Expert astrologer Jessica Adams predicts what lies ahead this week

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The time has come to be sharply aware of what you are creating in your life as a traveller, student, teacher, writer or publisher. As a believer (and you can be a Humanist and still believe in something) or as an internet user. As a world citizen who interacts with all cultures. Why this long shopping list of concerns? Because from Christmas, Saturn - the teacher - will be in the sign of Sagittarius which rules the big picture in your world. The lessons are inevitable but they do not have to be hard, or heavy. Much depends on what you set up for yourself now, through December.


This is not the time to take on a heavy financial, business, charity or property commitment if you are not completely aware of all the outcomes in 2015 and 2016. Read the fine print if you are pursuing a mortgage, loan, donation and so on. You only hit one Saturn cycle like this every three decades and as it will linger over the next two years, it is extremely important that you only accept (through December) what you know you can live with, long-term. It may be foreign exchange rates; advanced money; higher education fees - however you play this, Taurus, play it with 2015 in mind.


Ever since September you have been pushed and prodded, by fate, into a new episode involving your partner, former partner or potential partner. If you are a hater not a lover, this fresh chapter has involved your enemy, rival or opponent. Now, things move a little faster. In fact, by Christmas you could be knee-deep in something which is hard to extricate yourself from. Astrology is about an negotiable future, so the buck stops here. Even if you have to screech to a halt, in order to stop and smell the way the wind is blowing, do so. Be sharply aware of all possible outcomes in 2015.


The sign of Sagittarius rules your daily workload; your housework and routine; your sense of service and duty to others; your relationship with your body. It is about the small details of daily life, from the quality of your sleep, to your food and drink patterns, to your exercise, doctor or alternative health practitioner. Ultimately, though, it is about the way you work for the world, as well as for yourself. Now is the time to head off any potential challenges in 2015 by retracing your steps from September and October, and seeing where next year might take you. Be a realist, Cancer.


You have two months to create the next year or two. Projects involving the next generation may be involved. Your son, daughter, godchild or young relative is an obvious concern. So too is any relationship where parenthood is a possibility. Throughout November and December it would be so easy to walk blindly into a situation which may become hard work later on. The smart money is on some dedicated research. Before you wake up to find yourself with something you are stuck with next year, ask around. Look online. Be a realist. Read the books. Keep the stakes very low, Leo.


While it is true that the heavens impel, they do not compel. In other words, you have been pulled into a relatively new current with your close relative, house, home town, apartment, household or homeland since September. Despite this, you can surf the current as you wish. You don’t necessarily just have to be blown the way the wind takes you. Now is the moment to become acutely aware of where you are going and what it involves. Tenancy agreement? Mortgage? Property transaction? Council battle? Family issue? Tick your own box but do research this fully.


If you take on a website, blog or other internet commitment between now and the first quarter of 2015 it will not be a picnic. It will teach you a great deal, but you can leave the strawberries and gingham tablecloth at home. Beyond this, Libra, you may find yourself being pulled towards a new chapter involving the media, publishing, language or other aspects of your Communications H.Q. right now. Between now and Christmas you must bring yourself up to date with what will realistically be required next year. Don’t take on something you would find too much, later on.


It really helps to be hard-nosed about your salary, mortgage, credit card, company, business, precious possessions, charity or insurance now. You can also throw in taxation, inheritance and the sharemarket. Keep the stakes low, even as you spend the next two months adding new chapters to a story you began back in September. Others have been in this situation, or a similar one, before you. What was their experience? What are the Known Issues, capital K, capital I, about what you are now being lured into? Astrology is about being proactive. What might 2015 hold? Be aware.


If others have plans for your image, brand, appearance or label which would tie you fast to commitments in 2015, and even have a knock-on effect in 2016, then be acutely aware of what you are being pulled into, even before December comes around. In general, the first week of November is the right time to promise yourself that you will not pursue anything with very high stakes in relation to your appearance or name, unless you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. This applies to diets, cosmetic surgery, branding exercises and the rest. Do some homework.


Ever since September you have been lured by quite a new situation in your life which requires you to cover things up; keep secrets; play a background role; become virtually invisible. This episode may have direct links with your life in the years 2000-2008. Even if this is not the case, what others do not see, know or understand about you and your world is increasingly moving up on your radar. It is extremely important that you do not enter into anything which would become a burden for you next year, or even in 2016. Watch yourself, watching yourself. Don’t sleepwalk into future issues.


What is fate? It can come disguised as a welcome companion, only to reveal itself as a seriously hard taskmaster later on. Fate is now at work with your friend, and with your group. The first signs of what may soon become very hard work for you, turned up a few weeks ago. It seemed inevitable; unvaoidable; hard to refuse. However, that was then. This is the future. It is time to see which way the wind is blowing. As the weeks go past, you may wake up on Christmas Day only to find yourself well and truly stuck with a situation asking too much of you. You can still head it off.


Many born in February or March are now pursuing new jobs; redundancies; reshuffled positions. On a less dramatic note, there may have been a shift in your chosen field, profession or business in the last few weeks which has set you on a particular path. Do you want to sail into new territory next year without a map or compass? You would be crazy to do so, as the taskmaster Saturn is poised to loom on the career, university or volunteering horizon for two years. This is the perfect time to promise yourself that November and December will be about reality checks and planning.