The first week in April according to the stars thanks to our resident astrology expert Jessica Adams

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The real story is not actually the chemistry you share with a particular man or woman. It is about your own right to invent a new way to project your name, face, persona or shape to the world. Without that sense of ultimate space and possibility, nothing else in your life really fits, as you have discovered since 2014. Although you obviously have to make a choice about your former, current or potential partner (and even an enemy) the situation should always lead back to one thing - your own reinvention. Do skip the Friday-Sunday eclipse period for decisions, though.


Venus, your ruler, is in Taurus, your own sign - and she will be joined by Mars on Tuesday. By your birthday you will have been put in the right place, at the right time, with the right person to relaunch your name, face or image. A far bigger story is the rather intriguing plot unfolding below the surface, where nobody else but you can see it. You could have enjoyed a great deal more exhilarating independence - perhaps, total independence - than has been the case. It is still out there if you want it, but first, try to sidestep the Friday-Sunday eclipse period. It’s too unclear.


You obviously have decisions to make about a lover, and the whole business of sexual intimacy. Or is this about babies, children or young adults? For some Gemini people, it will be both at the same time. There is old karma to be worked out here, so take your time. Avoid the eclipse phase on Friday-Sunday too as you will not be shown the full picture. Over the long-term, what matters far more (believe it or not) is the experience of genuine independence and total freedom. This comes to you through a friend or group, from here through May. New world. Vast new potential.


Your ruler the Moon is associated with family relationships, patriotism, one’s home town, the property market, homemaking and the household. No wonder you are being pulled so hard in the direction of choices about your own comfort zone and sense of belonging. What is actually far more crucial in 2015, 2016 and beyond is your success in life. As you are beginning to realise, it has nothing to do with other people’s definition of achievement, and everything to do with being free. Choices wait. Just skip the Moon’s eclipse period, Friday-Sunday as it’s so misleading.


With both Venus and Mars in your success zone after Tuesday and Pluto in your zone of hard work too, set up April right now, and remember that the more you provide a service to others (even if you are the most powerful CEO or President on earth) the higher you will climb. The total lunar eclipse emphasises the internet, publishing, foreign people and places and education. As you are ruled by the Sun you may want to avoid dramatic conclusions Friday-Sunday as you are not being shown the full story. The changes you need will be in place by April, though.


Intriguing new developments involving foreign people and places, the web, books, education or academia will gather speed after Tuesday, and a high percentage of Virgo people with the right birthday will be singled out for special attention by May. The biggest story this week is your money, however. Or is this about your business, company, property, possessions or good cause? The road to independence by April is perfectly clear by now, yet you may want to avoid making up your mind Friday-Sunday when a dramatic eclipse conceals more than it reveals.


You tend to be polarised by ‘me’ issues versus ‘we’ issues when there is an eclipse in your own sign, Libra. By nature you are so well-known for your double acts - or your battles royal - that you would normally just get on with the business of reshaping a relationship, or fighting the good fight. What this eclipse will do, though, is return to questions about your own reputation, name, role, appearance or profile. This is intensely personal stuff so give yourself time and space to mull over your priorities. Skip the eclipse period (Friday-Sunday) for decisions too; the timing is out.


One question simply will not go away - how are you to work, and succeed, in 2015? You have been held up for so long that you have been given the luxury of time to contemplate what success actually means. Is it freedom, without compromises? Or is it taking huge opportunities and running with them? The timing in your horoscope has been peculiar since last year, but you can work it using astrology as your secret weapon. Avoid the eclipse period, Friday-Sunday, which could even point to a cover-up job for some Scorpio people. Either way, nothing is truly clear.


What role should you play with the next generation (or the one after that) and what are your rights and responsibilities, as well as those of particular children or young adults? This central issue has dominated March and it will also loom in April, but with each passing day, you will move closer to genuine independence. For some reason you have not gone as far as you might on the freedom trail, but it is certainly open to you. This applies to passion and sexual intimacy as well, no matter how you play that in your life. Just one note: skip Friday-Sunday for decisions.


Although you are intensely focussed on your career, university life or unpaid work for very good reasons, the bigger issue is your sense of space and freedom. Over the long-term, the energy you must now put into your home town, homeland, house, apartment, family or household will reward you far more. At every turn (and there will be more turns to come in April) you must treasure independence above everything else, because once you have it, you will never lose it. Big choices lie ahead. Avoid the eclipse phase Friday-Sunday if you want total clarity, though.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. There is an odd familiarity about the situation you are facing on the internet, with multimedia, publishing or communication in general. Your life may be ruled by the telephone, computer or the power of the word elsewhere, but March and April are times of deep transformation - with a twist. The twist is that you’ve seen it all before, though in a different form. This helps more choices by Easter. In the meantime, remember that the eclipse period Friday-Sunday covers up far more than it will reveal to you.


Stay on the path and hang onto your vision, Pisces. You want to translate the money, business, house, possessions, charity or apartment into freedom, and after everything you have been through, you know that precious independence is absolutely priceless. The issue is how you get there - but there is no final destination with any of this, because it is a work in progress. As you will see in April this new phase in your life is also unprecedented so you literally have to make it up as you go along. Start out right by avoiding the Friday-Sunday eclipse phase for decisions.