Astrologer Jessica Adams takes a look at your stars for the week ahead

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Near Saturday, you’ll see just how much freedom matters in one agreement about the apartment, house, money, possessions or business. You can’t put a price on independence and space, and as this is an intensely personal deal or a deadly serious one, it will take time. Your chart suggests you are covering up a crucial secret, dwelling on your own mysteries - or operating behind the scenes. As March goes on this becomes ever more important. You seem all at sea with it - it’s time to pull anchor.


To really understand what is going on with your former, current or potential partner, look at all the usual issues around commitment, security, space, freedom, feminism and independence. This will take a very long time to resolve so allow for delays and changes on the path. As early as Thursday you will become aware that March is also about your group. Particular friends or members of the inner circle are part of the most unstructured ‘structure’ of all time. How can you fix this?


Your career, unpaid work or university life will dominate the new month ahead, with major questions about boundaries, clarity and reality checks. It’s fine to escape, and this is pure professional or academic Disneyland for you, but you must know the limits and the great truths of the situation to avoid getting lost. Patterns in Scorpio, the sign which also rules your working day, suggest it will take some time to resolve the day-to-day business of doing your duty and performing a service.


As March opens it announces itself loudly; your trip, relocation, book, website, blog, course, workshop, faith or foreign connection is the keynote. The only issue is the total lack of certainty and clarity. At some point this grand experiment will become chaotic unless you figure out a practical way to contain what is going on (or who is involved with you). The other issue this week is children, teenagers, youth or a lover who could bring young people into your world. Allow for delays, changes.


Sexually intimate financial or property arrangements rule supreme. Or this is about a deadly serious (on the level of last will and testament) arrangement? If this is about your house, apartment, live-in partner or a family member, then independence means a lot in this story - it’s about no-compromise freedom. Given that this is the keynote month of the year for your security, lifestyle and wealth, scrutinise every aspect of the numbers or facts near Thursday 3rd March.


This is the most important month of the year, in terms of your former, current or potential partner. It is also crucial in any battle, feud or contest. You and he (or she) are creating chemistry which is very hard to measure, balance and control. The two of you may want to look at the alchemy and how to fix it, or life in the laboratory of past, present or potential love will be confused and confusing. War, of course, could be downright chaotic. If ever someone needed boundaries now, it’s you.


Paul Kelly has this great song called Billy Baxter about a man who ‘knew his limitations’. If you know your limitations with your daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic and (especially) your body at the moment, you will save yourself a lot of time. Confused and confusing situations arise because you let them drift. Now is the time to stop a situation in its tracks. Near Thursday, light will be shed on the compromise required and the way that power, or control has become the central issue in a work or body story.


Fertility and dynasty are associated with the sign of Pisces in your chart. Babies, children, young adults and ‘heirs’ to the legacy of your personality (youth as a whole) also come under the sign of the fishes - and so does any lover who may bring a younger generation in. Pisces is a sign which shows two fish swimming in opposite directions. It is confusing and also confused by nature, which accurately describes what is happening now! One thing is sure, though. You need to figure out a way to share, divide and compromise near Thursday.


At last, some clarity about your house, garden, relative, flatmate, apartment, town or country. How on earth do you reach agreements and divide space, time or place when you are floundering in a situation with no boundaries? Much depends on how you approach a new decision close to Thursday. With Salacia in Pisces at the moment, everything and everybody is all over the place, all the time - however you can and must compromise over this new world. Your own world.


In order to be heard or read as you wish, it is now necessary to get the full measure of a situation where the controls are an emotional subject. It may be social media, websites, face-to-face communication, multimedia, publishing, education or language - but very close to Thursday, a new situation must be co-created which addresses some of the problems to date. Part of the issue for you is the lack of clarity and reality with the project, idea or perhaps the computer. Maybe your iPhone is also involved! Time to see it from every angle and fix things.


There is a particular career, unpaid work or university story which owes a great deal to decisions that went down in 2014 or 2015 and will take some months to resolve. Give yourself the luxury of time and space. A related question, no doubt, is your salary, allowance or overall financial position. Very close to Thursday the whole situation will be illuminated and exposed, so that you can deal with in the cold light of day. This is a good thing. You are under tremendous protection now, and even a complication can ultimately be profitable, but you must work it.


With Salacia and the Sun in Pisces, your own sign, you are now able to see yourself from the outside looking in, as you are either the star attraction at the moment, or at least the object of tremendous curiosity. No need to attention-seek in a week like this, because the attention will find you anyway. Salacia describes floating, drifting, unreal situations and as this accurately defines your image at the moment - or your identity - it may be a useful time to admit that something must be resolved. A compromise is inevitable and even unavoidable.