Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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Make a commitment to work that rewards you, at the same time that your body serves you better. This means an improved lifestyle and a superior way to carve up the 24 hours in each day, allocating 8 hours each for career/university/volunteering and then 16 hours of combined sleep, fitness and Me Time. Why do this now? Because Jupiter is poised to enter Virgo for the first time in 12 years. This week you will be in a position to ‘marry’ the right project or goal. For the first time in years, you will love your work, as much as you love your time off. The right doctor, trainer, healer, nurse, surgeon or dietitian is part of the story. On Tuesday 30th June when Juno enters Virgo, make the commitment.


You are now on the road to pregnancy, adoption or step-parenting. In other cases, wonderful milestones with young relatives, children or godchildren are waiting by 2016. If younger people are part of your professional, university or non-profit work then a huge achievement is also in store, with the first steps taken this week. Watch what happens shortly after Juno changes signs on Tuesday 30th June as from Tuesday 11th August you will love the next chapter. Your priority might be child custody or the right choice for a son or daughter; your personal horoscope tells your personal story. Taurean women are now facing massive improvements linked to those born 20+ years after them, in so many different ways. The key is knowing when to commit. Do that this week.


You will sell your home, move to a better area, buy your first flat, renovate or enjoy major improvements in your town or city by this time next year. Take everything that is offered to you from this point forward, as after Juno changes signs on Tuesday 30th June, there may be a written agreement or verbal handshake. If your main concern is the household or family, make a commitment to change when you see it on offer, as you are in a stunning position not possible in 12 years. What you promise yourself and others this week in the interests of a happier position with your flat, house, relatives, flatmate, town and/or country is a wise move, as you will see from 11th August when it takes a big leap forward.


The most stunning multimedia project, film venture, book, television series or internet achievement in years could be yours by this time next year, if you make yourself and others a promise from this week forward. Even if you are not that ambitious, do spot an opportunity when you see one, as your way with words, images and ideas could move forward in the most spectacular way after 11th August. The process of ‘marrying’ yourself to a particular person, plan or proposal will take you until 17th September to finalise in detail, yet you have so much to gain (despite locking yourself in) that you would be crazy to pass up this chance. The right computer or phone, or a new way to use either, is part of the deal.


Leo, you will make or save a fortune after 11th August when the biggest solution in 12 years is in front of your nose. By this time next year you will have eliminated a debt, sealed an incredible deal, sold at a profit or found a lucrative new income source. If you were born in the 1960s this will be linked to an amazing new job or project, which gives you new power. No matter when you were born, try to accept that progress means commitment, and even if you lose a certain amount of freedom, by accepting an obvious choice - you will gain in a superior lifestyle. Look at the option that arrives after Tuesday 30th June very seriously.


If you want to lose weight, organise wow-factor cosmetic surgery, gain a bigger audience or market, upgrade your wardrobe or gain letters after your name, this is the time. If you have any issues at all with your reputation in the past, you can also erase any stains, in the astrological equivalent of OMO. Set aside any doubts as a huge amount is possible by this time next year, starting with a small but important commitment now, as Juno enters Virgo (your sign) on Tuesday 30th June, paving the way for a fabulous new era in your life, commencing on 11th August. Of course the ‘new you’ cycle you are entering restricts you in some ways. How nice to be restricted, though. Born in the 1960s? By your birthday in 2016 your body could look better than it did in your twenties.


Within a few months, you will begin to pour time, energy and effort into a project where you have no recognition or real attention. Where other people are the name or face. Where you operate behind the scenes, as if you were a producer on an award-winning film, where the actors are the stars. It’s the best thing you could possibly do, so do not hesitate. The very first sign that a commitment is required, will arrive near Tuesday 30th June. Another group of Libran people are looking at something utterly top-secret. This is so classified you can’t tell your lover. It’s so confidential even your best friend can’t know! Yet, you can see how much better life would be. You’re already aware of the potential. Libra, whatever this is, do not hesitate. It’s going to be a true success story. You will see why from 11th August when this story gets even bigger.


When you are asked to join a group project in the next three months, or just tempted to make enquiries, do not hesitate. This tribe of people will change your life in the most stunning way. The friend, acquaintance or group in question will be obvious to you from Tuesday 30th June. Alternatively, you are already aware of this network, but have been waiting for the right moment to commit. Even if your involvement with this band, team, club, committee, society, union, charity, class (or similar) feels like a marriage, why not make the commitment?  If you are still unsure, wait until 11th August when you will see just how incredible this could be. But don’t wait too long. 17th September is your final deadline.


You will gain a wonderful new job, win a promotion, succeed in the most stunning way with a project outside work, gain an award, or beat your personal best at university - all within the next 12 months. What is required is a commitment, as you will see after Tuesday 30th June. You have until 17th September to finalise all the aspects of this promise to yourself and others. If you were born in the 1960’s then this position, role or project will transform your life. If you need to move into another field, business or profession to hit the heights by 2016, that is all possible. If you are content to wait for a promotion, then watch the signs from this week forward. Others believe in you. Now, make a large promises.


You can export your talent, ideas or products in an epic new way across Europe, America, Australasia or further afield by 2016 if you start now. Juno in Virgo offers you that chance after Tuesday 30th June and you could commit as late as 17th September. Do you want to travel more ambitiously or even move to another region or country? That option will also be presented to you soon, with a firm clue this week. For some Capricorn people, this powerful new connection to foreign people and places, or long-distance locations and locals, means a book or website. This will be extremely successful. Finally, if you are pursuing teaching or study in a more aspiring way, this distant individual or city is the key. Look right across the map and make a promise to yourself or others on Tuesday, when Juno changes signs, and then wait for miracles to occur.


Do not think small about your money or your lifestyle, as incredible things are possible between now and this time next year. Ask yourself where you could make the largest gains and watch for the right people, opportunities and organisations from Tuesday 30th June, as after 11th August you will see why there has never been a better time to make a commitment. Of course there are terms and conditions, if you want to see amazing results with your bank account, tax, income, house, apartment, company or business. Some prices are worth paying, though, especially if you can get yourself into a position which still rewards you, twelve years into the future. This Jupiter cycle says that’s all possible.


If you are in a partnership, by 2016 your new baby, home, ambitious holiday or joint business will be a wonderful reality with the first step taken this week. Single? You are destined to date someone who goes from acquaintance to potential lover - or a brand new discovery - following the arrival of Juno in Virgo, from Tuesday 30th June. If there is any potential at all for reuniting with your ex, that will be obvious no later than the end of August, to your immense joy. Pisces people who are longing for solutions to bad relationships will either gain from a win-win split or successful resolution to problems, with a promise required this week, and further developments by 17th September. Astrology cannot make single Pisceans happy. However it can park the right man or woman in front of your nose (no later than September). The rest is up to you.