Your weekly horoscope from Jessica Adams

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It’s time for promises or signatures where your home (or family is concerned).  Wednesday 8th July sees Mercury, the planet ruling meetings, paperwork and e-mails change signs. If you define ‘family’ as flatmates, and ‘home’ as your local region or country, then perhaps this is where discussions or decisions will come from. Pluto in Capricorn also nudges you in the direction of decisions, once again about your career, calling in life or ambition. The Sun’s clash with Pluto on Monday 6th July does suggest a crossroads but the issue is familiar enough. You either control this thing, or it controls you. Your safe bet in life continues to be your children, godchildren or young relatives. Or are you chiefly concerned with younger people through your professional or voluntary role? Close to 11th July you have four weeks of protection or great timing to use.


The truth about Pluto in Capricorn is that you either take the initiative and use your willpower, or you find that life (or other people) has a funny way of running your world. Your world is rather large in this instance, as you are travelling, using the internet, educating yourself, teaching, writing or publishing at the most intense level in years. If there is an involvement with a foreign culture or belief system, it’s even more intense! Well, close to Monday 6th July it’s time for a practical decision about that. A cluster in your web, multimedia, publishing and communication zone after Wednesday 8th July adds to the importance of your current project, plan, big idea or course. Did you know you have about four weeks left to snap up opportunities and solutions involving the family, your home, your local area or your country? This also obviously includes your household, too.


This is one of the most important weeks of the year in terms of managing your business interests, taxation, company, bank, income, home, possessions and so on. Your ruler Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 8th July and a meeting or crucial piece of paperwork looms from that point. The key to everything is pricing peace of mind, but also power. Nobody really likes using this word, but power is definitely in the equation, no matter if you are dealing with your bank manager or someone close. Long-term there are tempting options, particularly with family members, or a specific house or apartment - but that’s best kept for your August horoscope. We also have a useful opposition between Hygeia and Ceres on Saturday 11th July. Lock up this big idea or project for the future. Protect it as much as you cherish it. Social media island of your own? Script? Book? Whatever it is, it’s golden at the moment, Gemini.


It’s funny how questions about Him (capital H) or Her (capital H) always come back to You, spelled with a capital Y. You should be able to put things into words well enough after Wednesday 8th July when Mercury enters Cancer, your own sign. The fact is, the situation with your former, current or potential partner appears to be about sharing power, or sharing control, and this is having an impact on the way you feel about your image, persona, name, personal appearance or role. Sometimes on this cycle, the issue is an enemy, rival or opponent. Again, it all leads back to you, you, you and that’s why you must articulate what you feel to someone who can help. Close to Saturday 11th July you will realise why the current focus on your money, house, flat, business or possessions is so important. It’s to remind you that 2016, 2017 and beyond require some sort of insurance, even if it’s pre-emptive and practical action. The time is right.


Last week you had to deal with unavoidable questions about your daily workload and the impact it has on your body - and the way your physical condition influences your work ethic.  This week the Sun’s opposition to Pluto on Monday 6th July suggests it’s now or never for a major decision. You are also beginning to see the benefits of improving and enhancing your appearance, image or brand by thinking in terms of ‘two’ rather than one. When Hygeia in Leo opposes Ceres on Saturday 11th July, you must also think in terms of protecting the way you look or appear, for the future. Last week also showed you why your secret matters, or why operating behind the scenes is so crucial. After Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday 8th July (joining Mars, the Sun, Minerva and Ops) you will hear or read something essential to the process of covering up or Going Underground.


It’s unusual to see a stellium (cluster of heavenly bodies) all in the same horoscope zone, which rules your social circles, friendships and any formal groups which involve signed membership. This stellium is telling you that one of the year’s key pieces of news is on the way, after Wednesday 8th July, and by August a decision will have been made that shapes the next six months. You are also no doubt fully aware of the all-or-nothing atmosphere that surrounds your son, daughter, godchild or young relative. This might also be true for youth as a whole, or for children's needs and priorities. Even a lover who might make you an aunt or mother one day, could be the issue here. The intensity comes from Pluto’s position in the serious sign of Capricorn. You simply have to get real, and run your own life, Virgo. Do make time for your big secret, though, or the role you are playing behind the scenes. Only good things can come from this while Jupiter is in Leo.


