Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams unveils what lies ahead this week

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When reality seems frightfully real, what do you do? Increasingly you have been lured into a rather other-worldly existence which owes a great deal to your ability to hide away; keep secrets; operate behind the scenes. So great has been your need to escape, that you have almost accepted this peculiar alternative existence as your real life. It can be, but only if you ring-fence it and control it. Without those checks, life may be confused and confusing.


With both Chiron and Venus making waves in the water sign Pisces, you must look for the red and yellow flags, and know how deeply you are going in. Your friend or group is at the heart of this situation and to avoid drifting into uncontrollable currents by March, you may prefer to consciously control what is going on now. Do you know someone who is vague, forgetful, prone to alcohol or drug over-use – or even simply dodgy? Manage that now.


When it comes to your chosen field, business or industry you can obviously see parameters that could be playfully moved sideways, forwards and perhaps dropped altogether. Chiron the centaur challenges you to pursue the so-called outrageous or impossible. The issue is the potential for confusion, though – if not outright chaos. Much as you long to get right away from other people’s version of your career or course, you have to live on this planet.


A seismic shift in your horoscope this weekend, with two conjunctions in the drifting, fluid and ultimately confused sign of Pisces, sets the agenda. Much as the journey, relocation, book, website, course, workshop or foreign connection is a trip – it’s a trip which desperately requires rules. Even if they have to be new rules, created for an entirely new situation, this is still likely to serve you better than drifting into messy situations by March.


What happens with your money, business, possessions, charity, house, flat or company near the weekend is unusual but not unprecedented. You have been in not-quite-real scenarios with all these areas of your life before, but this time you can be proactive. Given the collusion and collaboration taking place, now more than ever you need to draw some firm lines in the sand. There may be boundary creep even then, of course. Put in a big moat?


If you know that others might be threatened by you; jealous of you; resent you for personal reasons – pull up the drawbridge, open up your telescope and scan the horizon. If there is the faintest whiff of anything or anybody seeping into your life for all the wrong reasons – then you must lock them out. Your former, current or potential partner is a potential source of muddle and messy emotion too. That’s easily fixed. Boundaries is the magic word now.


Your daily working life could so easily be bent out of shape by this week’s planetary activity that you may want to consciously address the person, situation or organization which is so slippery  and confusing. Of course part of you wants to tilt at windmills, no matter if you work, volunteer or study. Scrutinise all arrangements and associations, though, as a stellium in the dazed and confused sign of Pisces tells you some fish are best avoided.


Be consciously clear-minded about your children, godchildren or young relatives. About the sexual relationship that could bring in offspring or younger in-laws. About the youth related project that lets you parent other people’s children. Only you can curtail what is, essentially, all over the place. This weekend’s conjunctions between Mars, Chiron, Venus and Neptune in Pisces only emphasise the random universe you’re in now. Rope and tie it.


It’s amazing how often Neptune transits of your Fourth House (ruling property) coincide with leaks, floods, rising damp and so on. Of course this transit can manifest in many different ways, but take the notion of things seeping or overflowing, and you have a fair idea of what you now need to manage with your flat, house, family, household or home town. This weekend will show you what’s already spilling over (or whom). So be utterly proactive.


Not so much communication as you once knew it – more an escape from communication as other people still know it, now. That’s the way your week looks and perhaps the culprit is the internet, or just a rather distorted version of hearing and speaking – or reading and writing. Given that so much can hinge on a misinterpreted word, or a flawed document, you may want to pay particular attention to what is drifting, unnoticed, around you right now.


Before one situation goes too far, make a concerted effort to pull it back into line. Your financial, business, property or charity situation will be most affected and as there are a number of transits in the rather chaotic sign of Pisces – at least until March – you may want to make apre-emptive strike on a situation which your common sense tells you is already starting to unravel. Taking something new on? Read the fine print like a hawk with specs on.


The question lingers this week – who are you, and what are you? What is your real name, role and title – never mind the internet with all its masks – and which version of yourself in any particular photograph is the Real McCoy? There is something about this weekend’s conjunctions in your own sign which suggests you could be getting in too deep, unless you pause and look at what you’re actually creating in terms of your reputation or appearance.