash (and houses, apartments, business assets, possessions and the rest). Life is a Beatles song about money this week, but you are the arranger, producer and lyricist. The best things in life are free? Fill in the gaps. Money can’t buy you? Fill in the gaps. Essentially, when you compose something like this in your life, you do it forever. You are writing a perennial, which will be on the soundtrack of your life for years to come. If you knew that, would you conduct the music differently? Quite possibly. This may seem like a story for March 2015 but the presence of Psyche in your chart suggests it’s Forever Now.


What you really need is a huge spotlight to illuminate and clarify the state of play with your partner. This also applies to a former or potential partner. Even to a great rival or opponent. This kind of clarity can only come once a year, and March and April are a revelation. What you see so vividly near Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March is reflected back to you through the comments or reactions of others, but it is useful. You are writing a ‘forever’story with, or about this crucial person in your life. Like a classic song or book, it just becomes woven into the permanent tapestry of your life. It also appears to be a very familiar piece of music, or an utterly repetitive story in your life. Look back and you will see that the past is returning. The ultimate, driving force behind this week is still the pursuit of freedom and independence, though. This person is an agent for radical change in your life and your soul genuinely requires the space.


All of this is rather public at the moment. The shape you’re in, as a doctor or healer might see it. And beyond that, the way your working life is actually working for you - or not. You have a stellium passing through the Sixth House of your solar chart, which rules your work ethic and sense of service to others, incorporating household or garden chores, along with your paid job, and any voluntary efforts. Woven into that is the idea that you can’t actually be of service to anybody or anything, unless you are also serving your body and its needs. This may involve particular medical or complementary health routes for you, or very specific issues about drugs, alcohol, medication, exercise or healing. You only get one solar transit like this every 12 months and it’s the most illuminating three weeks you will experience. Light will be shed. What was unknown or unseen, will become both known and seen. In tremendous detail. Very close to Sunday, one crunch point in particular will seriously motivate you. By April you will be free.


There is a huge build-up of heavenly bodies in your Fifth House at the moment which is traditionally where you conceive children with a partner, or decide to take a lover or a mistress. It’s associated with courtship and adultery alike, which may ring bells for some Sagittarians now. More commonly, the Fifth House describes your children, godchildren or younger relatives, and perhaps work or unpaid efforts which involve a junior demographic. The revolution you are going through at the moment, which will ultimately lead to new independence by April, takes place in stages. There is no sense of  ‘A rush and a push and the land is ours’ with this transit. The new emotional territory you are going to claim has to happen in waves. This week is very much about absorbing how others see the situation. It’s awfully obvious and is arousing a reasonable amount of curiosity. People are stopping short of holding up score cards giving you marks out of ten, but there is definite feedback and reaction. One thing is certain. This episode will last forever. It will outlast you. Psyche in Aries guarantees something eternal from all this.


Looking at your chart, it’s easy to see that your home life has been turned upside-down at regular intervals ever since Uranus changed signs in 2010. That’s five years of abandoning your usual tactics (systems, tight management, defence mechanisms) in favour of something far more flexible and adaptable. Quite frankly, given what’s gone down with your house, family, apartment, household, home town or homeland - you have had no choice. Now, you realise that March and April will again invert the known world. This time, however, you have acquired sufficient wisdom and experience to realise that every wave of change is there to be surfed, rather than avoided. What you really need at this juncture is objectivity about what is going on, and that can be difficult when you are so close to the situation. Fortunately the Sun in Aries will reveal all, probably through what you hear, read (or read in other people’s expressions) near Tuesday and Wednesday. There is the potential for conflict, it must be said. That is what happens when people push too hard, too fast and compete too fiercely.  This does not have to be on your agenda at all, though, and being conscious of this slight risk, near the weekend, makes it easier to avoid it.


Some Aquarians took to the internet like a duck to water. Some took to it, like a duck to rice with soy sauce (quacking furious and paddling in the opposite direction). Either way, until they shut the internet down, we live in a digital age. This is having the most tremendous impact on you, and even though this particular cycle in your chart is five years old now, you are still coming to terms with the endless changes which happen online - to the digital format itself - as well as the concurrent changes affecting the media, publishing, public speaking, writing, multimedia, and so on. Even basic face-to-face communication in your world cannot escape the clutches of digital. This week you will be given a tremendously useful update on all this, particularly in the context of the last 12 months. You need some kind of progress report, and although you are doing the marking, without an outside perspective you will never really know for sure. That perspective will be available to you as the week begins. It looks very likely that the project or plan you are currently absorbed with will have staying power. It may even live on after you. Bear that in mind.


The Nodes in Aries and Libra this year cut right across the axis of your horoscope associated with charity, debt, mortgages, credit cards, investments, business, property, precious possessions and (crucially) your value system. Are you a Communist, Capitalist or Socialist at heart? A Philanthropist or Shopaholic? How far would you go for money, honey? The particular episode you are going through at the moment encapsulates the recent past and the potential future. The decisions you make this week will either keep you on the same pathway you clung to in 2014 or encourage you to leap off and make the most dramatic u-turn in months. It’s not so much the action you take this week - rather, it is the mental notes you make. It’s those little memos to yourself about the money, business, possessions, house, flat or charity that will prompt a chain of quite unusual decisions between here and May. A genuine revolution happens in stages. The French Revolution began with a tax audit of a greedy monarchy. The storming of the Bastille did not happen until years later. For you, the revolution which is written in your stars must also happen in stages. What is intriguing about this particular week is that its impact goes on forever.