Your weekly horoscope from our expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Other people ‘have’ children or ‘acquire’ nieces, nephews, godchildren, stepchildren. At the moment you are playing a spiritual role with this generation, who may be Gen Y, Indigo Children, Millennials or even Baby Boomers, depending on your age. It goes beyond your soul’s influence, though. This is about ensuring that something goes on. And on. And that’s why you need to accept everything is an opportunity in disguise at the moment. Even if it doesn’t look big now, it could be.


You can take your home with you at the moment. That’s important. Your house or apartment is one example of that. Your town or country is another. This is about the security that travels around with you. And of course, there is your tribe. Your clan. This is also a kind of mobile sanctuary. Feeling your way into this cycle has taken a considerable leap of faith, since last year, but now you are being shown how much more extraordinary everything could be. Take your home with you.


There is really no point in feeling certain things very strongly - or having ideas you are passionate about - without actually having the audience you deserve. And that, of course, requires the right avenue or medium. You have already switched your way of being heard or read once, finding an entirely new setting for your words, images or ideas. Now you can go back and do more with this, or even leave it to one side for the next grand experiment. You’re the messenger of the Gods now.


The more you rather stubbornly hang onto your big business asset, your house, your investment, your precious possessions, your charity, your apartment…the more you value what you have. This is really worth your current efforts alone. You can’t put a price on a higher valuation of something that was already precious. It now just rewards you even more, spiritually, emotionally or psychologically. The rewards are actually about more than that, though. There is a practical aspect!


You actually don’t  have to show up to be a winner at the moment. You just have to sit there and radiate something. That certain something, perhaps. The internet is one way of transmitting that, and with Uranus in Aries for the last few years, you’ve certainly been experimenting. Beyond that, an old-fashioned, stonking, word-of-mouth reputation is a force to be reckoned with. Photographs and film footage also do the job very nicely. But here’s the thing. What are you chasing? And why?


To enter into another world which others never venture into, is part of the trip at the moment. It has been for about 12 months. It won’t last forever, and in fact, October looks like the end times. Right now you may as well lose yourself in the escapism of your own inner space, though. Sometimes you need your very own Bletchley Park of Anonymous escapade, or at the very least an anonymous name on the internet. Given that you’re an astrology fan, though, I suspect your inner space is spiritual, soulful, psychological and just…so tempting.


You are so well-known for operating in pairs or duets, and your love life or professional life has been packed with double-acts. Every David Cameron needs a Nick Clegg. Every Dawn French needs a Jennifer Saunders. Now, you are discovering the peculiar delights of something that is about many more people than two. This is a multi-headed creature offering you joyous rewards. Among which is the discovery that gender, age, class, status, nationality, culture, colour are irrelevant. This is a human bean thing. And all beans are alike in the same light. Together you can achieve remarkable things in a short space of time.


There is considerable satisfaction in going from the bottom to the middle. And from the middle to the top. And once on top, staying there. And how do you pull this off? Either by staying in the structure you chose (or the structure which chose you) or by deliberately seeking out a second pyramid of sorts. There is a hierarchy here too. A real pecking order and system. Yet - it might just be the one thing you can scale, by October. If not you will do very nicely in your other world. It’s slow. It’s awfully slow. But you have time, at least, to appreciate your own work.


The more you brush with other cultures, countries, regions, nationalities, beliefs and ideas - the more you shape your own world view again. This is part of what life is all about for you. So those other accents, passports or distant time zones online have been no accident since last year. You were always meant to take the journey you took, and now you have ended up at a fascinating juncture. How far and fast can you go now? You won’t believe it. In fact, it’s time to remember why you are here. To learn and absorb. To exchange, export and import.


The stellium in Leo is really about appreciating how power is precious and potent stuff. We manifest it through possessions, lovely ‘things’ and objects to some degree. And obviously, through houses, apartments, land, philanthropy, charity and big business. What you are doing now is exercising your power and understanding how delicate the controls really are, when shared by necessity. Seeing how a system can be made to work with you, him, her, them (or it) and mastering the art of power shared - is the whole key now. And yes, it could make you better off.


You are really far more comfortable with a group, because you have been figuring your way around various little circles and tribes since you were a child. It doesn’t mean it’s always easy for you, but it’s very familiar. Now, you are being asked to think about two people, not just a load of them. And you are also moving away from yourself - just you - into thinking in terms of ‘we’ and ‘us.’  The rewards for this are very great. There is nothing that can’t be resolved at the moment. And nothing that can’t be pursued so much more ambitiously. Try it.


You have this reputation for losing yourself in other realities and for inhabiting a completely different time/space hole to the rest of us. It’s all rather like Einstein mixed with a composer of fairy tales. And yes, we allow you these trips out of the real world. What happens when you make the real world work for you, though? When you snap up new systems, methods and approaches that turn you into a model of efficiency and a paragon of good health? Give yourself six gold stars. But most of all, lock this in and nail it down. This is the life (style)!