Astrologer Jessica Adams explains what the stars have in store this week

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The Sun and Vesta are now in Gemini, the sign which rules the internet, computers, multimedia, publishing, education and all forms of communication. This covers poetry or your smart phone, too. You may be conflicted this week, either about the project or the technology. Perhaps this is an inner wrangle, or you may be dealing with people, groups or even the universe itself – in a tussle. What does this achieve for you? By the end of June, it helps you figure out what you need to fix and how. Vesta is an interesting influence. Traditionally, this is a symbol of gender politics, with one male and two or more females around him. You can play this any way you want. Vesta can sometimes feel slightly toxic, though, so if you don’t want to mix the idea or website with the atmosphere, walk away. The larger, background issue is about an elephant-sized burden you are carrying in relation to education, travel, foreigners, publishing or particular beliefs. The Full Moon makes it all clear, but don’t make judgement calls then; too stressful.


We now come to a self-defining part of the year. Why? In astrology your sign rules the Second House, which we associate with houses, apartments, land, precious objects, charity, business and shares. It is also linked to buying, selling, taxation and donation. I am sure that by now you are feeling the heavy weight of the most demanding (but educational) cycle in years, with your more complex financial or property arrangements. Thus, May and June are months of analysis and strategy. You need a plan, basically, but only this week has a spotlight emerged which shines a strong, useful beam on the numbers or the information. Keep a gentle eye on any gender politics. The male-female game is pretty pointless, isn’t it? We only have one Full Moon a year in your cash, property, ownership and credit/debt zone and it’s high in the sky this week. Deep breath. What it’s actually all about is reintroducing you to yourself. You need to remember who you are and what you’re made of – and that comes back down to your value system. What you will and will not sell out for. Who and what you consider to be priceless.


You will be in the spotlight for about three weeks from this point forward, and the story this week is about your image, name, title, role, personal appearance, brand or reputation. It’s your Twitter profile, your YouTube video, your Pinterest portrait or some other way of projecting yourself out there. It’s not narcissism to dwell on this. Far from it. This is the best time of year to devote yourself to viewing yourself from afar, as if you were Heinz Baked Beans or Andy Warhol (famous for fifteen minutes). The larger issue is the man (or woman) who is such hard work at the moment. This may be your former, current or potential partner. Equally, it may be your arch rival, foe or opposition. We have a Full Moon (look up and you will see it) which will draw your attention to the way you two create a particular kind of chemistry or alchemy together. Don’t pressure yourself by feeling you have to sort out the formula right away. Time and space are required. Deep breath. Is Saturday’s Full Moon a good time to go headfirst into love or war issues? Nope. Allow a day either side. From Friday through Sunday – give yourself lots of space.


Ever since Saturn moved into Sagittarius last year, you have been faced with a chain of choices about the right way to work, live, do your duty, perform a service and also attend to your body. I suspect you ducked and dived, but eventually succumbed. You are now living with that choice. Saturn has a funny way of compelling us to learn. We feel strangely drawn to the one job, course, unpaid position, household routine – that will teach us. Astrology says, you cannot hide under the eiderdown to avoid life. You have to get stuck in and learn what you can, as you must. This is fine to talk about, but of course you are the person who is going through the realities of this 2016 story in your life. The Full Moon this weekend will draw your attention to it. There may be a new choice then. You may want to play for time, as you are ruled by the Moon and when she is opposite the Sun, life is very hard work indeed. You can’t separate your physical condition and physical state from this other story, about what you do, and why you do it. I might quote Joe Strummer at this point: ‘Who gives you work and why should you do it?’ As this issue is set to run and run, do look into that mind/body/spirit connection.


There are two things going on this week. The first story is about your social life, close circle of friends/acquaintances, group commitments and network. This is a fleeting story, which runs until the end of June, then disappears. You have some curly questions to answer this week, as we have a Full Moon here – and you are ruled by the Sun, one half of the equation. It’s probably not the best idea to pursue major goals/plans with this friend, or this community of people, near the weekend. When the Sun and Moon are in opposition, or the Moon is full, people are conflicted; situations do not gel. A larger issue for you, Leo, is your daughter or son. Perhaps your lover. Maybe a godchild, young relative or youth project. You knew what or who you were taking on some time ago. You accepted that. Now, you hit a time of reckoning. Reality with a capital R is standing over you. A Full Moon is a good time to draw a deep breath, stand back from what is going on, judge what just went down – and give yourself time and space to figure out the next step. Look up and you’ll see that Moon over the rooftops. It’s a signal to try and scale down major choices as a parent, substitute parent or lover. If you have no say over the timing, at least stack up the pros and cons honestly for yourself and be utterly satisfied that you did the right thing by yourself, and he (or she).


And so we come to the Full Moon in Gemini/Sagittarius which (long term) is mostly about home. This may be your relatives, household, live-in partner, animal family or just…your fellow locals. It is often about the place. The town or country. The house, garden or apartment. Look up as the Moon builds and you will get a sense of Friday-Sunday’s importance. Is this a good time to push ahead with major choices? No. The Sun is clashing with the Moon. When that happens, the jigsaw puzzle is hard to put together. The pieces don’t fit. Virgo, if you have no choice in the matter, then of course you must make your decision, but the key to this Full Moon is to be utterly sure of every detail, and the price you are paying, or the deal you are making. Sometimes the deal (to quote Kate Bush) is with God. In some ways, you are hitting a crossroads with your people – or your place – which comes as a relief, once you have passed the line. That’s a good thing! What else is going on now? A stellium in your zone of success, position, mission and ambition. You’re about to have your annual update. Avoid gender politics, if you can. It’s so dull!


