What's in store for you this week? Read on as astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your stars

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Manage everything with (or for) your partner carefully this week. This also applies to former or potential partners. Enemies too! From 12th November you can exit the revolving door you have been stuck in with this person - or different people and the same situation, since March 23rd 2014. You will need to extract yourself very slowly and carefully, though. Don’t act on what you see near Monday, Tuesday as the total lunar eclipse will blot out the real story. You also need to allow for an ever-changing story, or a holding pattern. From October 24th you can talk with some certainty, though - and from the middle of November,  you will finally be able to see your words and actions have an impact on the state of play with this man (or woman) who pushes your buttons. One more tip: be cautious with advertising, self-promotion, your appearance or label/name.  Be very careful all week as Uranus, Vulcano and Vesta are all in your image zone - and an eclipse too - just use your common-sense about your Me agenda. Why risk it? What works now? Major moves to improve the quality of your working day and boost your relationship with your own body.


If you are covering something up, operating behind the scenes or holding classified information, be more than usually cautious this week and don’t just open up to any situation/person you come across. This is common-sense advice at eclipse time! If you are invited to keep a secret or become part of something confidential, find out (a lot) more before you agree. When will the pattern of your working life - and your body - finally be something you can affect? The answer is, mid-November, but first you must allow one conversation or plan to go backwards and forwards until the final week of November. What works now? Babies, children, young adults, youth, and a junior generation. Also, tellingly, the people or plans which embrace that. This is a go-zone in your horoscope.


Babies, children or young adults? Youth projects or a young market? Lovers who could make you a parent, aunt, uncle one day? As you tick these boxes, leave plenty of space for changes and delays, because it will not be until 24th October that you can say this chapter is truly final. In the bigger picture, nothing has changed with this intensely personal part of your life since March 2014, yet from November 2015, at last you can steer your own course. This appears to be vital, in terms of the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps with someone who is against you, too. What else is going on now? Continuing, stupendous stars for a better home life, a bigger set of options with your family, an improved situation with flatmates, the council or even your own country. Seize the day, Gemini. Finally, you have hard-work stars for friendship and for groups this week. When in doubt, don’t. Particularly near Monday’s total eclipse.


You might assume that light would be shed on your home, family, property, household or home town situation near Monday, but in fact, the picture will be very unclear indeed. The talking points are also changing every time you look at them, right up until the end of October - and if delays are not part of the story now, they easily could be. Long-term, you will be pleased to hear that the most stuck and repetitive situation in years will end in mid-November. For now take every step you can, to ensure you are on top of what is basically a state of flux. You’ll find very few astrologers telling you to go ahead with major property, home, family or home town plans near that total lunar eclipse on Monday! What else is obvious now? The need for a measured approach to your role, goals, ambitions and mission. There is an awful lot of people politics surrounding what should basically be a job (or course). Some of it is down to that classic problem of one male, along with two or more females, which is not a healthy gender mix. Neither side should try to play games with the other on that basis. Avoid. And again, you may prefer to skip Monday for your big work moves. What works now? Computers. Communication. Multimedia. Your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media, from old-school to digital.


The internet, multimedia, publishing and all forms of communication in your life is now in a classic state of flux, thanks to Mercury Retrograde. Try to avoid ‘fixing’ things as you may be complicating a situation twice. This is especially important near Monday’s total lunar eclipse when you will not be shown the true, full story - no matter if this is about a website, a journalist, a microphone, telephone or computer. In general, you can look forward to mid-November when at last wheels turn with your ‘voice’ across all mediums and media. You have been so stuck in a loop, for so long. But if you can get past this week, you will be on your way, Leo! I would also be cautious with your travel, foreign, education, regional agenda now. Skip Monday-Tuesday when you just won’t see straight on big outcomes. Feelings are running very high at the moment about so many issues tying into this (above) so bear it in mind before you do or say anything which adds to the chemical mix. What works now? Making or saving money. A lot.


Keep the amounts under discussion small, if you can, and the stakes with your money, business, house, apartment, charity, possessions also very low. Why? A total lunar eclipse on Monday which obscures your vision. Mercury, your ruler, is also moving backwards and forwards until the final week of October, along with the ever-changing discussion - or paperwork. A wait-and-see policy could be a very good idea, unless you know exactly what you are doing. Is this a fabulous time to enter into a major financial, insurance, taxation, accounting discussion? Nope. And you can double that if property is involved, because Saturn is about to move into your house, mansion, apartment and land zone and every deal you strike, now through 2016, will involve more than you thought. What serves you now? Yourself. So brilliantly. You already had one major image booster if you are typical of your sign. A flattering title. A little bit of glitter or glamour. Some repair work on old tea-bag stains on your profile from years ago. But wait! There’s more! Make this the week of Me, Me, Me and really push it.


