Your weekly horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Aries, this is how you can achieve incredible results in your life by August 11th. Work towards your ‘impossible’ dream involving babies, children or young adults. Consider what a miracle might mean, in terms of your special plans involving youth or a junior generation then sketch it or make a note in a journal, before moving towards it. Think about what you would really like to achieve with lovers who could make you an aunt, mother or stepmother and pursue it. By August 11th, this dream or something even better will come to pass if you are prepared to follow up every sign and clue this week. Venus, Cupido and Apollo are in Leo now. See what you’d love, or say it loud. Hold the thought. See results.


Every woman needs a sanctuary. As Virgina Woolf said, ‘A room of one’s own.’ Every woman also deserves a family or household which offers her a haven of security and a sense of belonging. Your town or village - perhaps your country as a whole - should also feel like home. Did you know that you can use Venus, Cupido and Apollo in Leo this week, to achieve what would have seemed impossible to you, years ago? By August 11th you will have successfully renovated, moved, made special family plans which change everything, or found a wonderful connection to your town, city or country. Write or sketch the fantasy. Watch for clues. Use them. Within eight weeks, this or something better will arrive.


You were born to reach people with your voice, your way with words, your talent for technology or your brilliant way with images and ideas. You are actually here for that purpose, Gemini, and the project you started at some point in the last nine months is The Big One. Set aside that voice in your head that says something is impossible or even just ‘too hard.’ If you commit to your dream this week, while Venus, Cupido and Apollo are in Leo, it could be in the bag by August 11th. You will either hit the heights by that point, or have proof that you are on the way to completion. Until you actually see it in your mind’s eye, nothing can shift. Run the clip in your head. Or say it out loud. Believe and achieve.


It’s not so much about being rich. It’s feeling rich. And if you have peace of mind about your money or home, then you’re comfortably off. There are some Cancerians (like Sir Richard Branson) who have personal horoscopes which say ‘billionaire.’ For most women born in June or July, this week is about a horoscope which says ‘abundance.’ You will only ever feel comfortable if you have exactly what you want and need. Anything more than that, funnily enough, could put you out of your comfort zone altogether. So do use Venus, Cupido and Apollo in Leo to make notes about what you want, or to see it in your head, or even cut pictures out of magazines for a journal. By August 11th life will deliver.


Even outrageously famous Leo women like Madonna always seem to want more. Credibility. Respect. Worship. What do you want? What would you like your name to mean, on the internet, and in the world at large? You have until August 11th, with Jupiter in Leo, to achieve the exact outcome, or a wonderful alternative. If you take the first step this week, by seeing the ‘impossible fantasy’ in your head, or writing it down, or pinning it on a mood board - be prepared for the universe to begin throwing you practical ways to achieve it. Of course, it may be your hair, face, body, shape and style which absorbs you. The photographs or videos. Believe a result is possible. This is a miracle zone.


Every Virgo has a dark secret she would like to feel more comfortable about. A phobia or bad habit she would like to get rid of. You are currently in the best cycle in 12 years for doing just that. In fact, this week, with a sparkling stellium in Leo, you can begin to make it happen (or move your goals along in a spectacular way). If you want to feel at ease about what you cover up in your life, or just stop getting in your own way because of unconscious self-sabotage (smoking? drinking? over-eating?) this is the time. In fact, from now through August 11th, during the Jupiter in Leo cycle, you can do more in eight weeks than you did in eight years. Create change in a notebook or anonymous blog; watch!


You have a dream which can only come about with people power, through your group, team, band, forum, club, society or association. If you want it to come true, use the remarkable astrological patterns this week to target August 11th as your deadline. State clearly what you want, either out loud, or on paper. If you are really ambitious you could start a Mood Board with specific outcomes. Do you also want a bigger and better social life? Amazing new friends? Deeper and more rewarding friendships with the people you already know? You are in the zone for this now as your ruler Venus goes through the most sociable area of your horoscope. Visualise this. Again, state it. Follow up what you get.


If you’d like a bigger/better role than the one you have now (and it does not get in the way of your own or other people’s karma) then it is within your grasp, if you use this week and its incredible Leo line-up, to chase your dream. Do you have an incredibly ambitious dream, like winning an Oscar or becoming President? Nothing is impossible on this cycle, yet the secret to getting what you want, is going back to the core of your dream. Beyond actual specifics, what is the essence of your desire? Is it power? Status? Wealth? Worship? You can be honest with yourself in a journal that nobody else sees. And the presence of Venus, Cupido and Apollo at the top of your chart says ‘Go for it.’ Even if you have a significant career problem you need to fix - desperately - start the chase.


If you want to live or work somewhere as exotic as Antarctica or as close as the next state or county, use this week to jet-propel your fantasy. Actually it is not a fantasy. With Jupiter in Leo alongside Venus, Cupido and Apollo it is within your reach. You just have to believe, and try. The universe will deliver whatever it can, within a two-month time-frame.  If actual travel or emigration is not possible because of the karma you have with other people, you might just find that foreign people or places come to you - giving you the getaway without the suitcase. Do you want to make new friends from other cultures and nationalities? Easy. Do you want to export your talents, ideas or projects across the world? All possible. This is the week to say it, sketch it, write it down - then chase it.


It will be years before you see Jupiter, Venus, Cupido and Apollo in your sector of money, again. Use this week to chase abundance. Visualisation or manifesting are buzzwords for something concrete - goal-setting. Unless you actually write down, draw or cut out what is possible (in a magazine) then it will always be vague. Do you want a new income source? A pay rise? Backing for your business? A bigger/better home? The world has just been through the worst financial crisis (according to astrology) in 29 years. Do you want to eliminate a debt? Get back on your feet? Now is the time to use the deadline of August 11th for abundance. That’s the exact cycle you are in. Save money? Make it? Start.


Whatever is required to guide you towards a healthier, happier love life is now in your hands. Your horoscope is giving you the triple gift of Apollo, Cupido and Venus in your Seventh House of equal partnership. Whatever you need to do, to clear the path for that, is now possible - right up until August 11th. Perhaps you need to clear up old emotional baggage from a marriage or relationship that did not work out. Maybe you need a good counsellor, now. Perhaps you two actually need to separate and find new lovers. Maybe you are very comfortable with a partner, but long for something big to move you forward, like a baby, or a new home, or a trip. Write or draw the essence of what you need.


This week holds amazing potential for your health, fitness and wellbeing. Nothing can happen in astrology unless you recognise the opportunity, state clearly what you want (to  yourself and to the universe) and then use every chance that comes your way. Venus, Cupido and Apollo are rarely in Leo together, which rules your body. Jupiter, the planet of solutions, repair, improvement and miraculous achievements is only in Leo once every 12 years. Do you want to live beyond 100? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to kick smoking? Do you want to use your body to take you higher, so that you achieve yoga guru status? Note down what you’re chasing. State it. Then use every gift you receive.