Expert astrologer Jessica Adams tells us what's in store for our stars this week

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Hang onto the knowledge that after Christmas you will no longer have to constantly plot and plan to feel secure about the money, business, house, flat, charity or precious possessions. There is a fresh start for you with your daily workload and relationship with your body; wish on the New Moon.


It will simply never be this tough again in terms of former, current or potential partners (or even those who are against you). Continue to search for just the right pace and approach and remember this cycle ends in months. A new chapter involving the next generation begins early in the week.


Your household, flat, house, home town, homeland or family are at the heart of a new chapter which you will write without any obstacles or interruption, leading to a very different atmosphere by September. Your daily workload and the mind, body, spirit connection require a practical strategy.


Seek advice, use your experience since late 2012 and remember that life is about cycles which have an end point. This will help you deal with the realities of the situation now affecting your view of the next generation or the relationships which raise questions about it. Hang in there. Strategise.


Your very foundations, from the place you should think of as home, to the people you should think of as your family or household, continue to challenge you. It’s over in five months but you simply must have a master plan. it is also time to write a brand new financial or property chapter, Leo.


A makeover, profile relaunch online, rebranding or other kind of rebirth is in store for you this week and it will make the final four months of 2014 feel very different for you. The hardest issue you are dealing with now is communication, online and in the real world. Find a superior plan and use it.


You can be rich or poor on this cycle and still feel a huge weight on your shoulders, not to mention the stress of having Mars raise the emotional temperature. Put the money, house, business, possessions, charity or flat in perspective and craft the best possible five month coping plan.


You will move into a brand new phase with your old friend or group commitment this week and that New Moon you see overhead is worth a big wish. You probably wish it was easier to inhabit your face, shape, name or internet profile too, yet there are no shortcuts; just stick to what works now.


A work reshuffle, brand new project, reborn professional plan or other fresh chapter for your C.V. will allow you to take a new direction with absolute certainty this week. This also applies to university life or volunteering. You also appear to have a burden that’s hard to share. Write it down.


Take a deep breath and do what is sensible, tried and tested where your friendship, social life, social media or group situation is concerned. It’s neither fast nor easy, but this common-sense approach will get you through. A new travel, foreign, web, education or publishing agenda looms.


This is one of the most important weeks of the year in terms of setting your compass co-ordinates correctly for a different financial, business, charity or property future. Larger career, success, mission or position questions are less easy. Until December, try to stick to a proven plan.


Within four months you will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can set your travel, foreign, internet, education, publishing or academic agenda. Until then you must stick to a proven way of managing. Expect a brand new phase with a former,current or potential partner. It’s a fresh start.