You must now take the reins quite firmly, having indicated you are willing to share them, and steer your family life, property interests, domestic world or family in a direction which suits you, as well as others. This also applies to a larger definition of ‘home’ - even your town or country. The Pluto-Mercury opposition next week, on Wednesday 15th July, occurs on the same day as  a Pluto-Mars opposition, so you are reaching the point of no return, in terms of decisions. The only decision which will work is one which is fair to all concerned, and you are well-known for your grasp of fairness and justice. You appear to have your work cut out for you this week in terms of your career or other calling in life, too. Decisions made now must see you through to Christmas. Lean hard on the group which has already supported you so much, and to friends you trust inside that group. There are even more rewards from this bond of friendship or camaraderie to come, ahead.


Your ruling planet Pluto is opposed by the Sun on Monday 6th July, suggesting you are rapidly reaching a point where your feelings about correspondence, multimedia, the internet (and even your voice, perhaps) have peaked. You cannot and must not give away any more power. The fine art of compromise is something every Scorpio becomes skilled at over time, and it is this necessary, difficult compromise you must now reach, in around a week from now. On Saturday 11th July Hygeia in Leo clashes with Ceres, showing you how much you must draw on your accomplishments, your achievements and your incredible resources and backing at the moment. By 11th August certain opportunities or automatic protection will fade, but hopefully not before you have taken full and glorious advantage. After Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday 8th July, you also have a smart choice to make about a foreign country or its nationals - perhaps involving a trip, book or web venture - alternatively involving an intellectual journey.


Your ruler Jupiter will not remain in your sector of travel (and travel in the mind) beyond 11th August so time is really of the essence, if you want to snap up rare opportunities or pursue subjects which allow you to expand your mind. You can do a great deal in a very short space of time if you are quick, as you will see near Saturday 11th July. All of this is a wonderful distraction from the pressing matter of money. Or are you dealing with property, business, taxation, possessions or charity? The Sun-Pluto opposition on Monday 6th July foreshadows more pressing matters next week, and sometimes life really does boil down to necessary choices, all of which will deliver a completely new arrangement, or a sweeping transformation of the old. After Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday 8th July, the meeting, news or paperwork is a given. It is not so much the words or numbers that matter, though, as the truth of their meaning. Translate this into your own power, your own control, your own empowerment to start.


A stellium in Cancer, your opposite sign, describes your opponent or opposition in life, but also your opposite number - usually, a partner. This may be ghost of partnership or enmity past. It may be the ghost of a feud or partnership, future. Or are you content to live in the present with this person? In all cases (and the Seventh House of your horoscope covers all bases) you have questions to ask. For once you are about to get an answer, once Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday 8th July.  This new month is also very much about the way you are seen, and the way you publicly appear. Of course it’s all a chimera, but it’s a chimera that matters a great deal, because it is a yardstick for the control you feel you have (or lack) over yourself, your life and your world. What you hear, read or discuss near Monday will be even more important next week, when a decision looms. Do find the energy to protect your own financial, property or business future, though. You are in a rare position to do this, once you see what’s what, near Saturday 11th.


You really have come a very long way since this time last year, in terms of your partnerships. Or has your progress mainly been with a former partner, or even a (constantly) potential partner? All kinds of things have helped you. Some have been happy accidents. Others have been as a result of the time, energy and largesse of someone who genuinely cares. Take nothing for granted, even at this late stage in the Jupiter cycle, and use what you are shown near Saturday 11th July to guard the future, for the two of you - no matter what sort of chemistry you share, and what kind of understanding this is. Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday 8th July, pointing to a signature or agreement by August, greatly influencing your daily workload, or the care and maintenance of your body. Saturn in your sector of career, university life and charity work since late 2012 has taken its toll and now you must put yourself first, in every detail. The Sun-Pluto clash on Monday 6th July tells you to take charge of what is concealed or not credited to you. Whatever is below the surface matters as much as what is above.


This is a housekeeping time for you, in terms of your son, daughter or young relatives. Or do godchildren, or perhaps youth as a whole, seem more directly important to you? What you tidy up and sort out now, with a stellium in the caring and protective sign of Cancer, will stand you in good stead until December and January, when you must examine it all again. Mercury in Cancer from Wednesday 8th July suggests an important letter, meeting or signature is on the way, in regard to this. The time has also come to see just how far you can progress, in four weeks, with the biggest priorities for your health and wellbeing. Time is running out for this Jupiter cycle, but you may have earned all kinds of celestial favours and advantages since July 2014, so when opportunities or remedies appear, pursue them - they belong to you. The Pluto-Sun clash on Monday 6th July emphasises a group project, involving a friend - or perhaps people power, and thus people politics. All concerned must take their time with a necessary comprise and new arrangement. Don’t let that Piscean sensitivity make life too intense. There is a practical way through this, as you will see next week.