Prepare for the week ahead with your latest horoscope from astrologer Jessica Adams

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ARIES (March 21st to April 21st)

By the end of this month you should be very happy with the way your internet project, speech, book, multimedia idea or similar plan has taken off. Miracles can be performed if you work or play in a field where your voice is heard and read across a wide cross-section of people. Things will take off quickly midweek. Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods enters the communication sign, Gemini, from 3.56pm on Wednesday and that’s your green light. You also have a moment of truth about your money, house, business, apartment or possessions this weekend. The Sun-Saturn opposition at 7.27pm on Saturday is heavy but essential - use it.

TAURUS (April 22nd to May 21st)

What you achieve with number-crunching this month is crucial as it will make your position at the end of the year much easier. In turn, this protects you in 2015 and 2016. Give your finances, house, business, apartment, possessions or charity as much time and energy as you can. Many Taurus women have planets in Gemini so check your chart at If so, then the month of May will kickstart your online, media, publishing or other communication project. No matter what your personal horoscope looks like, it’s also clear that you must make a serious choice about your former, current or potential partner. Or an enemy. Saturday 10th May sees a planetary pattern which can only happen every 29 years.

GEMINI (May 22nd to June 22nd)

You are in an extremely useful cycle for relaunching your image, reviving your reputation and resuscitating your profile online. What you hear or read after Wednesday when your ruler Mercury enters your own sign is very important. By the end of the month you will have taken some wonderful steps in your favour. If you were born in the early days of Gemini then Mercury will conjunct your Sun so there may be a dazzling ‘me’ moment this week or next week. No matter what your chart looks like, you must also deal with the one health or work issue which will not go away, hopefully getting to grips with the realities this weekend.

CANCER (June 23rd to july 23rd)

The accent is on an invisible role you play behind the scenes, or a dark secret you are keeping, from Wednesday. By the time June arrives you will have seen amazing progress with your uncredited, unacknowledged efforts – or perhaps a piece of classified information. In some ways it is time to protect the future. You will see the conversation with yourself begin almost as soon as Mercury moves to Gemini at 3.56pm on Wednesday. You may also have planets in Gemini (many Cancer women do) and if so, May will deliver a brand new direction with your internet, publishing or media interests. In all cases, and for all Cancerians, the weekend is a moment of truth for an old friendship or a group. Decision time!

LEO (July 24th to August 23rd)

Between now and the end of May you are in a wonderful position to turn things around with a group project, social media or old friend. A person or situation you had assumed was going past its use-by date will be back on your agenda. Expect a flurry of calls, e-mails and news after Wednesday when Mercury changes signs. You must also deal with questions about your apartment, house, hometown, homeland or household once your ruler the Sun opposes Saturn on Saturday. You need to make your mind up even though you are being squeezed. Remember that from 2015 onwards you really will have a home – and not a constant concern.

VIRGO (August 24th to September 23rd)

You are approaching one of the most crucial professional, business or academic phases of the year. This also applies to any unpaid work you do. From this Wednesday your ruling planet Mercury will produce pivotal news and discussion and by June you should have successfully revived and protected a role or plan. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn takes place on Saturday at 7.27pm and it will force you to look at the realities of your internet, media, publishing or multimedia interests. There may also be deeper questions about how you communicate. Take what is there and work it. It will seldom be this hard again.

LIBRA (September 24th to October 23rd)

Your travel, internet, foreign, publishing or academic agenda has been long overdue for a rethink, but you will have so much to discuss after Wednesday that finding the space to plot and plan could be challenging. Try and make the time, because something has all the hallmarks of a classic comeback. It’s time. Mercury’s change of sign at 3.56pm on Wednesday is a change in the weather and you’ll have a crucial e-mail, call or meeting after that point. Your ruler Venus opposes Mars on Sunday at 10.26am and you will need to rebalance the scales with that man or woman who pushes all your buttons. Line up the weights.

SCORPIO (October 24th to November 22nd)

Your financial or property position in 2015 and 2016 owes a lot to the paperwork and discussions you are about to have in May. The letter, e-mail or call which arrives at any point after Wednesday will start the ball rolling and by the end of May it is crucial that you guard your position. Put in all the defences you require. The numbers should appear soon after Mercury changes signs at 3.56pm on Wednesday. By the time you reach Saturday, Saturn in Scorpio, your own sign will make his presence felt. All the ‘me’ issues which have been such hard work since the final quarter of 2012 now call for a firm choice. Patience, patience, Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd to December 21st)

It’s all about your former, current or potential partner in May and June, and one of the year’s most important conversations will take place within days. If you have an enemy, opponent or rival this person may also be under discussion. It’s one of those weeks when you could reunite with an ex or re-ignite marital love. It’s not just Mercury in your opposite sign of Gemini, which rules your opposite number in life. It’s also the potent clash between Venus and Mars in the zone of your chart that rules children, and any relationship which might turn you into an aunt, mother or co-godparent. Some decisions simply cannot be put off.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd to January 20th)

May is a tremendously important month in terms of your health, fitness and relationship with your body. There is excellent advice on hand if you want it and this week is the turning point. Medical people, alternative health experts and other professionals will turn up all month. Prevention is better than cure. Your ruling planet Saturn clashes with the Sun on Saturday at 7.27pm reminding you that there are no fast or easy answers with your social life, old friendship, social media or group involvements. You are going to have to strategise carefully and slowly and also accept the realities. This is what life is like. But it will not last.

AQUARIUS (January 21st to February 19th)

The focus now is on your children, godchildren or young relatives. Perhaps also, on a youth related concern, or a relationship which may end in parenthood. You are in a position to ask some of the most important questions of the year, and safeguard the future. Prepare to be amazed by June as one miracle turns up. The asteroid Aesculapius is at work and in Ancient Rome he was the god who could revive and resurrect. Something you had assumed was over, or almost there, could easily return with a new lease of life it will make a tremendous difference to the legacy you leave to the generation born 20 years or more after you.

PISCES (February 20th to March 20th)

Make your house, apartment, family, household or hometown the focus after you have been handed a piece of information which you realise will change everything. You are in a superb position to protect the future and also revive some aspect of your home, family tree or special place in the world. The phone call, e-mail, letter or news item which emerges after Mercury changes signs on Wednesday afternoon is pivotal. Your horoscope also suggests a moment of truth about your money, business interests or possessions this weekend. Perhaps that is connected to your property. In any case, you will be squeezed, but productively so. Sometimes a tight situation forces you to do something great.