Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts the week ahead with your weekly horoscopes

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Your former, current or potential partner? Or your enemy? You may think your agenda should start on Monday, but do be aware of x factors affecting the normal flow of communication with this person, or with others who must make decisions affecting your relationship. Please allow for delays or even outright changes over the next few weeks. Christmas brings relief and release after the toughest cycle for money, property and business in 29 years. That is good news but you must also prepare for snags and S.N.A.F.U. scenarios (a fine British acronym). Do read the fine print.


Two areas of your life will go back and forth shortly. The first covers your daily workload and your body, and this is where diary entries may alter, words may not stick, or unforeseen circumstances will obstruct your progress. Please be aware of this when you are in discussion or making plans. Specifics like your chosen job, industry, university, or voluntary field - and also doctors, health insurers and alternative health professionals - should be on your watch list. Your former, current or potential partner is also at the heart of a backwards-and-forwards trail of words. Have Plan B.


Children, or relationships bringing them into your world, are key. This ranges from pregnancy to young adults, depending on your age and the connection may be intensely personal or purely professional. In all cases, though, nothing is fixed, firm, final or finished for weeks. You must also time it right with your daily workload and your body. Even though the light at the end of the tunnel is blazing fiercely, you must first go through the tunnel. There will be false starts, second attempts, changes and delays. Please read the fine print and allow for a circuitous pathway for weeks.


Read the fine print if it’s about your home, family or flatmates. This also applies to your property interests, home town and homeland. What is apparently in the bag, is halfway out of the bag, even as you read this. There will be a great deal of complication before you get to where you need to be, so read the fine print and if a mortgage or auction is involved, be a total realist. The other issue now? Pregnancy, children and young adults. Relationships which usher them into your world, or bring them closer. This has been so tough for you. The end is near. Yet do allow for x factors.


Have Plan B with your computer, post and travel. You will obviously be focussed on the web, media, publishing or other Communication H.Q. priorities. And you also want to make decisions about your flat, house, home town, homeland, family or household. In both cases, though, you are going to hit a chain of reversals or delays, for weeks. Assume nothing and prepare for everything. Read the fine print and get it in writing, then read it again. Do not buy phones or computers without being utterly aware of the terms and conditions. This also applies to cars, trains and plane tickets.


Allow for complications with your money or property. This also applies to buying and selling, precious possessions and charity. Anything from an unreliable source to a missing e-mail could obstruct your pathway over the next few weeks so please do read the fine print. If a delay or change would cost you dearly then cover yourself. The internet, the post, your phone and all Communications H.Q. affairs are also affected by Mercury Retrograde. As he is your planetary ruler, this is personal. Use your USB stick for back-up and allow for second or third attempts.


Your image, brand, profile or look is a work in progress. This is not the final output or decision and there may be date changes, silly errors or flakey human behaviour in the mix over the next few weeks. Allow for that when you are making plans, especially if your name must go in writing, or you are focussing on weight loss or cosmetic surgery. Just use extra common-sense to cover all scenarios now. You are slowly emerging from the heaviest financial cycle in 29 years and although Christmas will release you, do account for (literally) u-turns or delays over the next few weeks.


Just being you (as in You, You, You) has been such a challenge. Your reputation, name, personal appearance or profile has given you an awfully heavy load to carry for a very long time. Now, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon. And any issues will disappear (or you will no longer care) by Christmas. To get there from here, though, do allow for alterations or waiting games. You also appear to be covering something up, or perhaps operating without credit or recognition. This is one area of your life that will swing backwards and forwards for weeks so make allowances for that.


The network which involves your friend is subject to complication. This may be a social tribe online or a more official affair (like a team or society) but the story is the same; this will not be straightforward. Make sure you factor that in when making plans as any number of x factors could warp the journey ahead. You also need to look at what you deliberately conceal from the world - and any role you play without recognition. This has been far from easy for you, yet the end is in sight. Before that can happen, there will be a stop-start pathway ahead so do prepare for that.


Your career, university life or voluntary role is crucial. This is clearly about two people, and you are one of them - yet do allow for a discussion that is not straightforward, or paperwork that takes you backwards and forwards. This could go on for weeks so be savvy and treat this as a first draft or first take; the rest can come later. You will  be pleased to hear that your social life, social media, old friends and group commitments will no longer be an issue by Christmas. For now, though, expect one discussion or paper trail to take you sideways and backwards. Be a realist about the process.


By Christmas, career, university or volunteering burdens end. You can put the last two years or so behind you. The next few weeks will involve key conversations or paperwork, yet you can make your life easier by allowing for delays or reversals. These may be down to the post; computer errors; human unreliability; transport issues - just to name a few. It looks as though your travel, education, publishing or internet agenda is also crucial now. Again, there will be hold-ups or u-turns affecting the normally smooth running of these areas of your life. Protect and insure yourself.


What’s crucial now? Your money, business, property or possessions. Wheels are already spinning backwards or preparing to stick for a while, so read the fine print accordingly and treat the news or discussion as a work in progress. Do cover yourself for the chance of delay, cancellation or serious reshaping of agreements, or an about-turn in anything from the exchange rate, to world sharemarkets. You will be free, of course, eventually but Independence Day requires strategy. If travelling, studying, teaching, publishing or writing have Plan B and read the fine print.