Our expert astrologer Jessica Adams provides insight into the following week

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Two stunning aspects involving Jupiter, the planet of solutions, growth, optimism and expansion make the middle of December a time to collect what you have earned. The effort you put into a serious sexual relationship this year (the kind which could make you pregnant, or make you an aunt) will pay off now. Aries mothers, godmothers or family matriarchs will be overjoyed by special developments involving babies, children and young adults. Some women born under your sign have found a new professional or part-time involvement with the next generation. This will go ahead in leaps and bounds his week.


Ever since Jupiter changed signs in the middle of this year, you have blessed the presence of an old or new family member in your life, and also gained from solutions and new possibilities for your house or flat. Even your home town or country has offered you more, as Jupiter cycles tend to eliminate problems and open big doors to new horizons. The astrological equivalent of a welcome thunderstorm, with all its drama, relief and release will affect you twice this week, as very close to Friday and Sunday, you will have your own stunning thunderbolt to enjoy. Focus on your people and your place; it’s precious now.


You are a born communicator if you are typical of your sign and in the last six months you have been offered a fabulous new corner of the internet, media, multimedia, publishing or some other avenue to explore. Now you can take an existing project further, with wonderful results, or snap up a new opportunity to be heard and read more effectively by others. Jupiter will expand your horizons into new regions or territories, or offer you an incredible chance (the kind which can only happen every 12 years) to reach others with your unique ability to use words, sound or images to sell important messages.


You don’t have to be Sir Richard Branson (a Cancerian like you) to benefit financially from the Jupiter in Leo cycle. Sometimes the gains are made through cash in kind, too. Thus, this week sees you saving or making money in a spectacular way, or gaining from gifts or loans in other ways – you may be offered the use of a vacant holiday house, for example, or sudden access to a vintage Jaguar may come your way. The best results will come to those people born in June or July who planted seeds months before in the hope of a good end-of-year result. What happens close to the weekend will see those seeds grow.


What a year this has been in terms of your style, reputation, charisma, online profile, public relations and publicity. Better photographs, more kudos and a bigger stage on which to project your personality are typical of the Jupiter in Leo cycle. Now, you will do very nicely from plans which you set in motion some time before, and could be stunned at the outcome by next week. The world is ready, willing and able to see more of you, and the internet in particular will be your friend at the moment. If you began a weight loss, cosmetic surgery or other New Me initiative, this week will bring richly satisfying results.


You became involved in plans which put others centre-stage in the last six months, and gave you a backroom role. You were either being modest or the nature of these plans actually parked you behind the scenes. Does this ring loud bells? If so you are about to gain from your invisibility cloak and be very glad you took up the challenge. In other cases, August and September born women have been guarding big secrets, pursuing confidential, clandestine or classified matters rather like a deep-sea diver exploring buried treasure. If nobody knows it’s there, this week, then it’s a very good move indeed.


Mercury’s trine to Jupiter in your zone of friendship, social media, teams and group involvements will help you lift your game near Friday 12th and a stunning trine from Jupiter (again) to the Sun on Sunday 14th completes the story. You were so right to return to this network of people, or to join a new tribe. Within this circle there is the richest and most deeply rewarding kind of friendship, as you will see by the weekend. This Christmas is extremely sociable for you, with more on offer, or just a better class of party or big event. Circulate as much as can; some new introductions will add tremendous lustre to your life.


This is the time of year when people leave jobs and begin new positions. There are tremendous opportunities in your chosen field, business or industry (no matter if you work, study or volunteer) as a result of the waves now being made by those above and below you. The biggest prizes will come to Scorpio women who were ambitious enough to plant seeds months ago, and clever enough to keep nurturing the soil, even when nothing appeared to be happening. Astrology is life gardening, so if you read your horoscope regularly and were following the timing, promotion or a new role will be yours.


You will come into your own this week, as your ruling planet Jupiter makes two spectacular trines, in the Ninth House of your horoscope, which is ruled by Sagittarius in the natural zodiac. You were born for this trip, relocation, website, book, course or qualification. You were certainly born to pursue opportunities to get inside another culture or nationality more deeply and the benefits will work both ways. Don’t hold back. Jupiter is the planet of broad horizons and ambitious expansion. What happens near this weekend reminds you that you were put here to experience the big picture. It’s a big planet.


Now you will see why you were so right to invest your faith, hope and optimism (despite being a notoriously cautious Capricorn) in particular people or plans. The money, business interests, house, precious possessions, charity results or apartment in question is a goldmine for you. Not only do you have the obvious practical rewards, near Jupiter’s trines on Friday and Sunday, you also have the soul satisfaction of almost instant gratification. What really counts, though, is that you capitalize on what you get. Build on this, because you could take it even further. It’s like harvesting and replanting for 2015.


Jupiter is known as the ultimate healer and helper in astrology. In Roman mythology he was the father of Apollo, who is cited in the Hippocratic Oath. He was also the grandfather of Aesculapius, the god who could bring any person or situation back from the brink. Jupiter now turns his attention to your partner. You may also be deeply concerned with a former or potential partner too. There is more to gain here than even you suspected, months before, when you first began pursuing particular visions, hopes and dreams. You will get an extra return on your reward, too, if you use this week’s events to plan ahead.


Two rather dramatic and hugely enjoyable moments, in the second half of the week, will make you feel profoundly grateful to the industry, business, university or workplace you have chosen. Just doing your duty, and being of service, is enough at the moment. In fact, it is your gateway to some spectacular rewards, not possible in 12 years. You will see why, very close to Friday and Sunday, when Jupiter delivers rewards for earlier effort. Beyond the work you do for others, there is also the tantalizing prospect of lifestyle gains, and a better relationship with your body. Everything you need is here at last.