The chemistry you have with your former, current or potential partner is important, because it shows you so much about yourself, and the way you feel about your persona or profile. It is also crucial on its own terms, of course, because you have to keep mixing it up with this person on a regular basis. If I am not talking about your ex, your current partner or your potential lover - I am certainly talking about your enemy. How do you proceed? Cautiously. Skip Monday-Tuesday for big judgement calls or action plans because the total lunar eclipse will conceal things from you. Is this a good week to take an affair all the way, or for women to compete with each other, or for men to play the gender card? Nope. You would be adding to a snowball that will roll all the way to Easter 2016 and it will waste your time and energy. You’re going to have to deal with some kind of Eastenders emotion about this man or woman. It’s unavoidable. But it depends on you, utterly, if this is just a little scene in the kitchen, or the start of some epic new storyline that goes for months. Do you need it in your life, Libra? What works superbly well for you now is retreating, hibernating, hiding, disappearing, escaping, submerging. Make like the Loch Ness monster and find the buried treasure in the depths.


Just let the wheels keep spinning, Scorpio, because your new journey doesn’t start until November. There are some specific things you can do in the meantime. Your chart clearly shows you are involved in secret machinations, uncredited work, classified projects or confidential plans. If you have to make a judgement call or strike out in a major new direction with this, please avoid the total lunar eclipse on Monday. The whole week is likely to send you backwards and forwards, though. Mercury is responsible for e-mails, telephone calls, the mail and the media. When he appears to move backwards and forwards, in a state of flux, you need to handle all this with kid gloves, especially if this is highly sensitive information! What else can we see this week? The potential for people politics at work or university, or with your unpaid work. The chance of people politics, too, over a matter affecting your body. Just sidestep it. Don’t buy into that tired male-female gender politics thing. What is on your side now? Stunning, rare alignments which help you so much with people power inside a collective. Which return solid gold karma to  you from a friend.


Pregnancy, babies, children, teenagers? Lovers who bring that into your world (if things get serious)? Youth projects, junior markets? The trick with the final week of September is to avoid Monday-Tuesday for big judgements as the total lunar eclipse will not show you what you need to see. It actually blots out the full picture. One thing that may help you is avoiding totally 20th century ways of relating. By this I mean, responding to anyone who needs your jealousy, on some level. And also - competing with others for somebody’s approval or attention. We might also add to this list, people who enjoy everyone dancing around them as if it’s a harem and they’re the Sultan. People of any age can do this, but as it’s showing up in your chart, I thought I would alert you. Okay, the other key issue now is your group! It may be a casual network of friends or a formal organisation like a political party or football team. Again, skip the eclipse period Monday-Tuesday for big judgements. And all week long, please bear in mind that everything that’s in motion, will continue to loop around until the final week of October. Please don’t assume anything is final yet.  What works now? Ambition. Social mountaineering. Getting to the next rung of the ladder on your way to the top. Working the system. Understanding the hierarchy and really labouring over it.


By rights, you should be seeing your career situation, university position or unpaid work very clearly. The paperwork or discussion should be rolling. Instead, you have limited visibility Monday-Tuesday as a total lunar eclipse is at large. You’re not being shown what’s underneath all this. Until 24th October, the talking points are also changeable or you may hit delays; even errors. If you can treat this time as a wait-and-see period or dress rehearsal it will work in your favour. Better still, from mid-November you can farewell a period on your C.V. when nothing you did or said seemed to alter anything much! Tremendous success in the second half of 2016 will make up for it. Is this the week to allow a family or household situation to become political or complex? No. It looks as though it would waste your time and energy - and particularly that of another girl or woman involved. This also applies to tenants, landladies, local government and so on - anyone who affects the home or property situation. Instead, raise your sights and stare straight at the distant region, country, nationality or culture calling you. There are two loud honks this week. Honk back. This is great!


Don’t necessarily believe everything you see, or assume you have the complete picture, near Monday.  Your travel, foreign, internet, publishing or education agenda is most affected. Mercury (communication, information, transportation) is also appearing to slide backwards and forwards in this same zone of your chart. And this is the case, right up until the final week of October. Pick your way carefully through these situations and listen to your instincts. Your computer, the media, printers, your telephone and so on may be woven into this story and there are honestly much easier weeks to launch anything new, or make a sweeping decision! What works extremely well for you now is your dedication to saving or making money. On two occasions this week you’ll be the right woman, in the right place, at the right time, with the right key. Unlock this.


Tremendous opportunities to have more, do more - and become more than you are - surround a partnership. They also swirl around the very particular chemistry you have with a former or potential partner. Weirdly, this week is also about rivals, enemies or opponents. Engaging with them actually benefits you! The Jupiter-Diana conjunction on Monday is important, as it reminds you that 20th century marriage models are less important than personal freedom. At that point, even a conflict may begin to serve you as well, Pisces. What else is crucial now? Your money. Your house or apartment. Your business or charity. Your possessions. Skip Monday-Tuesday when the total lunar eclipse conceals more than it reveals. Did you know Stonehenge is an eclipse calculator? Our ancestors knew how important it was to predict these events. Not only is the true picture obscured, you also have the standard Mercury Retrograde effects of delays, reversals and changes affecting the paperwork, the digital discussion or the talks. From October 24th it all falls into place, but for now, this is flux. Say it carefully. Take copies, have Plan B, cover yourself.