Our expert astrologer reveals what lies ahead for the next week

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This is the time of year for reshuffles, promotions, resignations and redundancies. Beyond that there will be mergers and closures. That’s reality. But the astrology backs this up and urges you to set aside your normal reputation for being fiercely competitive, and instead to accept the necessity of a sweeping compromise. From Thursday, when Ceres moves to the ambitious sign of Capricorn, feelings will run high. But do try to at least seem flexible.


Ceres follows the Full Moon into the Ninth House of your chart this week, which rules your travel, foreign, internet, publishing and educational agenda. Questions about control, dominance and a sense ofentitlement will run until the end of March, by which time you can expect to see the final piece of territory divided up. Start the process correctly by avoiding emotion and drama as much as you can and showing your willingness to meet in the middle.


You can’t really expect your money, house, flat, business interests, possessions or charity to be entirely devoid of emotion when Ceres is around. This potent asteroid follows her brother-in-law Pluto into Capricorn this week, and as we have a Full Moon partly in that sign too, you can bank on Thursday 8th or Friday 9th being a wake-up call. By March you will be in an entirely new world of possibility. To get there from here, though, be open to changes.


Time it right with (or for) your partner. This also applies to your former or potential partner. And, for many Cancerians, this message about timing applies to enemies, rivals and opponents. Your ruler the Moon is opposite the Sun on Monday 5th when the story which will dominate January, February and March starts to reveal itself. By the time Ceres changes signs on Thursday, it’s fully clear. Burn no bridges. Be open to total compromise.


Your life at work, university or in the non-profit sector becomes more complicated after Thursday 8th January when Ceres changes signs. This, on top of a Full Wolf Moon on Monday 5th, suggests the need for a carve-up of territory and terms. Of course it’s lovely that something as mundane as work or study should churn up so much passion, but do try to get yourself into a position where negotiation is easy and a compromise is achievable.


The Fifth House of your horoscope rules your children, godchildren and young relatives. It also rules serious sexual relationships (where young in-laws or pregnancies may come your way) and of course, it rules youth-related projects. As hearts and souls are very much on the line, take your time deciding how you will respond to a new situation which arises after Thursday 8th. Possessive behavior gets nobody anywhere, but a fair result is here by March.


Ceres is a potent dwarf planet, equal to Pluto in the grand scheme of things, and she will have a powerful impact on the way you see your house, relative, flat, town, country or flatmate after Thursday 8th January. All this, on top of a Full Moon, suggests emotion rather than logic, but it is to your logical mind that you must turn. As there must be an outcome which works in a practical way for all stakeholders, be at your diplomatic best.


Your ruler Pluto has a mother-in-law in astrology and her name is Ceres. She changes signs on Thursday 8th January and deeper questions must now be answered about how you are heard and read, and how you feel about all the aspects of communication in your world, from broadband to the media. The most tremendous change is coming by March. It will be healthy change, but it will be made much easier if you indicate you’re happy to share.


The money, house, business, flat, possessions, charity or company must be divided. Or is this just about the level of control that exists, and the way that the control must be shared? By the end of March a new arrangement will be in place and quite frankly, it has been a long time coming. You can make the process more relaxed by trying to see others’ position, no matter if you are dealing with a huge entity or just one person. Try to be open.


The Full Wolf Moon in Capricorn, your own sign, and Cancer, your opposite sign, takes place on Monday 5th at 4.53am in London. What appears to be about your former, current or potential partner is actually about you. What seems to be about a rival, enemy or opponent is also about you! January is set to change a great deal about the way you are seen and the way you appear. Although this is about you, do try to factor in his/her/their stake as well.


One has to wonder what on earth you are up to, Aquarius, with so much activity in your Twelfth House. Are you beavering away behind the scenes, while others are the official name or face? Or are you concerned with something so deeply concealed that even your best friend does not know? The arrival of Ceres in Capricorn from Thursday 8th January suggests that these areas or your life will result in a whole new ball-game by April 1st.


Sniff the air around a group, or a friendship, and you will detect the scent of power. It may be your board of shareholders or your local book group. An old friend or a new friend. When both Ceres and Pluto are in your zone of friends and networks, though, you must factor in the very human need to control and dominate. Will it all come  out in the wash? Of course, but it will take until the end of March to do the soul laundry. Try to aim for a fair outcome.