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Once you have gone through every ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answer on your list about your travel, foreign, internet, educational, publishing or academic agenda, you can set up 2017. It may take you some time, yet this week you will be shown what a commitment looks like. From now until the decisive New Moon on 29th November you will have enough time to tap the voice of experience – or some seasoned expertise. Some facts of life about this situation are unavoidable. Some situations you create yourself – or, more realistically, avoid altogether. Whatever goes down next week, if it involves signatures or not, will be necessarily heavy. What you can do this week is make sure it’s something you can carry.


You can be as wealthy as David Beckham, Tony Blair or Her Majesty the Queen on this cycle and still have a heavy psychological load to carry. Rich or poor (or just in-between) you are now working your way up to a milestone decision and a new beginning by the end of November. You are also dealing with people, organisations, situations or wider trends which are all about fear. There is no other word for it. In the face of the F word you need a strategy to lean on and experienced advice to treasure. It’s there for you right now, Taurus.


Juno is an ancient symbol of marriage in astrology and this week, we find Juno and Mercury, your ruling planet, together on 14th November. Beyond marriage and all its pros and cons, Juno also symbolises who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to, or commit yourself to. This is a serious matter at the moment, as the situation with your former, current or potential partner could not be more hard work. Even if you have an opponent, rival or enemy, there is a question about tying yourself down, or tying the knot (or not) in some way. A battle can be a commitment as much as a wedding. Gemini, take your time with this. The other person’s horoscope will decide the outcome. There is a fresh start near 29th November.


Your ruler the Moon is part of a New Moon story on 29th November and you can take a new path with your working day, your body, your lifestyle and your daily routine from that point. Figuring out what to do when the situation is so relentless takes time. In fact, this week you will be looking at the pros and cons of a serious commitment. Next week, at the Mercury-Saturn conjunction the agreement, paperwork or decision really does seem quite momentous and it will affect you until Christmas 2017. You are not automatically an expert on any of this and nor should you be; when in doubt ask people who have seen something similar before. It helps.


Mercury conjuncts Juno in Sagittarius on Monday November 14th and it is time to look at what a firm promise, pledge or commitment might mean, in terms of your godchildren, courtship, son, daughter, nieces, nephews or stepchildren. This applies to past, present or potential relationships. If your paid or unpaid work involves much younger people born 20+ years after you, then the issue may be professional, not personal, as you must make up your mind about a promise. In all cases, Leo, take your time and take good advice. What you are signed up for (or whom) by the New Moon on 29th November is something you must live with in 2017 and Saturn requires that you take a serious matter, quite seriously.


It’s that time of year when leases end, people move, properties on sale, flatmates leave, families make Christmas decisions – and the rest. For you, the story with your house, apartment, town, country, relative or flatmate has been coming for quite a while. In fact, a commitment either way is called for, as your ruler Mercury is generating plenty of question-and-answer sessions as the year ends. By the time you reach 29th November there will be a new beginning, but it’s getting there that matters most. As what you choose to do is so crucial, take your time and take good advice. Internet forums with people going through similar issues can be an enlightening place to lurk. Compare and contrast the pros and cons.


Your way with words, images and ideas now becomes a question of timing and forward planning. You have not seen one particular issue go away and November requires a final answer. What you decide as December begins, will affect your life next year, no matter if your concern is your hearing, speech, reading, writing, internet, language, publishing, educational, academic, multimedia or computer priorities. Your own personal birth chart will tell the full story, but there is a real issue here about how best to be heard, read and get your message across. A commitment is looming. Take your time with this decision as not every project, person, organisation or piece of gear you wed yourself to, is right for you. Keep talking and asking big questions.


Just how much the economic and financial reaction to the new American President has affected you, really depends on how close you are to the ripples which are now spreading around the world, from the White House. Even if you are only affected by the faintest ripple at the end of the circle, you have big choices to make about your money, house, apartment, business, company, possessions or charity by the end of November. The outcome will decide how comfortable you feel about a situation you cannot change or accelerate, so take your time as you count the numbers or ask the questions.


A portrait is now being painted of you and it is important that you take the palette, the artists, the medium, the light and the style very seriously. This may literally be about your image or appearance. Perhaps it is about your essence, aura or internet profile. As you are now on your way to a new beginning and perhaps even a relaunch, it is very important that the days preceding the Sagittarius New Moon on 29th November are set aside for deeper thought and access to the voice of experience. This is particularly true if this is a major commitment like cosmetic surgery, weight loss, a new title on your card and so on.


The conversation you have with yourself about matters that only you can see, know and fathom is very important. Matters psychic or psychological may take up your time until November 29th, or perhaps you are dealing with a secret. Operating out of sight is another classic outcome of this cycle. None of this is easy and in fact the road since late 2015 has been particularly tough, given that there is no fast and easy answer to the elephant in the room. This week will help you move forward into a smart decision at the end of the month, if you are prepared to shut the door, take a deep breath and debate with yourself.


The conversations, e-mail or paperwork is the main story with your friend this week – and the circle you both inhabit. This is more like a Venn Diagram, actually, as this social circle overlaps another, and this is all happening on social media. You have no fast or easy choices here and no obvious solution. You are going to have to dig for the answer and yet doing so means the best possible fresh start on 29th November and the New Moon. You are now halfway through the toughest cycle in 29 years for friendship and for group commitments, yet the choice you end up making should make 2017 far more easy for you to deal with.


We are moving into Sagittarius Season, with a New Moon on the way and Mercury bringing you all kinds of news about your chosen field, industry, profession or business. Sagittarius rules your ambitions and goals, and the position you hold – or would like to hold. Everything is rather slow, stuck and serious on this cycle and yet there are answers. None of them are miracles and all of them are common-sense. You may have to be patient, yet everything you do now will pay off in 2018 when you have the promotion, hit project or amazing job of your dreams. The slog is worth it now and you must deal with the real world.

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