Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars for this week

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The Full Moon on Tuesday falls on the same day that Ceres enters Aquarius, and your zone of friendships and group enterprises. There will be a carve-up within your circle, committee, trade union, charity, political party or similar (heavy metal band?) by January 28th, 2016. You also have one final bridge to cross with your money, business, house, apartment, charity or possessions. This lets you breathe easier and banishes the ghosts of the last two years, a most haunting period.


You will see a really big reshuffle in your chosen field or profession between now and the end of January 2016 with departures, job share, promotion and other, more psychological shifts in the balance of power. Make sure you grab your chair in this game of musical chairs, Taurus. What else is going on now? An epic Full Moon which tells you that one more deep breath and big choice, and you can utterly farewell what happened with your partner, enemy or former partner since 2013.


There is nothing like a Full Moon to clear away the cobwebs and after one last piece of acceptance (or very hard mental work) you can say goodbye to an episode which affected your body or your daily routine so much. There is an extremely important and delicate period of negotiation up ahead, until the end of January 2016, which will affect your plan to travel, study, teach, use the internet, write, publish or pursue religion. Everyone wants a slice of the pie. Carve carefully.


You are about to see an intense few months of division and multiplication, addition and subtraction. The money, house, possessions, apartment, business or charity must be shared in a new way, and nothing will be over until the end of January. You have another relatively small hurdle to cross involving your children, youth project, godchildren, younger relatives or parenthood question. Once this Full Moon is behind you, the hangover from 2013-2014 will go.


You never really know that a tough time with your home town, country, house, apartment, family or household has gone - until you take the final hurdle. That is coming and it will mean nothing compared to what you went through in 2013 or 2014. Breathe easier and look forward to a different world. The other major issue now is your partner - obviously. You and he (or she) need to carve up the territory very differently by Valentine’s Day next year. This also applies to your ex or future lover.


Should you enter wholeheartedly into the questions about power and control, about to surface at work? Of course. This applies to unpaid work and university life too. There is no point in avoiding a necessary process of deep change and by February 2016 you will all know where you stand. The trick is to avoid power struggles at all costs. They are a bore and they will also make the new arrangement impossible to orchestrate! This will feel like the division of Germany but it will work.


Many, many people born under your sign are now separating and dealing with the children. Wait until two weeks before Valentine’s Day next year to call this final. In other cases, you must simply figure out a way to share time, control and entitlement where your godchildren, younger relatives, youth projects or pregnancy is concerned. If this is really pushing your buttons please read the story on Ceres on my website. Single and free? Parenthood issues (yes or no) still arise.


This Full Moon allows you to process and absorb all the ‘Me’ issues from the last two years and see for yourself how different things are. Exhale and move on. The bigger story now is about your house or apartment. Your town or country. Your family or household. Maybe it’s a combination of these, but your chart suggests a massive change by February next year. As all the stakeholders will be feeling awfully territorial, make sure that you aim for win-win even if it kills you.


The Full Moon now enables you to obtain neat closure on the last 2-3 years and the situation you could never talk about or show to others. You were either keeping dark secrets, spending far too much time alone or getting no recognition - yet this week rings the changes, once and for all. You also have a corner of the internet you need to leave open for change. Try to be flexible as your way with words, ideas and images is not in question - yet there is people politics ahead.


You really have been on a long and winding road with your group or friend. One more river to cross and you are on a different path, forever. You also clearly have some money, property or business issues to sort out. Allow a leisurely few months, until the end of January 2016, as it will take that long for people to spin their wheels. Nobody could knock the passion involved. Passion is one thing, though, and control freak behaviour is quite another. Do all you can to eliminate that now.


Ceres enters Aquarius, your own sign, and remains there until the end of January 2016. Your title, name, role, reputation or personal appearance is now a matter for other people - not just you. Understand that you are going to have to be extremely flexible and pretty tolerant, and this part of the year will be so much easier. It’s all a game in the end and you just have to play your part. The other major shift this week is the hangover from career or university issues in 2013-2014. Au revoir.


You are about to become heavily involved in a project where you get no recognition and others are the name or face. Alternatively you are soon to deeply commit yourself to a secret you must hide at all costs, or a long period of hibernation when you are left to yourself. Whichever chapter you choose, bear in mind that it will be complex and involve quite a lot of rethinking and hard strategy. You have a welcome, sign-off decision, about your trip, course, book, move or website this week.