Wondering what's in store for the first week in March? Jessica Adams has the answers...

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More than any other sign of the zodiac, you know that half the battle is advertising, reputation and appearances. This will be emphasised with three heavenly bodies in Aries, your own sign, in the first three days of the week. Should you repeat your old approach? Absolutely not. You also need to put the last few weeks with your group or circle behind you, as Mercury was retrograde and you can write a different story from Tuesday 3rd March. You are keeping a secret or operating behind the scenes, and it has become confused and confusing for you. Time to clear things up.


The Full Moon on Thursday 5th March will help you isolate all the different factors which have been making life chaotic, at least in terms of friendships or group involvements. Lines have been crossed all over the place; March must be dedicated to reinstating them. With so much emphasis on Aries, the sign behind yours, there is also an important matter which puts you behind the scenes, or concerns life behind closed doors. This is where you must now embrace radical change at all costs, as it is the only way you are going to be free of something (or someone) so restricting.


Recent circumstances have shown you how differently you could run a friendship or a group. You don’t have to stick to the so-called rules of life, any more than you have to repeat your old approach to particular friends or networks. After Psyche changes signs on Wednesday 4th March you will write a story with these people which lasts forever. The Full Moon on Thursday 5th March is an excellent pointer to changes you must now make to your career, unpaid work or university life. You feel out of your depth or others are floundering - so what must be done?


Your ruler the Moon is opposite the Sun on Thursday 5th March and opposite factors are pulling you in two different directions with a trip, website, book, course, foreign tie or workshop. No wonder life has become rather unmanageable lately! March and April must be devoted to step-by-step strategies to try and streamline and simplify a situation. Your position, mission or ambition is the biggest story of all, as by April you will be independent at last, and very much a free agent to steer your plans as you wish. This must happen in stages; the first one is close now.


With Venus, Uranus and Psyche all in the impatient and pioneering sign of Aries you will waste no time pursuing a brand new story in your life as a traveller, student, publisher, teacher or internet creative this week. A person or situation which held you back is fast disappearing, Leo. You also need to look at what is out of balance with your money, business, property, charity or possessions at the Full Moon on Thursday 5th March. On Sunday, your ruler the Sun will conjunct Chiron, associated with audacity. How much of a heretic are you prepared to be?


The Full Moon on Thursday 5th March will draw your attention to the effect your partner, former partner or potential partner has on your peace of mind. This also applies to any enemies, rivals or opponents. The lack of clarity and certainty you feel has not happened overnight, but you must try to pinpoint what it was about last year, and the opening weeks of this year, that led you to this point. Analysing situations is something a Virgo person does extremely well and this will help you manage the situation. Try to do some accounting as well as your calculations could set you free.


Not only your ruler Venus, but also Uranus, Mars and Psyche are gathering in your opposite sign of Aries, so you must concentrate exclusively on your partner or opponent this week. Perhaps a former or potential partner is also central to your plans. Sometimes you have to throw away the formula and look towards the future as if it was yours to invent. That seems to be true in March and April, and if you are prepared to be radical then you will achieve precious independence. The Full Moon on Thursday 5th March asks you to make clear choices about your workload or body.


You appear to be setting up imaginary obstacles preventing you from becoming a truly independent operator in your chosen field, industry, business or profession. Nothing is stopping you from a DIY approach and in fact, others have blazed a trail before you. There is no pressure, though. The timing is on your side and you can pursue this rather exciting new direction in stages, starting this week and ending in April. If your body is your primary concern, then this too is something which requires a more inventive, innovative approach as you’ll see by Wednesday.


In a world where there is a cookie-cutter mentality where babies, children or young adults are concerned, you are now creating your role as parent, godparent or relative to your own grand design. This also applies to large-scale roles involving the next generation. The same might be said for your approach towards sex; you are in the mood to explore what is possible, not stick to what has always been standard. In all cases, these tactics will liberate you and excite you. What else matters now? The relief of a practical decision about your home, family, household or town.


Home is not where the heart is at the moment, but where the experiment is. Also, perhaps, the potential to be a genuinely independent operator with far more freedom than you have enjoyed for years. The house, apartment, relative or flatmate in question is a channel for all that is new and different in your life and by April you will have happily turned your own world upside-down. This also applies to your home town or homeland, if you feel that is where you belong the most. A decisive Full Moon now will help you be far more decisive about the internet as well.


Your ruling planet Uranus was discovered in an exciting time of revolution, great freedom and the end of slavery in America. Now, slavery is obviously far too extreme a term for what has held you back on the internet, in the media, in publishing - or with other forms of communication - but you will be excited to see what is possible for you in the first three days of this week. A new era will be underway by April. The Full Moon on Thursday 5th March is a moment of truth for your money, business or property. The new buzz word for you is ‘limits’ and it will clarify things.


January and February were times of great flux for your image, personal appearance, name, profile or reputation and you must be keen to try and organise these areas of your life with more control. First of all you need to see what you may have missed about the situation, yet the Full Moon on Thursday 5th March will make the details abundantly clear. You also have a new course available to you financially, or where business, charity or property is concerned. It does involve considerable experimentation but a pioneering approach will excite you and appeal to others.