Your weekly horoscope from our resident expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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This is the last year for three decades you will have to put in quite so much effort with your finances, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity. Use what does not add up near Monday 4th May to help you move towards a fresh start, two weeks later. Complete release and relief will come when Saturn has moved on for good, from 18th September.


The statement about your name, personality, face, shape, style or reputation which is made online after Friday 8th May will resonate for years. All the more reason to take your time with solutions near the Full Moon on Monday 4th May. By next week a go-between will be keeping both sides in the situation happy. Cut your cameo carefully.


You appear to be covering up a secret matter, even from your best friend or lover. Alternatively, you are lurking behind the scenes and allowing others to take the credit. In either case, you have two weeks to weigh up the pros and cons, ahead of a landmark decision. This confidential concern, or invisible role of yours, has long-term impact.


Your ruler the Moon puts a friendship or group involvement on the line near Monday 4th May, but let the lunar cycle play itself out. By the 18th May, on the New Moon, you should have made the most of a person who is skilled at people-pleasing. He or she will play a major role with the most powerful players in this story, from May 12th.


Your career, university life or unpaid work will not sit comfortably with you, near the Full Moon on Monday 4th May. You can spend the next fortnight finding creative solutions or compromises, as you will begin a new role or goal near the 18th May.  The results will outlive you, as you will see shortly after Friday 8th May when Psyche enters Taurus.


Your travel, publishing, foreign, internet, educational or academic agenda is far more than just an interlude in May. The results will resonate for years, which is why you must take as much time as you require, to correct a situation, or deal with it creatively. In a week or two you will be able to make a new beginning and move forward.


You cannot really turn over a new leaf with your business, money, house, tax, apartment, charity or possessions until you have done some weeding and lopping. Do the best you can with what you have, and bear in mind that from 18th September the most demanding cycle in about three decades will be history. You are on the downhill slope.


The Sun is in Taurus, your opposite sign, so you are dealing with the realities of your opponent at the moment, or perhaps a former, current or potential partner (your opposite number in life). After the 12th someone will liase between two parties, or two sides, and from 18th May you can welcome the birth of a brand new beginning.


Monday’s Full Moon points to telling aspects of your work routine, daily lifestyle or relationship with your body. You can now spend the next two weeks moving towards a more satisfactory situation. The arrival of Psyche in the practical sign of  Taurus on Friday 8th May is important. Suddenly, you realise that what you achieve will last forever.


You have two weeks to make some intensely personal decisions about who (or what) does not add up. The focus may be your children - or a close relationship which could make you an aunt, uncle, or parent one day. Godchildren, or projects involving the young, may also require sifting and sorting in your mind, ahead of a new chapter near the 18th.


Your family, homeland, house, flat or household is caught by Monday’s Full Moon, which demands that you spend the next two weeks deciding who and what matters most. This story will last for years, no matter if it is about bricks and mortar, or an intensely personal sense of belonging. You will see why, after Psyche changes signs on Friday 8th.


It is one thing to connect with people - to be heard and read - and quite another to find that the message resonates for years. Perhaps this is just a fact of life on the internet, but your intuition should tell you that a complex situation needs more time. What (or who) does not sit comfortably with you near Monday, helps you make a fresh start later.