Astrologer Jessica Adams shares your horoscope for the upcoming week

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Who are you, without all the trappings? It doesn’t really matter, because this week will convince you that your exterior is the key to everything. Your wardrobe, body, hair, teeth or face? Your title, role or vehicle? (Even a bicycle is a way of telling the world you’re a hipster). Most of all, this week is about the rebirth of your reputation. Make a wish on the New Moon in Aries, your own sign, just days away now, on Thursday 7th April. Wish for a relaunch - one that works hard for you, in every area of your life. Then, when the Sun conjuncts Uranus, the planet of revolution, in Aries on Saturday 9th April, which is not so far away, make sure you pursue what is genuinely new. The time has come to reinvent yourself and to be free. Shed your old skin and become what you are - at least in April 2016. It’s exciting.


We associate Uranus, the planet at large in your chart now, with light. He was discovered in an important year for the development of electricity and also a key period of the Enlightenment. Light will now illuminate and expose - in the most thrilling way - secret aspects of yourself and your life. April is a light show and you will feel it early on as the New Moon on the 7th next week is potent. Two days later the Sun conjuncts Uranus, an even which only happens every year - and in your zone of secrecy, classified information and confidential matters - only once in your life. This situation is being set up on the very first day of the new month. If you are not covering things up or revealing them now, then you are operating behind the scenes, with no credit or recognition; allowing others to be the name or face. Uranus liberates. It changes everything, forever. April will rock you and maybe confront you but it is time for what has been so submerged or unfathomable to be lit up.


You may have already rebelled against friends (or perhaps former friends) in one group of people, only to find yourself aligned with quite another. This is just one way that Uranus in Aries does his work. Another scenario involves some kind of independent reform within a fixed entity, like a club, society, association or team. (You can include bands in that). It’s like being Paul Weller considering The Jam, or Noel Gallagher considering Oasis, or Morrissey thinking about The Smiths. Your past catches up with you in a week like this, and you have to think about that tight circle of people in your history, no matter if it was an exclusive Oxford drinking club or a yoga class in Los Angeles. Looking at the past with your eyes wide open helps you make an exciting new beginning with all your networks and friends. Uranus is associated with the world turning upside-down or the known world being replaced with the new, different, electrifying potential world to come.


The standard textbook interpretation of a New Moon and a Sun-Uranus conjunction in your solar Tenth House of career (coming up in early April) is a new job or a resignation. This may be so, depending on your personal chart. The truth is more interesting than that, though. You’re also going to feel this intensely, this week! Essentially you are being asked to look at achievement and success in terms of the freedom available to you. It is so true of this cycle (most potent near the upcoming New Moon) that you have no idea how in the dark you were - or how confined or limited you were - until the shock of the new arrives. By the end of April you will be shaking your head at how restricted you were with your former job, lecturer, staff, project, classmates, clients, position or colleagues. The only people who have a problem with a revolution are those who are too stuck to go with the flow - even when the flow feels like a white water rapid. Get on this new wave and kayak.


Your ruler the Sun joins the Moon on Thursday 7th April, not far away now, which is the perfect moment to invent a new way to travel, teach, study, publish, write or use the internet in a revolutionary way. It could become written into the new laws of your life when the Sun conjuncts Uranus on Saturday 9th April - a situation being set up on the very first day of the month. The course, workshop, book, website or blog will connect you to a different part of the world. The time has come to expand your horizons and to reach for what (or who) represents a whole new world of potential for you. The main thing is, it should set you free. This is not the first time you have had one of these mini-revolutions; they have been a benchmark of your life since 2010. That’s around six years of experiments, but each one spells L-I-B-E-R-T-Y.


Your money? Your attitude towards your money? Your property or business? Your angle on ownership, wealth and what being rich actually means? All these are fair questions to ask this week, as a New Moon in the bold, fearless sign of Aries in the near future launches a new episode with your mortgage, life insurance, joint bank account or similar. Of course there may be a far more hush-hush arrangement too, complicated by your own sexual appetite, perhaps, or the realities of life and death. Nobody likes talking about this stuff, but it’s there - Down Below, to quote The Cruel Sea. What happens this week is like every light bulb in the cellar being switched on at once. Zap! By the time you get to the end of April there will be so much new, new, new in your life that you may feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Don’t be. You needed this. The truth is you cannot be independent by compromising or staying stuck. And if you want to be independent, it will cost. But what a bargain.


I can understand why you might view any activity in your sector of former, current and potential partners with trepidation. You have really been put through the mill in recent years, dealing with Uranus in your opposite sign of Aries, which rules marriage and common law marriage (living together) as well as separation and divorce. Sometimes the issue in this cycle is not love but war. There may have been fierce conflicts, rivalries, lawsuits or even punch-ups at the saloon. Very shortly you have a New Moon in this zone of your chart - former, current and potential love - and also former, current and potential war. Now, Libra, that’s a new start. What kind of new start? Well, the kind that gives you more space than you realised you never had. The man or woman concerned pushes all kinds of emotional buttons with you, but his/her role is actually to be the conduit for freedom. So look behind the person and beyond the situation into the core issue - that’s just got to be Autonomy, to quote the Buzzcocks. Whomever or whatever supplies that is actually less significant than your free choice to take your own freedoms.


