Wondering what's in store for the week ahead? Expert astrologer Jessica Adams looks to the stars

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What happens near Wednesday and Saturday will make you glad you had alternatives ready with your project, or a flexible set-up with your plans. Your house, town, country, apartment, family or household prompts you to peer into the future this week, and it’s a useful moment for your inner crystal ball. How can you protect who and what matters?


The second half of the week will remind you that life can be a dress rehearsal where money, business, property or possessions are concerned. If the script alters, at least astrology has allowed you to be prepared. After Sunday, short-term desires centred on your house, flat, town or country will increase the passion - and by August, the rewards.


Eponymous projects, your profile, reputation or appearance are still ongoing issues. Fortunately, astrology has prepared you for the changes this week. Your money, house, business or flat will also prompt a more pre-emptive approach to life, as you consider who or what would work as a shield. This is about closer co-operation between you and s/he.


You have to think about the future where your reputation, image or appearance is concerned, but as you will see near Monday, someone else is thinking about that too. Chiron conjunct Vulcano on Friday tests your approach to your foreign, travel, publishing, internet or educational agenda. Audacity can sometimes work; sometimes not.


You will now see why your horoscope was so right about a group or friendship, and why you were right to be flexible. It is time to return to questions of image, branding or appearance though; Cupido in Leo, your own sign, from Sunday suggests the passion is there if you need it. The results could be the gift that goes on giving, until August.


Your ruler Mercury backtracks near Wednesday and Saturday and a major issue in your chosen field, business or profession since 4th May will flip, stall or alter. Fortunately you have known about this for weeks. Astrology will help you look after the future of a friendship or group involvement too. Prevention is always better than anything else, yes?


What you or other had assumed was in motion with your travel, publishing, internet, foreign or educational agenda will now force a change of mind. Your horoscope has prepared you for this, so use your fallback position. Your career, degree or unpaid work offers you a unique chance to protect the future near Monday. Work in a pair.


By the end of June you will know where you stand with a complicated financial, business, property, charity or retail matter. For now, try not to add to a situation which is already in a state of flux. Real passion and longing now surround your role, project, or goal. This is the extra motivation you need to expand and explore - so much is possible.


You have about two months left to go as far as you can, as fast as you can, with your journeys - spiritual, intellectual, digital or geographical. There is nothing like lust for life to make the wheels go round, and you will have it from Sunday. Remain flexible and gently sceptical about your former, current or potential partner. Or enemy! This is a first draft.


Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy or opponent? The Venus-Hygeia conjunction on Monday suggests an unusual chance to insure yourself, and the situation. What happens near Wednesday and Saturday with your working life - or your body - may involve a rethink of all that has happened since May 4th. Try to remain flexible.


What should, by rights, be a straightforward story with the world of children (or a lover) is a maze that will take you backwards and forwards. This also applies to a much younger demographic. Allow for more changes to come before the end of June. From Sunday, Cupid’s sharp arrow will trigger lust with a former, current or potential partner.


The world of children (or a lover) will offer you a chance to protect the future near Monday when Venus conjuncts Hygeia. Your family, house, flat, town, household or country is a different matter. There is not much you can do when Mercury is retrograde, except wait for the wheels to spin forwards again. By the end of June this pesky cycle is finally over.