Your weekly horoscope courtesy of expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Everything you need to achieve something really substantial (something which would work for you, harder than you know) is here. This would make such a difference to the world of babies, children or young adults in your life, no matter if it’s here and now, or pending. Don’t just kiss the joy as it flies, tie it down and rope it, Aries. The time has also come to look at your money, business interests or property so differently. You have cosmic permission to lighten up and look forward.


The final shakedown you need with your family, property interests, household, town, nation, house or apartment is here. Think of this as clever gardening. If your sense of security, belonging and stability can be described as a particular landscape of faces or places - now is the time to prune, but also fertilise. So much is possible, Taurus! It is also time to look at your former, current or potential partner differently. Perhaps an arch-enemy too. Better days are coming. Much better.


Dealing with body issues, inevitably tied to your workload, has become part of your life. It does not have to be. In fact, you are now on the downhill slope to a much easier run, and you will see why this week. The intense activity in your multimedia, publishing, internet and communication zone is also intriguing. It really is now or never, Gemini. If you pull off something that seemed impossible a year or two ago, it not only makes 2015 better, it makes your entire future better.


The Full Moon is personal for you, as the Moon rules your sign. As you see it building overhead in the night sky, think harder about two opportunities to make or save money that have arrived in recent weeks. You can now trust the situation. And it’s also telling you something. There is always a remedy or an opportunity if you are prepared to go with an entirely new way of thinking! This week also sees a mood change involving children, babies or young adults. Youth projects. Or lovers who might bring all that into your world. Be fiercely optimistic.


The whole atmosphere surrounding your family, home town, household, country, apartment or house changes after Tuesday 28th July when both Fortuna and Bacchus suggest fascinating future possibilities. This week is also very much about your appearance or name. An awful lot will happen very quickly near the Full Moon on Friday 31st July. And you’re not doing this alone. Your ‘Me’ agenda is a ‘We’ agenda and by the end of August it makes an amazing difference.


The simple business of being heard, read and understood (online or in the real world) has put you through such a learning curve for the last two years. Now, things are moving in your life and you can see how the internet in particular might be, for the rest of the year. You also need to throw all your energy behind the secret you cover up. The invisible role you play. Or, more mysteriously, your own hidden depths. This is where the potential is short-term, yet you should be superbly motivated now.


You’ve worked very, very hard to try and make things work with your money, home or business. It’s taken two years of graft to get to this point, yet your mini-reward is a complete atmospheric change, where you can see how much more relaxed life will shortly be. You can thank Bacchus and Fortuna for that. Look up at the night sky near the weekend to see the Full Moon, a true omen of late potential with your group involvement or friendship. See an open door and go through it.


On Monday Bacchus enters Scorpio and on Tuesday Fortuna also enters your own sign. Reputation and role issues hover. More basic questions about your photographs and YouTube presence might also be involved. Destiny is in charge, not you. And that’s hard to accept for a Scorpio, but this turning point is your way out. A very particular kind of success is also written in your stars near the weekend. Mixed feelings are a good sign. Use this as a spur to go higher, further, faster.


Three issues have loomed large and lingered long, since 2013. Your spiritual self. Your tremendous secret. Or, perhaps, your uncredited role. Now, there’s a sea-change within. Even though this is still so hard to share or make obvious to others, you can feel the shift as early as Tuesday, when Fortuna changes signs. After September, one issue will no longer bother you. The time has also come to pull out all the stops with a trip or a head-trip. Travel or travel in the mind? It’s your call.


This has been like a cross between The Bletchley Circle and One Direction. You may (or may not) be so involved with this tribe any longer, but the memory lingers on. What is entirely new in your horoscope is the sense of creative possibility. You can now play with your own life - and particularly your social life - but also with notions of people power and what it actually means. After September, memories are just that - mere memories. What else is important now? A major financial, business or property decision that fixes so much.


When will it all finally come together with your career, course or unpaid role? Sooner than you think. Purely pleasurable possibilities now emerge. Sure, you still have to close the book on unfinished business from 2014 or even 2013, but you’re being shown what is within reach - and so very different, compared to where you were stuck a year or two ago. The Full Moon in your own sign as the weekend arrives tells you to focus on the man or woman who means so much. This is the gateway you need. You have until August to romp through.


There is no fairytale happy ending with your internet, foreign, travel, publishing or educational agenda. Of course not. However, you do get something organic, deeply satisfying and meaningful instead. You are now on the way to this, thanks to Bacchus and Fortuna, and once you go over old ground from December 2014, you will be in an entirely new space or headspace. Do all you can to lock in lifestyle benefits and answers from now through August. They help your wellbeing so much.