Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at the week ahead and predicts your stars

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There are three stories this week. The first concerns your money, house, business, apartment or possessions. By Wednesday you will be shown a commitment and a cure. The second story is about your secrets, your role behind the scenes or your personal mysteries. From Thursday 28th January, you must work out a different deal with the universe, or yourself (in the privacy of your own space). You are also knee-deep in questions, discussion or news regarding your job. This also applies to unpaid work or your university degree. This will take ages to pan out, but you’ve had ample warning (since December in fact) so have known that this would be a long process, as people or organisations figure out new rules about control and power.


It will take some time for your new travel, foreign, internet, publishing or academic world to sort itself out. Perhaps the delays or changes have their purpose; they buy you time to really explore power and control questions quite deeply. This week also sees Ceres move into your zone of groups, teams, clubs and friends. From this point forward, you can bank on March being your deadline for a new arrangement with these people. It’s like a game of musical chairs and a tremendous amount of room for confusion needs to be dispelled. The other issue in your chart now is your former, current or potential partner. This may also be about your arch enemy, if applicable. Whomever you climb into bed with, and whichever bed you make for yourself, you have to well and truly lie in it. There are pros and cons with this commitment so look carefully.


The total lack of boundaries in your career, or with your unpaid work - alternatively at university - is also part of your life these days. What changes this week, with the arrival of Ceres in this part of your horoscope, means a lot of new understandings and agreements by March. Your ruler Mercury is still playing tricks in your house of money, rent, business, charity, retail, shares and possessions. It will take time for this situation to fully reveal itself and correct itself, yet you have been given ample warning by your horoscope, so I’m assuming you always had Plan B. We have a lot of action in the sign of Scorpio this week, too, which rules your body and your working life. You might call it the mind, body, spirit, workload relationship. A major promise or pledge is hovering. Only you can figure out if it’s worth it, Gemini.


There’s quite a lot of action in the Fifth and Seventh Houses of your chart this week, which points clearly to children and partners. If you are single, independent and child-free then this is about old lovers or potential lovers with whom you could adopt, aim for pregnancy or just marry and acquire Aunt status. Some of you also work with or for much younger people. Some kind of solid commitment is obviously called for but allow for the fact that this is a dress rehearsal and it will take a while longer for everything to become concrete and clear. There is also a major shift in the travel, internet, foreign, education and publishing zone of your horoscope. Nothing has really been particularly real or normal here for a long time. Such a long time, in fact, that you have probably forgotten what reality actually is! You’ll have a different take on that after this week, and by March there will be a new deal in your life. You might even call it a whole new world.


Ceres changes signs this week so by March, you will have a new financial, business, charity or property arrangement, or a new set-up involving your house or apartment. It may help to think very long and deep about why the boundaries vanished and how you can get them back. Drawing firm lines in the sand is hard on this cycle but there are other ways to contain and control what is essentially so fluid. This week is also about the house, relative, apartment, home town, flatmate or homeland very specifically. You are now required to look seriously at a pledge or commitment which has as many disadvantages as it does, advantages. You already know about the flakey Mercury cycle affecting your body and your daily workload, because you’ve had a heads-up about this since December. Just keep ducking and diving, and waiting for things to stabilise - they will - and in late February you can actually look forward to a new way of working, living and looking after yourself.


There is a major shift in the game you play with your partner, former partner or potential partner this week. It applies to enemies or rivals too. Ceres is changing signs and by March, you will be working towards a very different arrangement with this man (or woman). The balance of power can and will shift, but you are also going to have to figure out the boundaries with this person, because there are none at all, right now. What else is going on? If this story involves your son, daughter, adoption, IVF, termination, nieces, nephews or grandchildren then please allow for a backwards-forwards process. Mercury, your ruler, is still playing tricks so as you have known since December, nothing would be simple, fast or straightforward. You will, however, know exactly where you stand next month. The internet, publishing, multimedia and other forms of communication require a commitment now. You can see the pros and cons. Now, what are you going to do?


