Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for you this week

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All eyes (and ears) will be pointed towards the new realities of your life as a traveller, internet user, publisher, student, teacher or true believer near Monday. The news near Wednesday is uncompromising, and you will need a strategy. Interestingly, given the hardships of the last two years, there is now a remedy for your financial, property or business situation from this week forward and after Saturday it’s a two-way street. One thing to be aware of now - with Vulcano, Vesta and Uranus in Aries, watch the image you project. Looking ahead to September-December 2016, believe in a happier, bigger, brighter future with (or possibly without) your former, current or potential partner. Act on this near Thursday. You are creating the long-term future but it’s so worth your effort.


Your financial, property or business situation is now heavily loaded and you must be so aware that the choices you make between now and Christmas dictate the future. Quite true, but others have been there before you, so draw on their expertise. Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of a welcome shift in the atmosphere and outlook this week. December 2015 is a vast improvement on December 2014 or 2015. Looking far ahead into the future, you will be thrilled with your body and your daily workload from September 2015 if you really push the situation now. You have seeds so plant them. Just be aware of what you cover up in your life, or what you do behind the scenes. This is volatile stuff and you must be 100% conscious of what you’re actually up to!


Your ruler Mercury in your house of former, current and potential partners opens up the discussion and makes fact-finding essential. This also applies to enemies, rivals or opponents. Plot and plan, but most of all, give this deep thought before you act, as by Christmas you will have altered your own destiny. A noticeable change with your body or your working day will take place this week. Given the stuck patterns of the last two years you should be applauding the shift. Two more things this week! For a happier life with the world of babies, children or teenagers from September 2016, do be proactive now. And be sharply aware of the chemistry with your friend (the one who is also in a group with you). Tons of time and space is required for you, for him/her and them.


Nobody really breathes a sigh of relief about their working day (or their body) until Saturn is out of Sagittarius, and that’s two years away now. You are the very beginning of a demanding cycle which will change your life and ask you to make some hard decisions. Make them easier by allowing plenty of time and space to find out more - and really think over your pre-Christmas choice. The situation with babies, children, youth projects, teenagers or a much younger generation is encouraging, intriguing and a relief after the relentless situation you were in, during 2014 or 2015. Perhaps a serious lover is the issue here, or maybe it’s your offspring. If you want to renovate, move, gain from property or feel happier with your home life from September 2016, do act this week. And be conscious of career, university or unpaid work undercurrents. They’re stormy!


Leo parents, godparents, serious lovers (the kind who could become aunts, uncles or step-parents), grandparents, aunts and uncles are all undergoing a reality check now. Be aware of what is involved, and whom is involved (at the deepest levels) before you make your pre-Christmas choice. This also applies to larger youth projects or young people’s plans, involving you. Refreshing shifts in the atmosphere and outlook with your family, house, apartment, household, home town and country occur now, with more to come by January. Dismiss recent history with a flick. A stellium in Aries tells you to be sensitive about foreign people and places, belief systems, education in all its forms, publishing and the internet. One person or organisation is concealing so much emotion.


You really have to weigh up the long-term cost of the decision now hovering, with your family, home town, homeland, house, apartment or household. If you block off one pathway, another will turn up. All lead to the same truth - sometimes big things need plenty of time and effort. The difference between your internet life, multimedia, publishing and communication in general, this month, will be extreme. You have crawled out of a very tough time, since the final quarter of 2012 so welcome the change and ditch old tactics which are no longer required. The stellium in your finance, property, business and charity zone suggests the situation is as much about people politics and personalities, as it actually is about the cash translation. In the final quarter of 2016 you will make or save a fortune, so treat this week as the launch pad. Make it bouncy.


If you want the best possible relaunch, rebirth and renaissance in the final quarter of 2016 you will doggedly follow the process this week and dedicate yourself to your Me Agenda, no matter if this is your image we are talking about, or your personal appearance. An ongoing shift in the atmosphere and outlook with your money, property, business or charity should be welcomed as evidence is gathering fast that the last two years should be relegated to history. What else is going on now? Given your preoccupation with partners, I should have mentioned this first, but your former, current or potential soulmate is at the heart of major questions about control, desire, jealousy and - freedom! What a cocktail. Out of this process, though, will come some hard-earned discoveries.


What do you in total secrecy - or behind the scenes, with no recognition - is rather like the first step on an extraordinary new journey, which won’t really begin until September 2016. No time or effort is wasted, in the meantime, Scorpio. It is also time to take a deep breath and lay 2013-2015 to rest. Given what you have been through with matters of profile, reputation, image or personal appearance, you can be forgiven for needing to exhale. The ‘Me agenda’ matters which come into focus now have a completely different feeling. In fact, you will be keen to tackle them. This week is also important from the perspective of your working day, or your body. Read the personalities involved carefully. Independence is a very big concern at the moment, as you know. I have left your money, business, house, company or apartment until last. Find out exactly what 2016 will require of you, if you take the step suggested now.


With Vulcano, Vesta and Uranus in your house of children, serious relationships and youth affairs - you can be forgiven for wanting to stir this cocktail rather than shake it. One thing that may help is looking at the ingredients. When one male appears to have the influence over two or more females, strange recipes result. Remix this until you are happy with it, no matter if the issue is a lover who could make you a parent, or your offspring. This week is also notable for the strong hints about the future of a group, in the final quarter of 2016. This tribe of people holds fantastic promise for you. The friend within this group is on the canvas now. Paint the picture with the long-term future in mind, as this person, and the circle around him/her will benefit you into 2017. Matters of image, personal appearance, identity and reputation are important, too. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to do, as long as you know the score.


What a difference a few months makes. When you consider the situation with your group, and your friend, in Christmas 2014 or Christmas 2013 it must seem light years away from the position you find yourself in now. Keep reshaping this area of your life as you are working with new raw materials! Did you know that you will be promoted, win an award, achieve outstanding results or land a sought-after job in the final quarter of next year? No effort, energy, time or faith this week is wasted, as it will all come out in a rather spectacular wash, after September next year. Your ruling planet Saturn is now in an area of your horoscope associated with clandestine activity, classified information, uncredited efforts and tremendous secrecy. You must weigh things up very slowly and carefully before you commit to a particular path as it will have a major impact.


When you are blessed with the most fantastic travel, foreign, academic, publishing, educational or internet journey in the final quarter of 2016, you can look back on this week and thank your lucky stars that you made the effort. You are setting up the long-term future in the smallest way at the moment, but it is significant. This week is also notable for the astounding shift in atmosphere surrounding your chosen career, industry, business or field. Nothing was simple in 2013 or 2014, yet now you can breathe a sigh of relief that certain life-changing and difficult decisions are far behind you. You were quite right to do what you did, and a rather different future waits. Some of the stitches in this future tapestry will be sewn this week, and into January as well. The friendship and/or group which offers such a dramatic choice has not gone away. Perhaps there are two choices or two paths. You can and must find out more, first.


You will be richer, or better off materially, after September 2016, with abundance flowing all the way into 2017. Astrology is not about pennies from heaven, though, it is about working with the smallest beginnings now. Of course there are volcanic issues rumbling far below the surface when you consider your money, house, business interests, apartment or possessions. Look to the long-term future, though, and try to see that you are planting seeds. This week also reminds you that serious Saturn is in your house of career, university life and unpaid work. The pathway you ultimately choose by Christmas will change your life so make sure you know the lay of the land before you take it. Find out what is actually involved - not only what is on paper or under discussion. It is also time to lay 2013-2015 to rest in terms of your travel, academic, publishing or foreign experiences. Work with the present and truly, lay the past to rest.