Your weekly horoscope from out expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Perhaps someone in your circle of friends, or the wider group, is an unreliable information source. Maybe you are just dealing with the kind of plans or paperwork which contains large holes. In any case, no matter how provocative the Full Moon on Tuesday seems to be, do not assume this is your cue to swing into action. Although direct action is very much your forte, this situation is far too uncertain to pin down just yet, so do keep talking, Aries.


At this time of year very little can be called fixed, firm or finished with your job, or your wider industry, field, academic commitments or business. There are far too many arrivals, departures or holiday time-lapses to factor in. We also have Mercury, the planet of news, paperwork and decision-making in backwards mode, which means very little of what seems to be in motion, actually is! As you will shortly find out, it’s a process not an outcome.


As your ruler Mercury is now apparently moving backwards in an area of your chart also occupied by a Full Moon, you can count on a state of flux over the next few days. It seems most likely to affect your travel plans, foreign involvements, academic or education commitments, or publishing and internet concerns. Do read the fine print at all times and have alternatives ready as computers (and humans) can be unreliable at times like this.


It seems very unlikely that you can sign off on this particular financial, property or business chapter. Or does this matter concern your possessions or charity? Your ruler the Moon is at odds with the Sun early in the week and Mercury the messenger of the gods is out of phase. This all adds up to something which does not add up at all, at least in terms of certainties and timing. You may want to leave the situation wide open and have Plan B up your sleeve.


The Full Moon on Tuesday 3rd puts your former, current or potential partner centre-stage. Perhaps an enemy or rival too. No matter how tempted you are to act, remember that while Mercury, the planet of communication, information and negotiation is still retrograde, what is final could easily unravel or be delayed. You may prefer to wait until at least 3rd March when Mercury is out of his final shadow before you truly call a spade a silver shovel.


You are ruled by the planet Mercury, which when he is in normal motion, keeps your life at a constant hum, and turns all the wheels you need in your working life. At the moment he is retrograde, or appearing to move backwards, and your daily workload (or perhaps your body) are most affected. At any other time of year a Full Moon would propel you into swift decisions, but as you are in a state of flux, you may prefer to be flexible at the moment.


Does this week’s issue involve the world of children or young adults? Perhaps it involves your lover intead. In any case you have a rather lopsided situation to deal with, and as you are represented by the scales in astrology, this tilts the balance too far and you will quite naturally want to act. Just bear in mind that discussions,  paperwork or even supposedly hard facts may be subject to alteration or delay for the rest of the month. Be flexible.


Mercury will turn direct in your zone of property, family, the neighbourhood, flatmates and your home life on 11th February. From that point forward you will see the way things really are, as there will be replays, adjustments or even reversals. That is one very good reason to take Tuesday’s Full Moon with a large pinch of salt, as despite the fact that it seems to tell a strong, final story, it is doing nothing of the kind. Try to let this process unfold.


Communication is Mercury’s domain and as this planet is now retrograde in an area of your chart devoted to the internet, the post, the media, publishing and the spoken word – you may want to proceed with care. Normal transmission will not be resumed until the opening days of March and in the meantime anything from a technical hitch to an unreliable person could affect how you are heard or read. Be conscious of this near Tuesday’s Full Moon.


You obviously want to make an uncomfortable or incomplete financial situation whole. The emphasis may be on your cashflow, business, tax, house, possessions, charity or flat – but the message is the same. Despite the provocation of a Full Stone Moon on Tuesday night, you really must treat this as a process in motion and nothing more. There will be reversals or delays ahead, and after the 11th, a replay of a situation you assumed was settled.


Matters of image, appearance or reputation concern you for a very good reason. The Sun is now in Aquarius your own sign, and so is Mercury, churning up plenty of questions, without any real answers. The reason for the state of flux is Mercury’s peculiar behavior, as he appears to be running backwards, not forwards, as he should be. All the more reason to let the wheels turn where they will for the next few weeks. Suspend your final big decisions.


You are well-known for your secrecy, your mystery, your enigmatic air and your concern with staying out of sight. You are ruled by the fishes, and in turn, Neptune, the planet connected with all that is submerged beneath the surface. Your decisions now cannot be known, seen or understood by others as you are either covering things up or operating behind the scenes. Those decisions must be allowed to stretch for all of February, though.