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One of the most important weeks (in years) for your lifestyle, workload and body unfolds now. What happens near Wednesday 26th August is a stand-out opportunity or solution. Exploring the pros and cons of this on the weekend is wise, and you’ll make your final decision about your job, doctor, course, healer, food, fitness, drink, drugs and/or unpaid work next week. This will ultimately change your world and help you grow so much professionally or academically you’ll see your daily routine quite differently. Have alternatives waiting, expect delays and anticipate changes with (or for) your partner after Friday. This also applies to former or potential partners, and even enemies. The person in question is centre-stage by the weekend. If you’re quick you can nail the key plan, discussion or paperwork before Friday to avoid later complications as it won’t be until 24th October the story is final.


Imitiation is the most sincere form of flattery, so be inspired - and ‘shadow’ a person or organisation which stands out, this week. The focus here is your life as a mother, godmother, aunt, stepmother. There may also be a serious new phase sexually, which makes a 2016 pregnancy or marriage possible. Big-picture projects are not personal, but may change your corner of the world - and babies, children or young adults will be involved. Once you know who or what you want to follow, the rest is simple. Mercury is Retrograde Shadow in the horoscope zone which rules your daily workload and your body, from the 28th of August. If you have key paperwork or commitments involving either in September, October allow for u-turns or delays.


At last, some flow! You were so right to see what was possible with your close relative, apartment, flatmate, house, builder - or thinking more broadly, with your own home town or country. The trick with this superb cycle for problem-solving and general improvement is to catch one wave after another. Even home-exchange, Air BnB or pet-sitting will work very well for you, until September 2016 - with so much of the action set up in late August. Just make sure you tidy away the really crucial decisions about babies, children or younger adults in your world, before the end of the week. This also applies to youth as a whole, or to relationships which could turn you into a mother or aunt if they became serious. If you must commit to big plans with all this in September, factor in possible reversals, waiting games or x factors.


As you will hit complications with your house, apartment, family, household, home town, country and/or nationality in September and October, you may want to speed up major decisions and lock in paperwork before Friday when Mercury turns Retrograde Shadow. If you must proceed, read the fine print and consider all possible scenarios. Fantastic possibilities for your internet, multimedia, spoken-word, performance, publishing or academic pursuits are opening up and so much depends on you getting off to a flying start! Fortunately there is someone (or something) to use as a role model. Near Wednesday 26th August your way with words, ideas or images will be illuminated in the most amazing way. This helps you see what works so very well for you - and what you must reshape. It all spells success.


Your ruler the Sun conjuncts Jupiter on Wednesday 26th August in a stunning pattern not seen for 12 years, falling in your house of money, property, business, charity and precious possessions. Good karma returns to you. Amazing solutions and remedies are here. Do all you can to finalise key decisions about your computer, internet life, multimedia, publishing, education/academic commitments, telephone and other communication priorities now. After Friday you are on the long Mercury Retrograde slope until October. There will be a record number of refunds, tremendous rescheduling, some retractions and the usual Mercury fun and games for weeks. Be savvy and finish things now. If you can’t do that, have Plan B and back up your data too.


What you represent to people - or what you should represent, in a perfect world - is a methodical approach to (very) hard work that results in the perfecting of your talents, skills or role. Just as importantly, you are here to show the rest of us how to value the body as much as the mind. The more you lean towards this now, the more your popularity will soar on social media, and the greater the role, title, feedback and so on. You could also shine more brightly than you have in years, thanks to exactly the right film or photography opportunities. Small acorns planted now grow into big oak trees later, Virgo. Do speed up financial, business or property paperwork or negotiations, though. From Friday this will go forwards, then backwards, then forwards!


Given the deja vu you have experienced all years with questions about your reputation, personal appearance, profile and brand - I’m sure you don’t want any more revolving-door situations. Try to get all your publicity, profile, public relations, cosmetic surgery, body and other ‘me’ issues out of the way this week, before you are led on a merry dance by Mercury Retrograde in the next two months. If you’re going to order business cards, read the fine print on the form. What works far better for you now is modesty, if you are deliberately taking a back seat on a project which showcases others while you do the work. This will bring you soul rewards for years. There may also be something utterly sensitive (therapy, mediumship, hypnosis) which is very good news. Finally, if you’re doing an Alan Turing - great. ‘Bletchley’ works well.


The feedback and reaction you get to your place within the group or team will work wonders. You need to know what the formula for success is, and also what might be improved. This helps you recreate this very special circle of people to your satisfaction and beyond the achievement of shared goals by 2016, you will gain so much from your friends within the circle, that at least one big dream will be fulfilled. If you are being given more invitations or asked to involve yourself more fully with teams, committees, clubs and so on - see what you can do. This is the reward that goes on giving! A matter which is submerged, invisible or below the radar will come up as this week ends. Try to resolve it quickly or at least allow for delays or changes next month.


You may feel as if you should go full-tilt into plans involving your group, team, committee, society or charity. Try to get things tidied away before the end of the week at least, because although the plans are obviously hovering, the reality is that people will change their minds, technology or transport will block progress - and anything from unusual weather to computer problems could get in the way, next month. Knowing this, you are wise to allow for all eventualities. If your group needs serious work (a reshuffle) and you must do it next month, at least allow for a state of flux into October. Success is now assured if you address all the issues, Sagittarius. What kind of success? Tremendous, life-changing achievement. What are the issues? Well, getting out of your own way might be the first one! We all do it. But you are unconsciously stopping yourself from a role or plan made for you.


Distant horizons and an expanded view of the world is your reward for being open to knowing more, and seeing the planet differently. The glittering prizes will be intellectual, spiritual and perhaps have practical implications for you. I’m sure you’re already well aware of the regional, cultural or national differences involved, yet these people, places or organisations must seem so welcoming to you - and oddly comfortable. Roaming the world, literally or in your mind, is now possible - on a scale you have not enjoyed for years. Just bear in mind that your career, college/university life or unpaid work will go backwards and forwards in September and October. All the more reason to try and nail things before Friday if you possibly can. If not, read the fine print to check terms and conditions very carefully.


Mercury, the planet of paperwork, numbers, facts, figures, agreements and handshakes will not be around forever. Use him or lose him this week, as you have much to discuss if you are going to be richer, or just feel better off (thanks to cars, homes, resources or other precious possessions made available to you within months). Given the frankly hideous financial cycles you went through in recent years, now is the time to pursue everything and everybody which fate seems to have sent to help you. Your other calendar item this week is the start of Mercury Retrograde Shadow. Communication, transport and travel are most affected by delays and changes, through September and October. Try to lock everything in now, and if you can’t avoid big decisions and plans for those months - at least accommodate possible delays or reversals.


The Sun’s conjunction to Apollo near Monday 24th August is suitably dazzling. You will not have a chance like this again for some time. Look, really look, at your former, current or potential partner. Enjoy the full glare of the spotlight on your enemy or rival. Absorb everything. Find out everything. Question everything! You are in a stunning position to resolve issues or take golden opportunities with this person, or through them. The money, business, house, apartment, charity or precious possessions on your mind now requires swift action. If you let this roll on in September and October it could take weeks to finalise or resolve. As a general rule, read all the fine print on paperwork very carefully now and think about all the possible scenarios. The ‘news’ that affects you so much by this time next week may well be a story that has to be rewritten later on. Think of it as the first draft now Pisces.