World famous astrologer Jessica Adams reveals your horoscopes for the week ahead

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The Virgo-Pisces axis of your horoscope describes your relationship with the world of work, service and duty. It also pinpoints how you feel about your body and the ways in which your body does (and does not) serve you - and vice versa. This is a week of intense focus on the relationship between your head and the rest of you. What you cannot reconcile within yourself, or manage to balance in the outside world, is an eye-opener. And it will lead to useful long-term changes.


The opportunities really lie with young people (children to teenagers) and their wants, needs and rights. You can interpret this personally, as a parent, godparent or older relative. You can also experiment with the idea of expansion for 2016 by pursing work or unpaid work projects. What does not work for you with friends, or with the group, actually acts as a spur. It may not be immediately obvious but your energy has to go somewhere it’s not being blocked. Thus, the young.


A substantial number of clashes in your horoscope in the areas of ambition, achievement, status and success only help to clarify what is not working for you (or who is not working for you, perhaps literally). This will enable you to reshape the situation later. You might also want to take full advantage of what now presents itself so potently with your flatmate, house, relative, home town, country or apartment. Nothing truly good is every truly easy, and this qualifies - but say yes.


The total lack of clarity and certainty you are experiencing with the internet, publishing, travel, foreign people and places, education and even religious belief is almost standard these days. What you hadn’t counted on, though, is that you would want to turn elsewhere for substantial advantages to grasp. The benefits with more manageable aspects of the web, public speaking, writing, songwriting, singing, computers, languages, multimedia and so on will be happily clear.


There is nothing like a see-saw with your finances, business interests, house, charity, possessions or apartment to help you rebuild the playground. There is truthfully a lot to play with, yet you must undertake some basic engineering before you can really enjoy yourself. Some construction or reconstruction work is indicated in your horoscope this week. Part of the issue is the fuzzy thinking that has surrounded you for such a long time. Try to de-fuzz everything.


What appears to be an issue about your name, role, title, reputation or personal appearance is actually an issue about the other person. What seems to be a concern about his personality (or hers) is, similarly, a pointer to image questions for you. One tells you a story about the other. This week you must write a very different story, both about yourself and about the dynamic you two share, no matter if it’s love or war. It is the only way to creatively handle what does not fit.


This is the right time to look at what is below your own radar, tucked away in your unconscious mind or powering away through your higher ‘other’self. It is affecting your body and the way it serves you, on a daily basis. Your chart shows a sufficient number of oppositions between your house of health - and the house of the secret mind - to warrant a magnifying glass. There is only one way into this situation, though, and that’s with space, time and peace.


What is now unfolding with children, young adults or parenthood-potential lovers is hard to pin down and very hard to see clearly. The distortion is almost like white noise, or surf against your scuba diving mask. Perhaps not surprisingly, you are turning to a friend within a larger group - Twitter, perhaps, or something more substantial. This is where the flow appears to be. Even when the situation seems to call out for correction, it is already of benefit to you - as you will soon see.


The Virgo-Pisces oppositions this week involve both asteroids and planets and fall in areas of your horoscope where you must deal with hazy vision on the home front - and vast potential elsewhere. Even if nothing is distinct or obvious with your family, home town, country, household or property, rest assured it is only serving you elsewhere. In an odd way it is making something even clearer than usual, about your chosen field and ambitions. You make your own answers here.


The areas of your horoscope associated with foreign people and places, publishing, the internet, education (formal or informal) and your beliefs are now packed with horoscope factors. A cycle you have not experienced for 12 years is unfolding and there are tremendous leaps of faith and leaps in progress ahead. Nothing would be satisfying if it came too easily, though, thus whatever internal wrangling is involved this week, or external obstacles, do accept it.


Now you must do some gentle weeding and pruning, if everything in your financial garden is to be lovely. A situation which has grown up around you, almost without your noticing, needs immediate attention now. Clashes between the efficient, methodical and meticulous sign of Virgo and escapist Pisces suggest a real inner conflict here. Sometimes the conflict appears in the outside world, as a clash between detail and fantasy. In any case, it’s here to be sorted out.


You may prefer to choose another time to make big moves in your own self-interest - especially with matters of image, reputation or personal appearance. There are far too many clashes involving Pisces, your own sign, and Virgo, your opposite sign to make life entirely comfortable. What does work, though, is the unique alchemy you have with a very important person in your life. I have mentioned the chemistry experiment before. Now you must add a new ingredient.