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Be aware that the talking points about your house, family, apartment, household or home town will either be delayed, or change substantially, between now and July. Cover yourself and read the fine print if dealing with auctions or builders. This will ultimately work out very well for you but expect a circular situation.


Your phone, internet connection, print job, media commitment, computer or transport seems the most likely target for this Mercury Retrograde cycle and there may be a state of suspended animation or a complete reversal of your plans between now and July. Make sure you take this cycle into account now.


In a year when Jupiter and Pluto are in your zones of money, property, charity, precious possessions and business it is hard to go wrong. You are protected, at least until July. You also stand to gain enormously, even though the discussion or paperwork seems likely to stall, or alter. Make allowances for all outcomes.


The next two months are very much about you and your appearance, image or reputation. With Jupiter in Cancer for the first time in 12 years you have a safety net, but also the chance to achieve something really special. The only issue is a computer, transport or communication snag ahead. Try to factor that in now.


Since last year you have been playing a background role with very little public recognition. Alternatively you have been cloistered, playing the hermit – or even working in secret. All this works to your advantage in life, and this week is part of the story. Even the u-turns and delays will be part of a satisfying outcome.


Don’t expect your group project or old friendship to run on normal lines in June and July. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde, so what you assume is final could easily come unstuck or involve a waiting game. This will not affect the basic benefits of the situation as you are still in the right place at the right time.


Do you know that U2 song, She Moves In Mysterious Ways? The universe is doing just that, for the next six weeks, yet you stand to gain. The career, university or volunteering commitments now under discussion will lead you backwards and forwards for weeks, so expect delays or changes. Remain ambitious, though.


The Mercury Retrograde cycle now hits your travel, internet, foreign, publishing and academic agenda and it may not be until mid-July that you finally see the end of one complex episode. Insure flights and hotels for delay and cancellation. Back up your computer. Read the fine print. You will gain, but do cover yourself.


When is a sale, not a sale? When Mercury is apparently moving backwards. This also applies to ‘firm’ handshake agreements about money, property, business, charity or possessions. You are now in the most potentially chaotic cycle of the year and even though it will benefit you, do read the fine print and have a Plan B.


You will not know where you stand with your former, current or potential partner until Mercury is out of shadow, in the middle of July. This also applies to your enemy or rival. Make no mistake, you stand to gain from what is about to unfold. For peace of mind, though, make allowances for flawed communication.


Within six weeks you will have made the enormous lifestyle gains you have hoped for, either in terms of your daily life or regular workload. The path ahead is more like crazy paving, though, so be prepared for a rather frustrating period. It will help to read the fine print, have alternatives ready and make allowances.


You know that the next few weeks is important in terms of a youth project, precious child, pregnancy or adoption. The only issue is the lack of clarity and certainty along the way. Know it is coming and it will be easier. Ultimately, though, you will benefit from what is about to unfold. Trust this odd process.