Wondering what's in store this week? Expert astrologer Jessica Adams reveals all...

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There may well be a demotion, promotion, merger or takeover in your chosen field this week. It is that time of year when late reshuffles occur, after all. Apart from this, Ceres on the midheaven of your solar chart demands some kind of carve-up. Even if there is no formal reallocation of roles, titles or duties, you may well find a psychological shift so that the hidden pecking order is much altered and the hen house looks and feels different.


Ceres is the mother-in-law of Pluto, and both these planetary giants are now circling the area of your horoscope most connected with travel, as well as travel in this mind. Change is inevitable with regional and foreign connections, academia and education, publishing and the internet. You are well known for your stubborn attachment to what (or who) you hold dear. There are times when you must let go and embrace the new, though. This week is crucial.


At some point you can relax and turn your attention to issues apart from money, property, charity, business or your possessions. Perhaps the current levels of intensity are useful in that they force you to shift things as rapidly and deeply as possible. You certainly have no choice with both Ceres and Pluto dominating the financial axis of your chart. There must be a new arrangement. Sharing must mean sharing, not some forced compromise you dislike.


Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of this week’s planetary action. Alternatively you have an enemy or opponent facing you. Things simply cannot go on in the same way. There is too much at stake in terms of your personal control, and the level of power you feel you have (or do not have) with the person in question. Even if neither of you can take the initiative, destiny may do it for you. Accept what changes. A new order is close.


The dwarf planet Ceres has a big effect on your lifestyle this week, as there must be a sweeping change, across the board, which not only takes your workload into account, but also your health and vitality. With professional, academic or voluntary concerns in particular (or even something as mundane as housework) you must be aware of the potential for high emotions. These are not required, but a different game plan certainly is.


Your concerns this week may be with the world of children or younger adults. Alternatively you may be focused squarely on a lover. Dig deeply beneath the facts of the situation and you will see this is all about how powerful you are in the world – or how much power you have given away. Of course others also have their stake in a particular outcome and control matters to anyone who is human. It’s how that control is shared that is the key, this week.


The territory must be carved up very differently, and preferably in a way that satisfies everyone who has a stake, no matter if this is your relative, flatmate, or someone connected to your house, flat or neighbourhood. Your sense of place in the world, and your sense of belonging, must come first. You also have an innate sense of fairness, and it is to this you must turn, as you consider what will work best for him, her them – but primarily for you.


Something as basic as normal, everyday communication may take on larger implications if it also happens to be your job. No matter if you are a communications professional, or just concerned with being heard or read, time must be set aside for negotiations this week. It is ironic that you must become a top-notch communicator in order to nut out the very business of words, images, ideas, the internet, language and so on – but this is so essential.


Ceres and Pluto dominate – in every sense of the word – the financial, business or property picture. It is very likely that one particular person or organization is dominant as a result, and you may feel – for yourself or others – a keen sense of imbalance or unfairness. This will be resolved sooner rather than later, with all the emotional intensity you might expect. Don’t let this become too emotional, though. It has to be an arrangement you can live with.


Matters affecting your reputation, brand, personal appearance or internet profile are now to the fore, as Ceres in Capricorn, your own sign, begins to alter your priorities. Any new arrangement has to last, and that means it must be something you can live with comfortably, rather than merely agree to. There are many different kinds of compromises you could reach this week. Try to find the one that your instincts tell you will truly work.


This week sees a total redistribution in the balance of power, and it will deeply affect a secret you are keeping, or a role you play behind the scenes. It is rather like the carve-up of Europe after the Second World War. New stakes, old players, different game. There is heightened sensitivity to whom has control of what, and where the power actually rests these days. Lean hard on your great gift for friendship to reach out and make the changes.


Rather like a celestial game of musical chairs, the record must now stop and everyone must find his or her place. Friendship can be a strangely intense business in a week like this, or are you considering a team, group or club? Nobody dislikes giving up his or her power, yet it is the gentle release of old patterns and entitled expectations that is the trick to success, not only for yourself, but also for him, her or them. There is something in this for everyone.