Find out what the stars have in store for you in the week ahead with expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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It just gets better. Your son, daughter, godchild or young relative is the gift that goes on giving, especially near Saturday when it’s time to talk, sign or accept a signature. This also applies to any special role you are playing with the next generation, born 20 years after you – or relationships which promise parenthood.


You must watch property advertisements this week if you want to snap up a bargain, find the perfect rental or sell at a profit. If you are chasing home improvements, you will negotiate an amazing win-win outcome with little effort. This is also a superb week to find a new flatmate or lock in a big family plan.


You are ruled by Mercury, the messenger, and you clearly have something to say, sing or write. The outcome on the internet, in person, or on paper will be life-changing if you are prepared to take the most wonderful bolt from the blue this weekend, and run with it. Put other distractions aside. You’re a wordsmith. Use it.


The paperwork, news headlines or talking points will be in front of you shortly after Thursday, and the outcome in terms of your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment could be outstanding. You may want a solution or just more of everything you love, but it’s time to number-crunch and talk.


It’s all about you, as you will see soon after Mercury enters Leo on Thursday. What unfolds near the weekend positions your name or face perfectly, either online or in the real world. A project, person or situation which adds gloss to your reputation – or enhances your image in other ways – is an outstanding bet.


The penny is beginning to drop. The more you operate out of sight, letting others take the limelight, the more you gain. This is also very true of plans which you cannot even share with your closest friend or lover. When your ruler Mercury joins Jupiter near Saturday, you will see why you were so right to have faith.


A good friend is worth his or her weight in gold this week, with the most remarkable conversation, e-mail or news item by the weekend. You will also be thrilled by new developments with your chosen circle, network or team. That little voice that told you to invest your time and energy recently was right.


One bright and shining hour is sometimes all you need, and within days of Mercury’s change of sign on Thursday, you will have it. It is extremely important that you devote this time to selling yourself or asking the right questions. Your chosen field, business or industry is supplying the lucky breaks; over to you.


All you have to do is go online, or pick up the phone. The plans you make, and conversations you pursue, will change your world this week. The time has come to explore your world on every level - geographically, academically or spiritually. Set your goals high and on any part of the map or the internet.


Line up the accounts, watch the economy, pursue the business discussion or turn to the property section of the web. There may also be interesting sale or purchase opportunities for you, or charity plans. What happens very close to Saturday will make the rest of the year seem like an answer waiting to happen.


The magic number is two. No matter what the nature of this relationship is, you both share chemistry, timing and powerful alchemy this week. If you are single and want a date, do not ignore any signs or clues this weekend. With these stars, even a great rival, enemy or opponent will end up doing you an enormous favour.


At last you are in a position to reshape the details of your daily life in a way that soothes your soul and satisfies your need to worship your body as a temple. This is not about success, although it may come your way. It is about the best way to balance your lifestyle so that you work, relax and play in an entirely new way.