Your weekly stars are in - what does astrologer Jessica Adams predict for you this week?

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Questions about yourself, your image, your appearance, the label people stick on you, linger. Why? Because of the inconclusive situation with your partner. This also applies to former or potential partners. Enemies and opponents too. The ‘we’ situation or ‘me and you’ situation affects ‘me’ and it will take time to figure out. A fiercely independent person or organisation changes your work or body agenda after Wednesday. It’s all about your lifestyle, work ethic, food, drink, diet, drugs, exercise now. The future looks very bright. Just don’t pursue major decisions about the same this eclipse weekend. You will not be shown the full story - just bits and pieces of odd factoids.


What rumbles underneath is unseen by others as it’s secret, covered up, or concerns what you do without credit (or do alone). Dreams will help you decide what to do. This is an intensely private matter! Your working day and your body trigger discussions, decisions, but please allow for delays and reversals until the end of October. Neptune in Pisces tells you that your group or social circle is floating (as usual) and needs to be pinned down and grounded in the real world. What else gives this week? The continued promise and rich potential of parenthood or substitute parenthood - or relationships which take you there. Just avoid this weekend for any truly major decisions.


A situation you had assumed was finished, or almost over, returns with your son, daughter, godchild or young relative - perhaps with a youth project. This also applies to a relationship which may bring children in the door. There is no ‘over’ when Aesculapia is in Libra. You may want to keep talking until 24th October, though, as nothing will be fixed, final or finished. Manage the group or your social circle carefully. Avoid gender politics if you are male or female - it doesn’t do anyone any favours - and it didn’t work for King Henry VIII either. A whole mood change about/for the family, household arrives after Wednesday. Or is this about your house, apartment, home town or country? Independence becomes a buzz word for you. This is going to work out so very well - yet skip the weekend for big choices about the same, because of the eclipse. One final word. Success is down to managing what is everywhere, all the time, and not quite real. Once you actually control and contain this alternative universe of success, it functions.


Given that you have to talk around/wait around with your home or family, try to treat this as a productive dress rehearsal until the end of October.  This also applies to your builder, mortgage, house, landlady, apartment, local government or actual country! Your career reveals uncommonly fierce emotion invested in what should just be a project or task. Step back and see the male-female game going on and if necessary, take your counters off the board. This doesn’t really help anyone, right? The really big gamble in your horoscope is still on your way with words, ideas and images which will take you in a stunning new direction for 2016. There is a new energy around this after Diana changes signs midweek, and no doubt you will want to get cracking, but skip the weekend as the eclipse conceals more than it reveals and it will affect the technology, the project, the plan or the concept. One last thing - which may be related. You desperately need boundaries with your internet, travel, foreign, publishing or educational agenda now.


Keep on taking sensible precautions with your computer, internet, public transport, travel plans, multimedia and so on - insure, protect, prepare. On a larger scale, your foreign, travel, publishing or education agenda looks way more emotional than it should! Strong feelings all round, but you can manage this by refusing to compete with other women in a situation where one male appears to be the circus master. Leave the circus? The financial potential (and perhaps so far, some delivery) is massive, this week and every week. Just be smart enough to avoid the weekend for major choices. You also urgently need to put some rules and limitations on what is a free-floating area of your finances, business, credit card, house, apartment, possessions or charity.


There are a few things you can do to straighten out the financial, business, charity or property story now. One is to detox a situation where one male and two or more females, are dancing around each other. A sense of humour and common sense will help. Another way forward is to understand that nothing is fixed, firm or final until the last week of October. Until then you are going to hit reversals, delays or mistakes so accommodate that in your paperwork, e-mail chain or discussion. All this is happening against a bigger background of share market fear (Saturn in Scorpio’s last days) so it has a domino effect on you. Yet, from the 18th, life looks bigger and brighter. From the final week of October you are over a hump and on your way to true change.


With Vulcano stirring a deep, emotional, underground volcano this week, you may prefer not to buy into the situation. Your former, current or potential partner is involved. Alternatively - your great rival or enemy. The male-female dynamic doesn’t really help but you don’t have to buy into that either. What works superbly well now is Me Time. You have secrets to keep, or things to do behind the scenes, or time to spend alone. This works in the most extraordinary way for you after Wednesday when you realise how independent and free it makes you. Yet, you may prefer to skip the eclipse for decisions about the same, this weekend. Do you have ‘me’ items coming up? From cosmetic surgery to internet advertising? Allow for delays, changes.


Wheels spin backwards and forwards with your secret, your uncredited efforts or your cover-up job. Allow for that in your planning and bank on the final week of October taking you back to normal. Vulcano and Vesta in Aries suggest that your working life - or your body - is at the core of decisions taking you into far more emotional questions about which man runs what show, and which woman should compete for His Approval (or not). Do you want to play? Not really! A feminist, a single and child-free woman or an utterly modern female organisation has a fascinating impact on your group after Wednesday. This is also true of your social life. Run with the wolves! Yet skip the eclipse for major choices about your new/old friends as nothing is clear then.


It’s all Reverse World with your group (the one involving one or more friends) but Team Sagittarius moves forward from late October and by November the most strangely stuck cycle in years is over. Until then life is a dress rehearsal not a final performance and don’t necessarily believe everything you hear or read. Manage emotions carefully and cleverly with babies, children, teenagers, youth projects or lovers who bring children closer (one day). Skip what is basically Sexism 101. What else is going on now? The magic word in your career or other calling is Independence and you will see why after midweek. Just skip the eclipse for big choices about your mission or ambition, this weekend. It will not show you everything you need to see.


You must be wondering if anything you do or say, will ever change your career (or other calling in life). It will, from November, but first of all you have to spin your wheels with discussion, paperwork or e-mail chains until the final week of October. This gives you time to contemplate what you actually want to achieve. If a family or household situation arises where one male is calling the shots with two or more females (or weirdly, they are manipulating him) it may be time to ditch the gender politics altogether. It’s like Prince George commanding Mummy, Nanny, Aunt and Grandmother. Not useful. What works so beautifully now is a distant region, nationality, culture or country. Skip this weekend’s eclipses for the big choices, but otherwise, get Skyping.


You won’t have final outcomes with your travel, foreign, regional, internet, publishing and/or education agenda until the final week of October. Use the situation to rehearse (at last) real change, imminent in November. Do cover yourself with the usual common-sense insurance or Plan B, though. Mercury Retrograde is rampant this year! You may also want to remove any emotional undercurrents affecting a project, plan or concept - this is about communication not a little soap opera moment. Fantastic financial prospects continue, with new possibilities after Wednesday, but skip the weekend for major decisions as the eclipse won’t show you the full story. This may be cash, or cash-in-kind, but you do stand to gain or save on a level not possible in years.


When you are discussing or signing (this week) bear in mind the financial, property, business or charity wheels will spin backwards and forwards until the final week of October.  This is the Mercury Retrograde cycle, and it’s coming right on the Saturn in Scorpio cycle which been blitzing the sharemarkets. You get affected by six degrees. What do you do? Keep talking. Read the fine print. Best of all, look forward to the departure of the Node from Libra in November and at last some hard evidence that you can actually affect your own money destiny rather than being returned to base all the time! Your best bet is still a very important man or a crucial woman. You two can do anything. If you want to become part of ‘two’ then the obstacles or problems preventing that will be rolled away. I do feel that after midweek you’re going to look at freedom, independence and space in the context of marriage and relationship - and it really helps. Yet, don’t pursue the partnership or closure angles this weekend. The eclipse is unhelpful.