There are some people out there who are creatures of routine and have a regular list of chores, from the moment they feed the cat or dog, to the last mug of warm milk at night after a hard way at work. This is not your life. In fact, it has not been your life for years. Fortunately you are now so far gone, that you are no longer particularly thrown by more change. Ever since Uranus moved into your zone of work, lifestyle, daily routine and the body - you have become almost accustomed to other people throwing you radical, exciting, progressive new ways to live. You have become almost resigned to the fact that those people and organisations which are stuck, slow, dated or simply out of touch will automatically reject you. At the same time, anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see will now be firmly on board with your utterly unique, completely confronting, madly exciting way to work - even to do housework - and particularly to deal with your own body. What happens on the forthcoming New Moon is like Waiting For The Great Leap Forward, to quote Billy Bragg, but by May you will have it. Ah, precious freedom.


If you look at the British Royal Family throughout history, you will have a pretty good analogy for what has been happening in your life with lovers or children - for some years now. Basically, no adult in that family can survive without the children, the grandchildren or the great-grandchildren. The Firm, as Her Majesty the Queen reputedly calls the family tree. You need heirs and spares and if you can’t produce them (issues like fertility may have been relevant) then you have to adopt them or perhaps accept that a niece, stepchild, nephew, godchild or even illegitimate child (a pretender to the throne) might be the successor. The British Royal Family has a long track record of intensely romantic courtships and spectacular weddings, just as it does a complex history of adultery. Henry VIII had eight wives. Infidelity and paternity/maternity suspicions are as much a part of the story as the ‘straight’ marriages with three generations attached to them. And then there are the divorces! When you look at your own life over the last few years (and you really should, this week - it will help a lot) ask yourself what and who made you feel most free. Most genuinely independent, to do your own thing, in your own way, when you liked, as you wished. Ask yourself who or what excited you the most and what galvanises you now. These are core heart or soul clues. Follow the trail to another new beginning near the New Moon. By May you will have utterly revolutionised your own story about lovers, children, and all the rest.


All the themes of your life are laid out before you this week, as you prepare for a game-changing New Moon - days away now. There is that lovely old wartime song ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning.’ Then there is the intense patriotism of national anthems, or anthemic songs about your town, your state or county, your country. The sharp difference between foreign and familiar is another theme. So is family (above all else, family) and protecting the most vulnerable members of that family. The theme this week are also about bricks and mortar. ‘Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.’ Another theme might be this - An Englishman’s home is his castle.’ I mention all these historic memes and archetypes because you are here to reinvent them. In other words, although home and family, town and country or household and property throws up all kinds of old, entrenched, traditional ideas - they don’t matter. Not at the moment. Not when you have a full-scale revolution going on. You must innovate and invent, as never before, and embrace what the art historian Robert Hughes called The Shock of the New. Take that landscape or family portrait and paint it like Peggy Guggenheim would have wanted it painted.


Every sign of the zodiac has a planetary ruler and yours is Uranus. At its heart is rejection. (In fact, every astrologer and astronomer on the planet is constantly rejecting everybody else’s way of pronouncing it. There are three ways to say Uranus and nobody will accept any other version except her/his own.) I mention this theme of rejection, distancing and pushing away because it’s so familiar to you. The internet, publishing, multimedia, public speaking, singing, songwriting, stand-up comedy, acting and all other mediums for the message have been a hotbed of rejection for years. By now you probably shrug. You don’t care any more. The truth is, you have distanced yourself from what you consider to be inferior ways of being heard and read - as much as others have separated themselves from you! The constant churning with your world of words, ideas and images for years now has been part of this cycle. Every time the churn begins, new freedom arrives. By the end of April you will be genuinely independent and genuinely excited.


Your material world has been regularly turned upside-down since Uranus entered your income, sales, shopping, exchange, market, banking, rent, mortgage, credit card, business and profit zone a few years ago. Now it is time for another flip. Whenever this kind of planetary scramble happens, everything is shaken up and loosen up, which allows for new beginnings. The very first of these is scheduled for the New Moon which is days away now. Over the next three weeks you can expect to see at least one radical change - possibly two - which spell independence from people, organisations, institutions or situations which were one long rejection note anyway! There always has to be a break with the past whenever this Uranus in Aries cycle is at full throttle and you may as well get it over and done with. Better still, go with it. What (or who) seems so tired, stuck, dated or just plain out of touch should probably go the way of the dinosaurs. In its place could come a revolutionary new cash, charity, business or property planet. This is rapid evolution and your head will spin - but it’s fine.