Expert Astrologer Jessica Adams tells us all what the stars have in store for us this week

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Put your former, current or potential partner first. Enemies, opponents and rivals too. This is where your time and energy must go, as you need a strategy that allows for delays, u-turns or changes in the weeks ahead. An even more pressing issue is your title, reputation, label or personal appearance. This is not the week to make up your mind, as both the eclipse and a clash between the Sun and Uranus in Aries, your own sign, suggests a state of flux. Just keeping up with the situation is enough, near Wednesday. Allow things to settle down before you make smart choices.


Draw conclusions about work, university life or volunteering another time. There is no guarantee that you are seeing the full picture this week, and you will also fine that the talking points or paperwork changes over time - or even sends you back to the drawing board. This also applies to body-related issues; with an eclipse and Mercury also moving backwards and forwards, you may want to pass final judgement another time. A secret you are keeping, or an invisible role you are playing, requires you to be ready to change plans with very little notice.


Your children, godchildren or young relatives are key. Youth projects or parenthood-potential relationships, too. In all cases, choose another time to set big plans or pass big judgements as your ruler Mercury appears to be moving backwards across the heavens. An eclipse on Wednesday is also likely to blur the picture. This week is also important for a friendship or group commitment. Throw away the map and look for a compass another time. The true Gemini is very good at thinking on her feet, and that is now what you must do, though leave final choices for later.


Home and work issues require fancy footwork now. Your ruler, the Moon, is involved in an eclipse on Wednesday. As you might expect, it may be very hard to see clearly, and you may want to make up your mind about your career, university life or volunteer role another time. One thing is certain, though - when life is uncertain, at least you are guaranteed tremendous freedom. Of course, as a Cancerian, it is your house, family, flat, household or home town which grounds you. Allow for shifting ground, despite this, and read the fine print - and do have Plan B - until November.


Your foreign or travel agenda is crucial. It will be affected by the eclipse, close to Wednesday 8th October. There may also be publishing or education related issues. In a week like this, when Mercury, the planet which rules airlines, cars, buses and trains is moving backwards, you need to be ready for anything. Try to avoid making sweeping judgement calls as you are not seeing the full story. Take common-sense measures to cover yourself for changes of plan, to say the very least. Have alternatives and be flexible, rather than fixed, as it will allow you to move with the changes.


Everything you earn, own or owe must come first. Clear the decks and allow plenty of time and space for a strategy, as this is not the time to make instant decisions or to merely react to what is going on around you. For a start, something is being covered up - no matter if these are facts or figures, you must wait for the picture to clear. Beyond that, your ruler Mercury is retrograde so it may not be until November that you have the full, final, fixed and finished story. Please read the fine print and get things in writing. Have alternatives ready and be prepared for delays or changes.


Make your former, current or potential partner the priority. Enemies, rivals and opponents must also be a factor for some Librans. Keep the situation wide open and make your agenda extremely flexible as this is not the week to take a fork in the road. Try and hover at the crossroads instead, at least until the eclipse is out of the way on Friday. Along with the ‘we’ issues and perhaps the ‘me versus he/she’ issues, you must also deal with your own story. Your image, name, label or persona is obviously at the core of discussion or plans, yet allow for a state of flux; have Plan B, Libra.


Your daily workload is affected by the eclipse now. The day before, Uranus is also opposed by the Sun, in an area of your life associated with daily routine, your lifestyle, your work ethic and the relationship you have with your body (the engine room). This is no time to pass sweeping judgement or hugely alter your life. Nothing is very likely to be clear on an eclipse and the atmosphere is unstable and uncertain. On the plus side, your freedom, space and independence are not in question. Do you have a secret? An invisible role? Allow for changes and delays now.


A friendship or group must be handled strategically. While things are uncertain or unclear, you may prefer to fast-forward to early November to make your biggest decisions. The story will change or be held up repeatedly until then so allow for that in your plans. It is also time to come up with a strategy where children, godchildren or young relatives are concerned. Parenthood-potential relationships and youth projects also count. When life is this wide open, you have to be open too, and ready for anything. Handling the situation day-by-day until life settles down is a wise move.


Make up your mind about home or work later. Near Wednesday, the eclipse guarantees low visibility on important issues. Instead, give yourself plenty of time to sort everything out, as it may not be until early November that you have the full and final story on career, university or non-profit commitments. Your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland is at the core of challenges you simply have not experienced before. Again, when visibility is low, and you are not seeing the complete picture, you may prefer to let time pass before drawing conclusions.


Your ruler Uranus clashes with the Sun this week. We also have an eclipse, and on top of that, Mercury Retrograde. As you might imagine, big decisions or crucial discussions are best postponed. This is particularly important as your internet, publishing, media, education and/or travel commitments are so crucial to you this year. When it comes to being heard or read, or even getting from A to B, you may prefer to let this week pass. Surfing every wave that comes is the right idea. If there is a regional or foreign face or place involved, double that message. Be very flexible.


An eclipse in your finance zone must be factored in. In a perfect world you would wait until the second week of November to sign documents, accept signatures or seriously pursue discussion. The reason for this, is that an eclipse makes it hard to see what is really there. In addition to that, Mercury, the planet which rules paperwork, negotiations and agreements is apparently moving backwards and forwards in your horoscope, when he is not grinding to a halt. This will sort itself out in time and you will be free. Until then please read the fine print and have alternatives waiting.