Mercury is still running backwards and forwards, affecting things at home, with your relative, the house, your flatmate, your home town, homeland or apartment. You knew this was coming so continue to give yourself time and space and don’t assume anything is fixed, firm or final just yet. We also have Ceres moving into Pisces this week, in your zone of daily workload and the body. Between here and March it’s a whole new set-up for both, as there will be a reshuffle in your chosen field, industry, business or profession. Responsibilities may alter or there could be demotion, departure or promotion. One of the issues for you is that boundaries always keep slipping away with these people so you may want to put them back in. Your body is also a key issue, as Ceres goes through Pisces. There will be a change in the balance of power with the medical profession, a specific healer or doctor, personal trainer - or with the food and drink industry, cigarette industry and so on. These massive changes at the top filter down to you and by March you will take a new approach. What else matters now? Money, business, property or possessions. There is a commitment on offer. And how.


You are now so much older and wiser where matters of image or personal appearance are concerned, yet you have not quite finished in brushing off the dust of the recent past and commencing a (very) new year. A promise or serious undertaking is called for, Scorpio, and it will affect how you are seen, and how you appear. You have known for weeks that January would bring delays, reversals or changes affecting how you communicate. The internet, multimedia, publishing or the spoken word are all examples of this. The wheels continue to get stuck, or move backwards, but if you treat this as a process, rather than a destination, it will make more sense. This also applies to the simple business of getting from A to B by commuting or driving, or even using the post! The other issue showing up in your chart now is children. This also applies to lovers who could get you pregnant, make you an aunt by marriage one day, a stepmother or even adopt with you. Youth projects are also showing up in your chart. Between now and March there will be new rules, new roles, rights and responsibilities. This is a challenge as there are zero boundaries at the moment. Time to dig in.


Ceres moves into your apartment, family, home town, homeland, house and household zone this week. There will be a landmark change by March as you get to grips about who runs what, or what is in control of the word ‘home’ for you. This week is also about the usual delays, reversals or changes that come with your money, when Mercury is up to his old tricks. Normally, a financial, property, business, retail or charity matter would take 1-3 weeks. Now it’s really spinning out, but by February it will be in the bag. You also have action one sign behind you this week, relating to a secret you cover up from other people, a role you play behind the scenes, or a mysterious part of your inner world. Wheels are turning and you now have so much more wisdom and experience than you did. In fact, you may very well take up a commitment which would profoundly alter how things work.


Mercury in Capricorn continues to play what my grandfather would have described as ‘silly buggers’ which means matters of image, name, reputation or personal appearance are still not concluded. In a regular year, this would take 1-3 weeks. Now, it seems to be taking far too long, yet by February things will be complete. The major news this week concerns your internet life, multimedia, publishing or way with words (for example, in public speaking or linguistics). A whole new deal is coming, Capricorn, and it will be complete by March. There are changes which are even bigger than you taking place, yet it will have a domino effect on how you connect and communicate. Some keynote patterns in your house of friends and groups also ring the changes. There is a very real chance of serious pledging or undertaking here, if you take it. There would be pros and cons. Genuine freedom and autonomy go out of the window. Yet, this friend (or the group) offer you security and a certain place in the world. No wonder you’re tempted.


Your money, house, business, possessions, charity and/or apartment is at the heart of a major redrawing of the turf, Aquarius. In fact, by March there will be a new financial world in place, as a result of a larger change in the balance of power. The process begins this week and one of your biggest challenge will be keeping it real, and keeping it very, very clear. What else is going on now? Your career, unpaid work or university degree suggests a substantial promise and undertaking is on offer. Will you say yes, no or maybe? It really depends on how you feel about losing the key to the cage door, but as this is a gilded cage, you may want to step inside. At the risk of repeating myself, I also need to check in with you about the secret you are covering up; the uncredited effort behind the scenes - or the greater mystery of your life. It’s worth saying again - nothing is fixed, firm or final yet and this is a work in process so please don’t assume you have the full story just yet.


Ceres in Pisces, your own sign, suggests that ‘me’ is a major topic until March and a tremendous change is coming. This will affect the way you are seen and the way you appear, for some time to come. It’s really a question about how empowered you feel about yourself - almost like directing the commercial for yourself. You’ll notice the shift from this week forward. What else is going on now? You have a tremendous choice with the internet, travel, foreigners, publishing or education. It would mean waving goodbye to autonomy but it would also offer you all kinds of big advantages. This sort of commitment does not come along very often so consider it carefully Pisces. All that remains is for you to continue to spin your wheels with your friend, or the group, or maybe all of it simultaneously. You have been expecting this since December, though, so I know you will have been well prepared for it.