Your weekly astrology update from Jessica Adams - what's in store for your sign?

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Two key dates to remember when talking to/about your partner are October 24th (when at last details can be fixed) and 12th November, when the most circular and familiar situation finally comes to a close. From that point on you really can ring the changes for, or with, this person. This also applies directly to your former partner or potential partner too. If you are more emotionally involved with a rival, opponent or enemy use astrology to your advantage by anticipating delays, changes or even a u-turn between now and October 24th, yet from 12th November the karma (this is one of your past lives on replay) ends.


You are now in quite a different space with your former, current or potential partners. The slow, stuck or frozen atmosphere has gone and now it is time to be an optimist. Mars, Hygeia and Cupido are in your zone of children, adoption, pregnancy and future young in-laws (if a relationship becomes serious). This triple combination is about action, not words, and it is also about understanding that irrational passion is sometimes the thing that matters most. You are quite right to believe in a bigger, better future. In fact, once you pass a momentous moment of truth at the end of October about one man (or woman) 2016 opens up.


Is this a past life, or just aspects of the last few years, repeating? You must feel as if you’ve been there and done that, when it comes to children, fertility, adoption, pregnancy or potential dates with people who have strong views on parenthood or blended families. You may want to allow one conversation or story to play itself out until the 24th of October, yet it is worth accommodating the changes, delays or reversals as the middle of November brings a genuine change. Having been stuck on a loop, you will suddenly be able to take quite a different course. The implications of this are quite heavy, though, so take your time. A former, current or potential partner is a serious concern now.


An awful lot of wheels are turning with your home life, house, apartment, household or family. If they were turning in the right direction at the normal speed all would be well, but you must wait until the final week of October to truly call one situation final, or 100% confirmed. Pay attention to the small details as it is often these which come unstuck and affect the bigger picture. The good news is, you are almost at the end of a past life flashback or a more recent replay in your life, as the Moon’s Node changes signs towards the middle of November and at last you can move on. What else matters now? Gender politics at work or university. Why let a male run a harem?


Now that Saturn is in your house of children, babies, pregnancy, fertility and serious relationships (the kind which could lead to aunt or uncle status one day, or parenthood) the mood has changed. There are serious new concerns and some very gritty, basic realities to absorb. Saturn has also left your mortgage, rent and property value sector, though, so at least some wheels are turning in the right direction. The world is always out of the toughest economic cycle in 29 years and you are already feeling it. The trick to eliminating debt, or accumulating money (or value-added advantages) is to be organised. Your situation definitely needs boundaries, clarity, tighter controls and a sharp eye.


Before you get in any deeper, or drift any further out, it might be a good time to narrow your focus where your partner is concerned. This also applies to your former partner - and potential partners too. The lack of clarity and certainty seems to have crept up on you in slow stages, but you urgently need to find a lighthouse and get your bearings. You are dealing with someone who is all over the place, all the time - or with a situation which drifts, never allowing you to feel as grounded as an earth sign should feel. If your great enemy, arch rival or opponent is the issue (rather than a lover) then the case for pulling up the drawbridge and putting in walls is even stronger. It’s a good week to be wary of confused and confusing types (too) who might not have your best interests at heart, particularly on Tuesday-Thursday, Virgo.


Try to keep life as simple as possible with your partner. This also applies to your former other half - or potential partnerships for the future. It would be so easy to buy into a harem scenario where two or more females have to compete for a male’s favours or time. It would also be very easy to fully engage with a triangular situation involving two or three hearts. None of this really helps and life will be a great deal more clear-cut if you can just stick to the big discovery you have made in 2013-2015 which is - freedom will find its own path. Your independence is the key to everything with or without this person.


Try to be as clear as possible about your children, or a relationship which could make you a parent, aunt or uncle if things became serious. There may be related issues like dating people with offspring; the adoption process; fertility; young relatives in your world. It is hard to see straight when everything is so distorted, but only a Scorpio can take full-tilt control and head for shore. You need to look for what is ordinary, real, normal - and perhaps not the alternative universe you have been exploring. This is the only way out of the most confused and confusing situation in weeks. Boundaries are urgently required now.


You cannot be truly free, in terms of emotional space or psychological room to move, if you buy into game-playing with children involved. This also applies to lovers who could make you an aunt, uncle or parent if things became serious. Then there are more loaded questions about fertility, adoption, pregnancy or dating those with strong views for or against offspring. As you have a right to a lot more oxygen than you have been experiencing, do all you can to head off complicated scenarios or (even) rather sexist situations. We’re all equal, aren't we? Bear that in mind when Vesta conjuncts Vulcano very close to Monday.


We are building up to a real moment of truth for (or with) the family next week. This is also true of your household, your domestic arrangements, your interest in a particular house or apartment - and your sense of belonging. As your reward for riding out yet another wild moment is freedom, you may want to have the full sense of independence you are entitled to, by sidestepping people politics. There is no other way to describe what is going on with a particular close relative, live-in partner, or someone who has such an impact on your home life and sleeping arrangements. Avoid an obvious game.


Saturn is now out of Scorpio at last, which is the sign ruling your success, your ambition and your achievements in life. The brakes are off and the old postures you had to assume back in 2013 and 2014, just to cope, should be history. There are major wheels turning out there in the workforce, and in the world of employment, business and enterprise. This means a more productive universe in every sense of the word and you will lay your claim - very successfully - to increased income or bigger savings, by 2016. First, though, you really need to address the fuzzy nature of your finances. What happened to rules? Dates? Boundaries? Schedules? Codes? Reasonable limits? Check!


If there is a big thought bubble about a particular house, business, financial sum, company, apartment or - even - precious set of possessions, hold that thought. Your relationship with a former, current or potential partner is probably involved, in which case you need to hold the emotion - with all its promise of something bigger and better - yet wait until 24th October for the changes, delays or reversals to be out of the way. Even if this is chemistry pure and simple, with no particular price tag or material question, you might still prefer to take your time with new decisions. Stay optimistic. But heavens, keep it real.