What do your stars have in store this week? Astrologer Jessica Adams has your predictions

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You could have the answer you crave as a traveler, student, teacher, internet user, publisher or writer. The key is creating a system so that you sidestep the problems you were in during most of 2016 when Saturn was at large. Now, there are useful patterns in your chart which suggest that you can use green-light areas in other areas of your life to address the big, heavy question still hanging over this year.


Unusual patterns involving Saturn in Sagittarius in your cash zone are here. You have accumulated financial, property, business or charity wisdom from the calculations of 2016 and will make new rules now, as you need the numbers clear. Saturn has given you slow, stuck and serious situations. They have been unavoidable and inevitable. What is brand new this Christmas is the arrival of expertise and experience to help you come up with a game plan for next year. One that will ultimately save or make you money over the long-term, Taurus.


Saturn has spent most of this year in your relationship zone. Someone has also been a human bridge in a powerful situation involving you and your former, current or potential partner. Relationships can also be broken or damaged double acts and perhaps this has taken up your time. Christmas offers the relief and release of a smart solution which will come from the voice of experience, or even the experts. The answer is waiting. Collect it.


You will finally succeed with a food, better health or fitness answer that failed before as this time the willpower money or expertise is available in rare patterns at Christmas. If you need a serious answer to a serious body question that is also available. It is that time of year when your wellbeing is in focus as New Year Resolutions are around the corner, but this is so much more than that. This is an epic solution, if you have been looking for one.


You will perspire (gracefully) over a goal or plan which is about hard work rather than glamour. Two influential people or organisations will be involved and everyone will compromise madly as there is a major game of musical chairs taking place in the background. In fact, until the end of January, there will be a muddled transition of power, with demotions, departures, promotions and a sweeping rearrangement of one firm, industry or particular project. Allow for that.


Join or start the radical wave of change taking place with money, business, property and possessions all around you as the planet Uranus makes rare patterns this Christmas,  as the astrological weather is wild and wired – along with the real weather, which will be extreme, according to all astrological laws. Ultimately, though, your price tags are right. You gain. You know what freedom costs and will pay for it.


Any person, situation or organisation which unfairly influenced the set-up you have with your children, youth projects or relationships promising parenthood will no longer be an issue as Mars enables action plans. The trick is balancing the scales while rolling up your sleeves and setting them to rights. You still need harmony in your life even if babies, children, Millennials or courtship is a white-hot area. This balancing act is so worth it, Libra.


You cleverly took time in September or October to make a hush-hush concern  your priority until 2017 as it will make at least one of your dreams come true. By Christmas you will be operating behind the scenes but very successfully, understanding the appeal of what it means to work for the FBI or CIA, perhaps. Sometimes the search for rewards is even deeper than that, on this cycle. You uncover your own classified information and gain by doing so.


You already scored two hits for your CV in the first half of 2016 and can feel grateful for a great ending to a tricky career, charity or university problem. Next year will involve a major carve-up or compromise at work, home or with your course and perhaps you are seeing hints of that now. Partly as a result of what went down this year, you are now wading through a financial, property and business cycle with built-in delays or complications. By the end of January, it’s sorted but make allowances.


Keep your CV hitched high as you could win the top job, a glamorous award, coveted promotion, or be offered the most tempting second-string opportunity. Christmas brings rare patterns involving Jupiter, the planet of solutions or opportunities. No matter what your personal chart has delivered to you this year, the overall pattern now is one of open doors and new possibilities for 2017. Even if takes until the end of January to sort itself out, it’s worth it.


If you snapped up the lucky break you were given with travel, the internet, foreign issues, publishing, academia or education since September then opportunities for happiness will roll now as Jupiter the win-win planet moves forward with Saturn and Uranus on either side. This is rare and important. The most stunning achievement is within reach, as who or what you once considered ‘foreign’ to you pays off now.


Thanks to the abundance of Jupiter, this Christmas, you will save or make money (or cash in kind) without even trying, with a major decision that you can call a milestone as well as a mile forward. By October 2017 you should be congratulating yourself on having made or saved a fortune. As you will have so many more choices, think about putting money aside as there could easily be a bargain price tag on something you have always wanted next year.

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