The internet, multimedia, language and publishing. Writing and speaking. Reading and listening. Your telephone and your computer. Your line to the world…it should be very simple, correct? Actually, since the end of last year, when Saturn changed signs, it has become increasingly hard work for you. The issue may be digital or on paper. It may be in-person or at a distance. The Full Moon you see over the rooftops as the week goes on, points to a moment of truth about communication. It may be that you need to modify a strategy you pulled together a few weeks or months ago. Maybe the time for that strategy is over, and a new angle could be useful. In any case you may prefer not to go full steam ahead with the life departments ruled by Sagittarius and Gemini in your chart, near Friday – travel or travel in the mind. If you must, then just have some common-sense checks.


Ever since Saturn changed signs in the final quarter of 2015 you were on track for a tremendous life lesson about money, values, possessions, charity, property, business and taxation. You seem to have walked straight into it, quite willingly and knowingly. The issue may have been the choice between a rock and a hard place. Maybe it was just a hard place and a hard place! Allow bags of time and energy to mull over your options as the week builds. The reason for this is the pile-up in the sign of Gemini, which rules sexually intimate arrangements (like a mortgage) and deadly serious agreements (life insurance, legacies and so on). You now need to figure out the lay of the land in a new way. By the time the Sun in Gemini has done its work, at the end of June, everything will be brilliantly clear, in a way that was impossible before. This helps your next big decision. You may prefer to skip the Full Moon period though; close to the weekend, there are so many polar opposites at work, either in yourself or just around you.


It’s been an awfully long time since you had a stellium in Gemini, your opposite sign. All of a sudden, all eyes and ears are pointed towards your partner. This may apply to your former or potential partner too. Sometimes the issue is a rival, opponent or enemy. Again – attention is being paid. This helps you see this man (or woman) as others see them. And it also helps you find some objectivity about the chemistry experiment you two share. Vesta is in Gemini now. She is a very old symbol of gender politics so you may want to be hip to that. The Vesta dynamic is typically two or more females competing for the approval of one male. It can also result in two or more females game-playing and manipulating a man! What’s not to avoid? While you are sidestepping that, the bigger, longer-term issue appears. This is about your brand, reputation, title, profile or appearance. You made a very, very big choice a while back. You thought you knew what you were getting into. You may not know all of it, though, and time and space are required for contemplation. You may prefer to act dramatically about “Me” another time.


A Full Moon in Sagittarius is definitely a reality check for you. It occurs in connection with secrets (whatever it is that rests on the ocean floor of your life, or your inner self) and confidential matters. Here, too, we find the world of psychics and psychologists. Sagittarius also rules any role you play where others are the name or face and you are Miss/Mr Invisible. Not so long ago, you took it upon yourself to head off on a dramatically new path with this. At the time, you figured it would be hard work. Now, you realise how much hard work is actually involved. It may be time to rethink your approach or even ditch the old angle for a new one. Let the Full Moon pass (you will see it above you as the weekend approaches) before you decide; there is time. This week also sees the beginning of your annual maintenance check with your working day and your body. The work may be paid or unpaid, but the body cannot be separated from the rest of you. Over the next few weeks it’s time to see where things are – a professional (doctor, trainer, healer, dentist, surgeon, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian) will hold up a mirror for you.


You are well-known for feeding the community. For supplying the group with what it needs. It’s like being Jennifer Aniston on Friends, or Sara Palin in the Republican party. It’s like being John Lydon in the Sex Pistols or Malcolm McLaren, come to that. Now, you have a Full Moon which draws a firm line under this. It is time to deal with what you cannot change about the group and also the friend within the group. Saturn has been in this zone of your chart since the end of last year and it has ultimately caught up with you. Very recently you made a pretty sizeable choice about this person/these people. Now the Full Moon (overhead near the weekend) challenges you to see life as it really is, not as you might wish for it to be. Further choices will follow and you need time for this kind of thing. You may prefer to mull over this while the Full Moon is actually taking place, rather than plunging into some reaction or judgement call. We also have a pattern in Gemini, the sign which rules serious lovers, pregnancy, babies, children and adolescents. Having not seen the situation from the outside looking in, you are now in a position to do so. You may want to skip the gender politics, though. One male (of any age) may be ‘running’ two or more females (of any age). Sometimes the reverse happens, but generally it’s a patriarchal pattern. Do you really want to knit that?


The short-term choices are about your relative, house, flatmate, apartment, town and/or country. These will take a while to sort out, but seeing the situation from the outside looking in, has to be helpful. Vesta is involved. Be conscious of any odd dynamic where two or more females must compete for male acceptance or approval. If one male is being manipulated by two or more females, the same applies! In general, now through June is the time to consider how far you’ve come in the last 12 months with your ideas about ‘home’ and the place or people which spell that for you. The Full Moon you see building towards the weekend occurs in your zone of status, ambition, success, achievement and your position in life. It’s not easy, and in some ways you always knew this crossroads was coming. For a simple life you may prefer to suspend judgement or dramatic decisions affecting your CV or your social status. If you must go ahead, try to take a supremely balanced view of what is going on. It would be so easy to buy into extremely heavy people or situations, but actually – that’s not what you’re about. Find perspective.