Astrologer Jessica Adams shares her horoscope predictions for the week ahead

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The next generation, born 20 years or more after you, continues to dazzle you with its potential this week. Just as importantly you must now focus on what other people don’t know or see about you. Your secret side, or your behind-the-scenes role, now cries out for a realistic, practical approach.


You appear to be drifting further out, where friends or groups are concerned, and may risk losing touch with the real world altogether unless you step back from these people and understand why boundaries have dissolved. Your property or family prospects remain excellent so keep talking.


Your aims, goals and ambitions are on shifting sand at the moment and although one role, project or position has been a delightful departure from reality, you must now contain and control the situation in order to avoid feeling all at sea. Despite this, a dazzling internet plan looks solid gold.


This is turning out to be an extremely rewarding month in terms of bean-counting, but you stand to gain so much more than profits or savings, as your entire value system is being vindicated. Your travel,foreign, publishing, internet or educational agenda is another matter. Anchor this in reality.


July and August may as well be renamed Festival of The Leo and leave it at that. The more you understand that your shop window is your passport to what you want, the better. Do focus hard on the money, house, flat, business, possessions or charity. Keep it real. It’s all looking rather unreal.


It is very important that you step back from your current angle on a former, current or potential partner and take a different mental snapshot. This also applies to your enemy, rival or opponent. Alter your perspective so that things are clearer, with sharper edges. Get rid of the distortion.


You could so easily end up drifting into a state of confusion at the moment, as your daily workload or your relationship with your body has led you on a most peculiar pathway for months. To avoid even more chaos, nip one situation in the bud now. Best bet this week? A friend on a group project.


Your prospects of success, as you define it, continue to grow every time you look at the role, plans or goals in question. Never let a chance go by, as they say in Newcastle, Australia! What needs work now? Your view of the next generation or relationships bringing it closer. Sharpen your vision.


In the most subtle way, you have drifted into an altered state where your family, home town, flat, house, homeland or household is concerned. This is not the Sixties, though, so come back to planet earth and ground yourself. That way you can snap up chance to travel, move or export.


The internet can be a strange place, without any of the usual boundaries and sometimes the loss of privacy or security too. It is important that your communication with the world at large is brought back down to earth this week. What works best for you now? The money, or what it can purchase.


Separate yourself into two people this week. One twin must be down to earth, practical and realistic about the money, house, business, flat, charity or possessions. The other twin can be a raging optimist about a fresh situation involving a former,current or potential partner. Even a foe.


With Chiron, Salacia and Neptune all in Pisces this year, no wonder matters of image, appearance or reputation have crept up on you and created one wave of confusion after another. You urgently need to see yourself and your life as it is. Your daily workload, however, is a chain of rewards.