Your weekly horoscope from astrologer Jessica Adams - what's in store for your star sign?

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The situation with (or for) your partner will go on for weeks so allow for reversals and changes. This also applies to your former or potential partner too. And enemies! Allow until October if this also influences children, adoption, fertility, stepchildren as two planets are retrograde or appearing to go backwards. After Saturday, stunning and wise advice about your courtship, the heirs to your throne, your dynasty or your royal (sexual) privilege will appear. Don’t lose the real priority, though. It’s work. And it’s been a very long time coming, Aries.


It’s unusual to see both the Libra and Leo zones of your horoscope so held up, for such a long time. This might explain why key areas of your life are about to swing backwards and forwards for weeks. Start with the idea that work, employment or university discussions are a moveable feast, and go from there. You will be pleased to see a firm source of esteemed wisdom help your ideas about the house or apartment, though. Or is this about your flatmate or relative? Allow until October for this to pan out in full, but do count on someone who knows their onions.


You are quite right to put a longer deadline on particular internet, publishing, multimedia or other communication projects and plans. This long cycle of Mercury Retrograde, which began its shadow phase days ago, will affect a chain of people beyond you. Even technology and computers will be affected, so prepare to treat this as a dress rehearsal or first draft until the end of October. Children, stepchildren, godchildren or young relatives are also in a ‘cycling’ cycle when nothing very much can be called final. This also applies to youth concerns.


With so much activity in the signs of Leo and Libra this year, you could be hoping for a firm outcome with your money, business, tax, house, apartment or company. Instead you have an intriguing relationship - there is no other word for it - but also some esteemed and clever advice. This will come your way after the weekend when Minerva the goddess of wisdom visits your cash chart. The Libra zone of your horoscope is very much about where you live, how you live, with whom you live and so on. Allow for changes and delays, particularly with builders, tenants, property agents, relatives, flatmates. Get it in writing and read that fine print.


So much action in your horoscope in Leo, your own sign, yet all of it oddly protracted! This means you will spend until October listening to (or reading) excellent advice about the way you look or appear. It may not be until you are well into Autumn that you can conclude the ‘me’ agenda, though. You also need to take good steps with the Mercury Retrograde cycle, to secure your information. This extends to publishing, multimedia and your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Allow for the fact that you’ll hit reversals or waiting games and plan accordingly.


Your ruler Mercury just started the long and winding road through Libra, which rules your money, a few days ago. Backwards and forwards this goes, until the end of October, with plenty of stops  and starts. There will also be a state of suspended animation! You need to allow for this with your taxation, shares, house, cashflow, apartment and so on. The other odd behaviour in your chart this week concerns the secret you keep or the role you play behind the scenes. Why odd? Because at last you have a solution yet nothing can really be sorted out until November.


With Mercury moving backwards and forwards in your department of image, profile, branding, reputation and personal appearance - you can bank on a need to rethink, reschedule and revisit whatever you might assume is in motion now. This applies to all of September and October which is why astrologers advise using these weeks as a dress rehearsal rather than a grand-slam plan. Business cards or anything with your name on it (on paper, in particular) will require close checking. You can bank on an outcome with your group, club, team, society, association or ensemble cast in weeks, not days, as this will take time to really nail down.


The retrograde or apparent backward motion of Venus and Mercury is affecting everybody you know, for weeks and you will see it most in your career or life at university. Not until Halloween is out of the way will you actually be able to lock everything in, yet you must snap up the sage advice of a brilliant source after this weekend. You only get one Minerva transit like this in your lifetime! The other concern now is what you cover up, hide, do alone or do without recognition. This is going to go in stops and starts for the next few weeks so work around that.


Your group, team, club, society, association or other people power network is so far from being organised and orderly, that you may want to write off September and October as months to experiment rather than to commit and confirm. This certainly bodes well if you have the luxury of timing ultimate decisions later in October, yet if you must press ahead now, at least be savvy enough to have alternatives. One friend in particular may be the source of the ongoing talk. The Leo cycle in your chart suggests the most superlative insights about your foreign, travel, internet, academic, educational or publishing agenda after this weekend.


With so much activity in your horoscope taking you backwards and forwards until October, the smart money is on an experimental, open and flexible attitude. This is particularly true with your money, business, taxation, property or charity. Although you will be amazed by the wisdom that comes from outside sources, new or undiscovered, you must also allow for quite a few weeks of changes or delays. The other key issue in your chart now is your success in life and your status, too. Please do accommodate ongoing talk or paper trails in September and October, yet around Halloween you should finally have every last detail inked.


With Mercury playing tricks in your zone of foreign people and places, education, academia, export, publishing and the internet - you may prefer to adopt a ‘wait and see’ policy until the end of October. If you need to go ahead allow for a zig-zag pathway and take the usual Mercury Retrograde precautions like common-sense insurance, alternative plans and back-up policies. I am sure your chief motivation in reading this horoscope is your partner, though. Or is this about a former or potential partner? Allow until late October for this to settle down and sort itself out, but do take advantage of a wise woman’s clever advice shortly.


The amazing thing about this part of the year is the potential for rethinking, rehearsal and rescheduling. And that can sometimes make all the difference to money, business and property if you play your cards right. If you must bank on quick, certain outcomes though - be savvy enough to read the fine print on outcomes, should there be a reversal or delay before late October. The other key to your horoscope now is Minerva in Leo, the sign which rules your lifestyle, working day and daily routine. This is where you can make useful sketches of your life rather than firm and final plans, yet there will be a smart person or organisation on hand to help with your sketches so that you end up at final draft in November.