Jessica Adams, our resident astrology expert, forecasts the upcoming week

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You can get a great deal more mileage from the children, babies or young adults in your world this week. Bacchus conjuncts Panacea in Leo on Wednesday, and Aesculapia on Thursday. Leo is the royal sign associated with your heirs and spares and also the pretenders to your throne. Singularly or collectively, a junior generation is here to serve you, and there will be some memorable high points ahead, along with a really complex solution. What you are working towards here is a big outcome in June - nothing ordinary about this one! Leo also rules courtship, and the Royal privilege of a mistress or lover, as well as the love parents have for their heirs. This is where you will be handed a firm answer this week, yet there is an ethical price tag.


If you look back over your achievements since last July, you’ll realise you are overlooking a couple of milestones, maybe more, with your home. This applies to property and family too, or your household and home town. It is easy to take good things for granted, but this week’s horoscope activity suggests you will actually be reintroduced to all this and more, as there is a chance which simply must be taken. You will either be able to capitalise on what you achieved with your relative, flatmate, house, apartment or neighbourhood last year, or find that it points you in the right direction with an entirely new chapter. By August you will be congratulating yourself on a real breakthrough, not possible for years - and the irony will be, it was made so easily for you.


Sometimes you just need a solution or the removal of a long-standing problem, and as your concern is chiefly with communication, now is the time to address that. It may be a specific web project, multimedia endeavour, book or other way of being heard and read. Perhaps you are just considering the way your smart phone or computer serves you (or not). This cycle is all about the most enjoyable and satisfying accomplishments, and your big idea will pay off by August. If not, it will spawn another which does. In the meantime you are in the amazing position of being able to hit on solutions and remedies not possible in a very long time. These are not Band Aid answers, they are actually the stuff of which deep healing is made and it all  helps the bigger picture.


All the activity in Leo, one sign ahead of you, suggests you will be several steps ahead financially, or with cash in kind. The possessions, house, apartment or good cause may be your source of answers and high hopes, or you could easily be wealthier than you were months ago. It really depends on how you used all the opportunities you were given, but the sight of both Bacchus and Panacea in your house of finance and the material world is really encouraging. Beyond this part of the year, you also have larger accomplishments to think of, and as June could give you an historic milestone, don’t confine yourself to short-term thinking. In mythology Bacchus was the son of Jupiter, the great planet of growth and largesse now influencing your bank account. Bacchus was responsible for the pleasure principle in life and you’ll really notice that now.


Do not even think about distracting your attention away from yourself, as you need to see yourself as a product or brand at the  moment. The emphasis on your First House of image, style, personal advertising and branding is there for a reason. You have to use this week to jet-propel yourself into June, when your Me Agenda will coincide with something far more interesting - a broader menu involving foreign people, publishing or internet contacts, or the education system. The transit you are experiencing now tells you in no uncertain terms that your reputation does half the work for you. So does a very particular way of presenting yourself. If you think this is superficial just ask a Roman soldier what his fearsome persona and shield did for him, even before he’d started the battle. A long-standing ‘Me’ issue can now be resolved. Go to it, Leo.


Bacchus and Panacea are a lovely combination to see, even if nobody else actually understands or fathoms what you are up to. Your personal version of Bletchley Park or James Bond is now a deep source of enjoyment and also solutions. What you deliberately cover up, even from your best friend (and the dog or cat) is where you must now press the button marked Collect. Perhaps you are just operating behind the scenes, allowing others to take the credit or attention? Who knows why you are doing this - modesty? Necessity? In any case, you will also collect your karmic rewards now. There is a great deal to be said for a Twelfth House cycle like this one, even though others never really see what you are doing, or even know why you are doing it. Time will tell and when Jupiter moves into Virgo in the second half of this year, your story will be revealed at last.


Bacchus ruled the Bacchanalia in Rome and this potent little symbol in your horoscope, responsible for all those famous feasts, is now circling your house of friendship and group involvements. You were so right to get on board with these people, or one particular person, and you are about to see why. It’s not just the deeper pleasures in life - it’s also the fact that this situation is a springboard to something really big. You will see just how big in June, when Jupiter trines Uranus. You may also be offered new friendships or group involvements at the moment, as Bacchus can be a magnet in your social world, online and also elsewhere. Snap these up as you may be astounded to discover later how much just one special person can accomplish for you.


At last your career wheels are turning, or your life in academia or good causes is rewarding you. Bacchus and Panacea suggest good times and high points, and it is not only the people - it is also the fact that you hung in there and believed in expansion. There is also a solution. Perhaps it’s so multi-layered you might call it a cure. Only you can decide if this is right and wrong from your particular perspective in your workplace, business, field or industry. The fact is, it’s an answer and it will help steer you away from something (or someone) which has been a thorn in your side. Between now and June, tremendous things are possible for you with promotion, awards, perhaps a new project, even a new role. Switching industries or companies is very common on this cycle and maybe you are tempted. You certainly have the motivation to help you do so this week.


You are famously the explorer of the zodiac, never reluctant to study, teach (and learn as you go) or to trek across your own country or the world. If you can’t do that you tend to sit online or on the Discovery Channel, depending on your preference. Now, at last, various factors are coming together to enable you to make a really big move. It may involve Europe, America or Australasia. Alternatively you are bound (by time, money or location) to stay put, but you will be astonished at how much fun you can have with global ideas or multicultural concepts. This is all leading somewhere rather bigger than first appears. In fact, this is part of a phase of expansion and growth not possible in 12 years, when you really will hit some milestones.


The stellium in Leo is building, along with your potential in business, with property, in finance or even (on the very smallest of scales) basic income and savings. Sometimes the gifts the universe provides are cash-in-kind so you end up gaining from freebies or favours which translate into money terms. There is an end to this cycle, so make the most of everything until August, when Jupiter will move on. For now, his family tree is keeping you busy. Bacchus and Panacea, both related to Jupiter in Latin myth, are now firmly on your side with favours, advantages and solutions. That last one is important because you will be offered a way out or a way through this week. It has a moral or ethical component you must consider. Only you know what is right.


Look to your former, current or potential partner for the pluses in life. Even an enemy, opponent or rival can supply plus factors this week. The key is your opposite number or opposition. This is because of the activity in your opposite sign of Leo, which centralises all the solutions and pleasures with just one person. This man has had a potent effect on you already - or this woman has opened a major door. What you are being offered is a remedy which has all kinds of pros and cons connected to it, yet it may be that you decide any solution is a good solution. This will profoundly affect the state of play with this person, or for them. This week is part of a patchwork of opportunities and possibilities which have not occurred for over a decade in your life, and beyond the actual person in question, this is as much about your side of the see-saw as theirs.


A stellium in Leo reminds you that although the wider picture of your ambition or position in life is hard work, the small day-to-day aspects of working (including housework, believe it or not) can be tremendously rewarding. It is this micro level of your duty and service to others, including furry creatures and those who need you to be a cog in the wheel - that functions so well now. In fact it’s an absolute pleasure. If your mission is rather less ambitious, and rather more practical and small-scale, there is nothing Bacchus and Panacea in Leo cannot do for you. Where your body is concerned, there is also a solution. It has right or wrong aspects attached, at least in conventional terms of what is moral or ‘good’. You are the only person who can make that judgement call about your body and yet it may be that you decide, it’s time to go right ahead.