Expert astrologer Jessica Adams gives us the stars for the week ahead

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Look to see things clearly this week Aries.

Time to restore 20/20 vision about your dark secret or behind-the-scenes role as the Full Moon reveals how much you have failed to see. The travel, internet, foreign, educational or publishing agenda heats up from Saturday. It is essential that you are a realist about the 2015 outcome.


This week is all about changing your perspective Taurus.

On no account dive into business, financial, property or charity decisions after Saturday unless you have been a shrewd realist about possible outcomes over the next two years. Try to see a friendship or group involvement with new eyes, too. An impartial observer could assist you.


Remember Gemini, choices made now will change your future.

From Saturday, the choices you make about your former, current or potential partner will linger longer. This also applies to decisions you make about enemies, rivals or opponents. Be savvy enough to realise that a September or October choice can dictate how life feels in 2015-2016.


Use the uncomfortable week ahead to your advantage Cancer.

You are ruled by the Moon so the Harvest Full Moon this week feels uncomfortable - but do use what it reveals to you about the blinkered approach you have taken to the web, publishing, education, travel or foreigners. Saturday brings a clear message: think long-term about health.


Aim to clarify your vision this week Leo.

The focus now is on how unfocussed your gaze on money, charity, business, property or your possessions has been. Unless you want to feel all at sea in 2015, clarify your vision. From Saturday, the next generation (or relationships bringing it closer) is an issue. Choose wisely.


This week is all about thinking long-term Virgo.

Wipe the lens of your relationship, partnership or conflict glasses (the kind you wear when trying to look more closely at a crucial man or woman). It’s time for a new prescription. After this weekend please take your time with property, family, household or home town decisions. Think long-term.


Expect a wake-up call this week Libra.

The internet, the computer, publishing, media, spoken-word or sung projects, language and speech therapy all come under the rulership of Sagittarius in your chart and major trends there, from Saturday, suggest long-term thinking is required. Elsewhere? A wake-up call about your body.


Make your choices this week wisely Scorpio.

Unless you want a Long and Winding Road (that you could have avoided) make your post-weekend choices about money, property, business, possessions or charity very wisely. The next generation, or relationships which bring it closer, also requires a strong strategy. Blinkers off.


You need to stay realistic this week Sagittarius.

Your personal appearance, profile, reputation and name are key after Saturday when any new choices through Christmas must be made realistically, with one eye on 2015 and 2016. It is also time to look at your household, property, home town or family and actually see for a change.


Be aware of keeping secrets this week Capricorn.

Please be sharply aware of anything morally dubious that you cover up, or matters that you submit to secrecy, from this weekend. You will pay a heavy price in 2015 and 2016 if you stumble in. This week also reminds you to keep it real online, with the media, your phone and all communication.


Beware of getting lost this week Aquarius.

This is the wake-up call you had to have about your money, house, flat, business, charity or possessions but the idea is to help you craft a different future; one that allows you to escape reality without getting lost. A friend or group is an issue soon. Tread with care. Project into 2015-2016.


It's time to seek objective advice this week Pisces.

If it’s about you, you, you then it’s definitely time to seek intelligent, objective advice as matters of image or appearance have thrust you into a most confusing and confused state for a very long time. Career, university or charity choices wait after Saturday. Be a total realist about 2015.